Welcome to your Weekend: MapJam Stop 7 at Scoot Inn, and Beautiful Weather

Anyone keeping up with the festival circuit has by now perceived the similarity of line ups around the nation. Every big festival has provided a commendable version of the same line up. It’s not a bad thing given the convenience of having equal access to damn great music across the country.

But of course we are who we are, and Austin stays distinct! There’s no shortage of festivals in this city. We have the ACL giant to be thankful for allowing us to see some of the biggest and best. Then we have dozens of smaller festivals that celebrate the vitality of our local music (not to brag but incidentally also some of the biggest and best).

Let’s face it, in this city we’re used to the commotion of impending festivals. If two months pass and a giant hailstorm of music hasn’t yet dropped into our parched ears, it gets so boring we turn aurally suicidal!

So here’s a little something for ya, just to tide us over (til the fantastically awesome crapstorm that is SXSW hits – and runs).

Austin Music Map, KUTX, and the City of Austin Music Division are teaming up to put on Mapjam Stop 7, a daylong festival celebrating Austin music – from bluegrass to hip hop to rockabilly. Check this delicious line up:


Here’s the greatest part of an already great event:

No cover. What? Yeah. Free. The weather we’ve been having lately, this will be a fantastic weekend to day-drink with friends and chill amongst some good Austin music and culture.

It’ll be a chill Saturday above even the laziest of Sundays. The 7th MapJam stop is at the Scoot Inn and begins at 7:30, around the time most attendees will probably start slowing down and drinking faster. Rosie Flores and the Riveters will be the featured musical accompaniment, and the Scoot Inn’s charming beer garden will be the drinking accompaniment.

If you’re feeling too drained after a long day of hard rocking – aren’t feeling up to making more MapJam stops but not quite ready to pack it in, Scott Inn has you covered. They’ve booked several bands to play throughout the night.

The Scoot Inn line up as as follows:

Rosie Flores, Telegraph Canyon, Friendly Savages, and Those Know-It-Alls.

The festival will be this Saturday, February 23, and Scoot Inn’s MapJam stop begins at 7:30.

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