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QuiltCon – Presented by the Modern Quilt Guild 2/21-2/24


Remember that fresh faced you that promised yourself on January 1, 2013 that you would have new life experiences this year and would take a lesson from Jim Carrey & Zooey Deschanel’s co-starring movie, Yes Man?

We remember that you…you were the ones that emailed saying, “we want to do all of the things! We want our Instagram feeds to be rad! We want to have lives full of random experience and whimsy!”

We got zero of those emails – but we know you’re out there. To you we say, see you at QuiltCon this weekend? Yes, like QUILTS QuiltCon.


Presented by the Modern Quilt Guild (what? You mean you’re not a member?) QuiltCon at the Convention Center promises to be the first modern quilt show of its kind and will feature a show featuring more than 50 exhibitors and vendors. There will be designer and author appearances, as well as the perfect amount of supply for sewists and textile crafters to be in shopping heaven.

Also taking place during the QC is more than 30 lectures. Some of sewing’s olympic champions will be there to chat chat away and a full schedule of who will be speaking can be found here.


Now now now – don’t even THINK to forget about the scavenger hunt and 80′s dance party that will be going down during QuiltCon too. If you get cold during the party, we’d image there’s plenty of well, quilts, that have you covered. Ages 21 and older are welcome at the Hilton Austin on 4th St for the chance to dance holes in their pants….for which there will be interactive sewing opportunities present at the party to fix! That and a cash bar so throw back some brewskies and let’s sew some stuff.


Tickets to QuiltCon are $10 a day with a wide variety of ticket options to patch up your attendance needs. Let’s go learn about the things that keep us warm and make our houses look rad at the same time. It’ll be sew fun! (HEYO only one sew pun!) You CAN however, win one of ten four day show passes right here on Do512 by clicking “I Like It” so go do that right quick.

See you there!


Blondie and Devo at Stubb’s

You can Call Me any place, any time to Whip It at the Blondie and Devo show on Sept. 18 at Stubb’s. Yes, I am doing something cutesy here by tying their top songs into my intro, but I’m also being 100 percent serious. Blondie and Devo!? Hell. Yes.These guys are icons — ICONS I say!

It was in 1978 when Devo first made major headway into the music world, getting the help from both David Bowie and Iggy Pop to make their first record with Warner Bros. That record, Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! included their famous cover of The Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” but their Top 40 hit “Whip It” didn’t release until their 1980-record hit shelves, Freedom of Choice. After breaking up, getting back together and some other drama, these dudes are going full force. They just  played at the Democratic Convention in 2008, endorsing Obama for prez, and re-released Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! and Freedom of Choice  in 2009. Just a couple of weeks ago they also release a single called “Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed)” about the 1983-incident where presidential candidate Mitt Romney strapped his dog to his car for a 12-hour drive to Canada. Funny shit.

Blondie is still going strong too. They just came out with another awesome CD last year, Panic of Girls. There are those bands out there who were awesome back-in-the-day, then they lose it –that does NOT apply to Blondie. Deborah Harry will forever and always be a dreamboat and a musical powerhouse.

When Blondie first started out, they were only popular in the UK and Australia, but the US quickly caught on when “Heart of Glass” topped the charts in 1979. They then had several top hits including “Sunday Girl,” “One Way or Another” and “Call Me.” Over the band’s career, members broke up, got back together again and again — doing solo work and tours in between. In 2006 the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (That’s legit-legit!)

Whether it’s to lay eyes on Debbie Harry, or to see Devo’s weird-ass red hats in person, or to attend a REAL ’80s night, this show is gonna be phenomenal. Once-in-a-lifetime type of stuff going on here guys.

One way or another, I’mma find ya, I’mma getcha, getcha, getcha to this show. Just kidding. I know your Heart of Glass will be there, and only for $55! Get those tickets right here. Also, if you click “I like it” on the event page, you may win some FREE tickets. Awesome, right?

A Galaxie Revisited

Things were a bit different in 1991. There was a Bush in the Oval Office, yet no Bush on Trauma Records. Also, the marketing gods from Full House released the Michelle doll, but we don’t really need to go into that.

