The Roaming Gnome’s Epic Austin Adventure

roaming gnome austin

We are proud to announce that Do512 will be the Official Gnome Guide for the Travelocity Roaming Gnome when he comes to visit Austin for what’s sure to be an epic few days! There are a million things to do in Austin, but with a few handy tips we are sure this globetrotting garden ornament will get to see some of the best stuff in town.

Austin may be the Live Music Capital of the World, but an Austinite’s daily regimen also includes stuff like stand-up paddle boarding, watching bats, hiking shady trails, and swimming in natural spring-fed pools.

We definitely want to make sure our little buddy is doing everything he can to “Keep it Weird”, which shouldn’t be hard for a Roaming Gnome who has his own twitter and instagram. With a variety of eclectic shops, festivals, junk art and more strange things to see in Austin, this triangle-topped traveler will feel right at home.

Now the important part, showing a garden gnome food. Of course, every Texan is legally bound to eat a taco at least once per day. The law was passed many years ago and has increased the quality of life in Texas tenfold, especially during the early morning while devouring breakfast tacos. All visitors must comply with this rule of taco, even gnomes.

The only exception to the taco law is when delicious local BBQ is involved. Austin is home to multiple award-winning barbecue spots, including Franklin’s, Texas Monthly’s pick for best barbecue joint in the whole wide world. Once our little friend gets a taste of this amazing brisket he might want to settle down in Austin for good.

We’ll also plan to run around town and stakeout some fine swine. A bacon-tasting adventure may not be the healthiest way to spend the day, but as Willie Nelson once said, “mmm…. bacon.” Or maybe that was Homer Simpson. Let’s not let facts spoil our fun.

Another trip will be to the beautiful University of Texas at Austin. The school has brought many things to our beloved city. Educators around the world give the school credit for its academic prestige, and students love it because Austin is possibly the greatest college town in the United States of America. Another item on the Roaming Gnome agenda will be a late-night expedition down the world famous Sixth Street, where even the most seasoned traveler can occasionally lose his bearings.

Music venues throughout Austin are exactly like a gnome’s family reunion, primarily because there are more beards in supply than a Santa Claus look-alike contest. On any given night you can hear rock ‘n roll, hip-hop, blues and more throughout the city, so surely we’ll find something the gnome can bob his head to. (err…as much his cement noggin will allow.)

It might be tricky for the Roaming Gnome to see all of these sights in one short week, especially with ACL Fest being the most desirable of destinations. Depeche Mode, The Cure, Lionel Richie, Tame Impala and more? Good golly that sounds like fun. Perhaps we’ll try to sneak him into an official ACL Late Night Show or an Austin City Limits taping as well.

Roaming Gnome, you picked the perfect time to visit our hometown. We’ll make sure your time in Austin is well spent, and that your beard looks super hip throughout the entire trip. To keep track of the Roaming Gnome on his Epic Austin Adventure, follow the action on twitter and instagram:

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