Do26.2- Running the Austin Marathon (Part 1)


While many people are out thinking about the infamous Valentine’s Day, over 20,000 thousand runners are training for the Austin LIVESTRONG Marathon and Half-Marathon which takes place on February 17, 2013. Two of our very own Do512’ers are taking a shot at the 26.2 beast, and in the following weeks we will be asking them why, how, and who on earth talked them into signing up for this dopest of dope races.

First of all, who are you?

IMG_6093MT: Manuel Torres, Do512 Content Intern. I have many aliases, but you can call me Manny. I grew up in Oak Cliff a small city in Dallas, Texas. I enjoy grilling juicy steaks and baking an occasional pie here and there. Drinking an ice-cold Coke on a hot sunny day is my definition of a glorious day.




MB: Matt Bradshaw, Do512 Content Manager. You may know me from that time I stood in front of you at a concert and you were annoyed by my height. When asked to move aside, I one-upped you and hoisted you up on my shoulders. You had an ever better view of the stage than you imagined, and we both had a great experience together. We look back and laugh about it from time to time.



Why run? (Motivation for running the marathon)

MT: I decided to run a marathon four years ago when a former roommate gave me a 2009 Boston Marathon shirt. The long-sleeve shirt was a highlighter yellow with a majestic blue stamp. It was beautiful. After running a half marathon last year, I was motivated to take on the 26.2 monster. The rush of adrenalin during the race was addicting and the national anthem sung at the starting line was purely magical.

MB: I ran track in high school, and have never really run regularly since. I’ve always enjoyed running, but never turned it into a habit. About 20-30 weeks ago, I realized (with the help of my girlfriend) that the reason I hadn’t kept up with running might very well have been that I didn’t have a goal to work towards. Whenever I ran, I would run with the mindset that “Welp, guess I’ll just try and run 4 miles every day until I die.” That definitely wasn’t working. My motivation for running this marathon is to instill the habit of running by using it as my goal. Who knows, maybe I’ll run a couple more if this turns out okay.

How did you pick your kicks?whatshoe




MT: When I signed up for the marathon, I tossed out my bulky running shoes and began to research. After a few hours of reading countless blogs and reviews, I found out my foot was neither narrow nor too wide. Luckily, I had a normal sized arch which made shoe shopping a whole lot easier. I went to the local Dick’s Sporting Goods, and tried on a sea of shoes for comfort, breathability, and weight. I narrowed my selection down to the Nike Free Run 4.0 and the Brooks Ghost 5. I wanted the Nike Free Run because I wanted to transition into minimalist shoe in the future. After telling the saleswoman I was training the for a marathon, she immediately told me the Ghost 5 was the better choice due to their durability. I have been training with the Brooks Ghost 5 for about six months now, and I can honestly say they are great pair of shoes that ventilate well and provide great cushioning.

MB: Shoe selection was a fairly easy process for me. Like most folks, I know my feet and I know what they like and don’t like. So, I went to Academy Sports and spent about 45 minutes trying on several pairs, trying to ignore color preference. I had heard that Brooks were a solid brand, and though I usually consider myself to be an Aisics man, I decided that the Brooks Adrenaline GTS (with extra arch support) were the ones I would take on my journey. (A journey of around 500 miles including training.)

What do you love about running?

MT: One of the best parts about running is jumping. Jumping you say? Yes, jumping over a random boulder, a split pole, or the occasional bench is always fun. Leaping over these obstructions makes you feel like a young Michael Jordan jumping from the free throw line for a slam-dunk. As I take the first step to leave the ground, time seems to freeze and all I see are my feet in the air.

MB:  Time alone with my thoughts. I’ve addressed this in my running blog, which I am doing a horrible job updating. My favorite part of running is getting into the rhythm of it all, then just letting my mind wander. I get work out so much psychological sh*t that I don’t have time to sort through, think of ideas for music, awful jokes, viral videos, you name it! Letting your mind wander can get super weird too, and you won’t realize how weird things have gotten until its too late. Seriously.

What do you hate about running? What’s the hardest part?


This girl hates running right now.

MT: The hardest part of running is finding the motivation to wake up and run in 30 or 40 degree weather. There is just something about my cozy warm bed and layers of covers that seems more appealing. Leaving this paradise to run into what seems to be a dark abyss is no easy task.

MB: Not stopping after 10 miles. Your inner self will beg and plead, and promise you candy and presents if you will just STOP FOR ONE FREAKING SECOND. But you can’t do that.  Not when there’s 16.2 more to go. Shut up, inner self.  Go take an inner nap or something. Jeez.

Well there you have it, just two guys running a good old marathon. Stay tuned and catch our Do26.2’ers next update, coming next week!


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