The Reynolds Number – Album Release at Stubb’s 4/6

There are a plethora of new bands hitting the airwaves each day. The internet is flooded with great new music but only a few stand out as truly promising. One of those bands is Austin’s own, The Reynolds Number. This Saturday, April 6th, Stubb’s will be hosting the band’s album release party for their second release, their self-titled LP. This past week we were lucky enough to get an exclusive peak at the record before it officially drops.

TheReynoldsNumber-NEWUpon first listen, it was immediately apparent that the sound of The Reynolds Number is dripping with positivity. The music is very uplifting and accompanied by plenty of melodic hooks and a wealth of talent from each band member. There’s a definite influence of indie rock on this record but also a nostalgic alternative rock angle that reminds us why the 90’s were so awesome.

The track that stands out the most is “Awake”. The song opens and immediately establishes the main theme, “In the land of the fallen, you come back to me.” Although this theme is well crafted, what’s most impressive is that the song cleverly progresses into the chorus, a memorable cacophony of precise instrumentation and pristine melody. Two solid hooks side by side, making the song nearly impossible to rid from your brain. Certainly not an easy task to achieve in songwriting. What’s funny is that we later discovered that this song was chosen as the first single. Go figure!

Other highlights include the opening track “Follow You”, “Grow” and closing number “Down To The Riverbed” each exhibiting their own identity and sense of originality.

What also impressed us is the surprisingly high level of recording quality on this album. Not only is the group well rehearsed, but they took their time in achieving a great overall tone. The guitars are thick yet dreamy, the keyboards sound like they were actually recorded on an expensive grand piano rather than some cheap imitation, the drumming is in your face yet full of finesse, the bass distinctly establishes a solid foundation, and the vocals sit on top of it all with perfect clarity. Sometimes the largest obstacle in recording is establishing good tone initially. It doesn’t sound at all like these boys struggled with that.

The bottom line is that the Reynolds Number shows an overwhelming amount of promise and maturity on this record and are more than capable of establishing themselves as a force in this ever evolving music scene.

Be sure to get your tickets to the album release party this Saturday at Stubb’s. It is going to be a very special show so you won’t want to miss a minute of it. The action begins at 9pm kicking off with Little Brave followed by The Lonely Hunter, Miranda Dodson and finally The Reynolds Number. Come on down and support some great local music!



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