Great Urban Race Review


Over the weekend, we sent two of our interns, Lococo and Phil along with friends Amalie and Jess, to participate in The Great Urban Race.


The day started off at Fado Irish Pub at 11:30AM on a cool Saturday morning.  After some team stretches, trust falls, and scoping out the competition, we were ready for the starting bell at noon.  Immediately after opening our clue envelope we were off, sprinting down W 5th St.  The race had begun.

Challenges included trivia questions to advance a segway, kayaking, sticking our faces in whipped cream for a dog treat, and more! The race had us running all over town, from West Lynn to 17th and Lavaca to W Caesar Chavez to Rainey St.  Between the sun beating down, bumping into competitive, rude teams with ear pieces, and the requirement to only run or ride the bus, the Great Urban race wore us out!

 IMG_3254 IMG_3255

After finishing our last challenge all the way on Rainey St, we began the slow walk back to were the day began, Fado Irish Pub.  After crossing the finish line we were greeted with granola bars, bananas, and a free beer! The day was long, hot and tiring.  Even though we finished in 35th place, we still had a great time running around Austin together for 4 hours.  But next year we will be ready! We have already started training!


If you competed in the race too, you can check out your results here!

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