Holy Mountain: Red River Refined

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While Holy Mountain may be the newest bar in the Red River District, located in the former space of Beauty Bar, it would be remiss to say that its owners are newcomers to the scene. Fronted by James Taylor, Jared Cannon, Bart Butler, and Niraj Mehdiratta; Holy Mountain bears a pedigree of Austin favorites including Red 7, Beauty Bar, the Brixton, and Apothecary Wine Bar.

Named after the debaucherous ’70s cult film by Alejandro Jodorowsky which features prominent nudity and drug use, the Holy Mountain bar is anything but. Wrapped in refurbished wood and bedecked with aged patio furniture, Holy Mountain looks more like a band practice space inside of a really nice bar. Candlelit and homey, with a menu featuring drinks named “Cold Snap” and “Minnesota Nice,” the bar rides the line between grungy concert venue and eclectic cocktail bar.


Being the brainchild of bookers and general managers of past venues, Holy Mountain hasn’t strayed too far from its roots. Featuring live music four times a week, including recent rising stars Bago and Shivery Shakes, Holy Mountain has already proven it has its finger on the pulse of the Austin music scene.

Yet, general manager James Taylor wants more for the bar. Showcasing comedian Chris Cubas in residence Monday nights and a formidable happy hour, Taylor is hoping to see more people come in for cocktails and lounging. “There are people who like Schlitz just as much as a Sazerac,” says Taylor.


With a seasonal cocktail menu at affordable prices, Holy Mountian manages to stay down to earth (Taylor laughed when we asked how many mixologists he had on staff) while still offering an impressive cocktail selection.

Recently parked in the back is local food truck Johnnye’s East Texas Soul Food. Adding to the relaxed vibe of the space, Johnnye’s carries fried chicken and other Southern favorites. The two have plans to extend their Build Your Own Bloody into a full-on reverse brunch, featuring chicken and waffles and dollar mimosas in the near future.

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With the recent downtown developments and shuffling of music venus the future of the Red River District has recently come under concern. However, Taylor is optimistic. His vision for Red River includes a maturing of the area, with more room for pedestrians and the development of Waller Creek. “Red River always has some ups and downs, ebbs and flows. It’s not a deathbed.”

Here’s a look at what’s going on at Holy Mountain this week:

For more info, visit HolyMountainAustin.com.

Contributed by Page Jensen-Slattengren

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