Pictured: Pure Terror

More importantly, 1991 was a year that saw the dissolution of Galaxie 500, everybody’s favorite dream-pop precursor. Despite releasing 3 albums since their 1987 inception, the band broke up in 1991 and has laid dormant since. Or it did, up til the Domino and 20-20-20 re-release of Today, On Fire, and This is Our Music two years ago. With the resurgence came a tour by founding guitarist Dean Wareham, accompanied by his wife and backing band, playing Galaxie 500 setlists.

Arriving at Antone’s next Friday (with locals Holy Wave and Love Inks), this performance will be a dream realized for those who have literally waited for decades. With aural arrangements and atmosphere abound, any fan of psych-pop or slowcore would be amiss to miss the chance to see the masters perform live.

Do it.

Indigo Girls this Friday at The Paramount

1985 was a magical year.  It spawned the birth of Back to the Future, Nintendo, and Indigo Girls.  Spanning multiple decades, highschool buds, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, are back at it with their 14th studio album.  No, no- that’s not a typo.  Fourteen!  While the 80′s are most notable for their short-lived trends, Indigo Girls were determined to be more than just a one-hit wonder.  Their newest album, Beauty Queen Sister, is a stunning compilation of the signature storytelling tunes that resonate with their fans.

Backing the evolutionary folk duo will be The Shadowboxers, who will also open the show. Their name implies that they are contenders in an old school sport (boxing), which seems to suit them very well. Heavily influenced by soul, blues, and rhythm, their pop tunes aim to span generations to come, like their headlining mentors, Indigo Girls.

This show will be an evolutionary journey to unite old and young alike.  The Paramount Theatre is the perfect intimate setting to see said journey.  It’s dark and historical- a place where you can lose yourself in music, be it from 30 years ago or present day.  Get your tickets and spend your spooky Friday 13th with the legendary Indigo Girls.


Of Courtesans and Glam Rock

As humanity progressed past huddling around fires, and the general tomfoolery that comes with the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, architecture met function with the development of the courtyard. Sources of heat could be centrally located, but no longer had to involve the carbon monoxide-related wackiness of indoor fires. Courtyards have proved to be an ideal venue for kings and peasants alike, a haven for jesters and even a hub for business. While the purpose of central heat is a tad vestigial, with the Texan sun bearing down more fiery than a medieval conflagration, their use today is deeply rooted in community and jovial celebration. It is no surprise, then, to read of a local courtyard being heralded as a pivotal Austin institution, complete with fans to foil the sun’s plot to melt us all.


Cedar Street Courtyard opened its doors some fifteen years ago, with its sights set on fun and musical showmanship. Consequently, it has served as a bastion for SXSW activity and diverse acts from across the nation, as well as a hotspot for festive locals. Stepping off of West 4th into the cool seclusion of Cedar Street evokes a sense of crossing through the wardrobe (if Narnia sported perfectly mixed cocktails; think Martini over Aslan). If one were to step further into the venue, and continue with an already faltering metaphor, it would be obvious that the Pevensie children look a bit more… Spazmatic.


Where Las Vegas sees residencies such as those of Cher and Elton John take root, Cedar Street opted for a true 80′s classic: the Spazmatics. If one were to coalesce the musty essence of Bon Jovi’s hair with the concentrated sweat from Bret Michael’s doo-rag, the product would be terrifying and far less fun than the nerd-meets-new wave show that the Spazmatics bring to Cedar Street every Wednesday night. Covering 80′s gems isn’t easy, or at least you wouldn’t think so upon viewing the showmanship of these Texan icons. With chances to see them for free, along with many other headliners, those few who have yet to experience this Austin classic are running out of excuses faster than the Running Man hurried our hearts (and Keds). Radical!

Do you like Huey Lewis & The News (and Joe Cocker)?

Huey Lewis & The News have been shaking up the pop-rock scene since their emergence more than thirty years ago. Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in ’83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. He’s been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far much more bitter, cynical sense of humor…


But The News isn’t touring with The Imposter, but rather the Soul Shouter of Sheffield, Mr. Joe Cocker. From Woodstock to Back To the Future, they collectively boast over 80 years of experience in revolutionizing rock’n'roll and popular culture. While many of their contemporaries have succumbed to retirement or creative ennui, these two acts have laudably continued their careers well into the 21st century with new releases and regular touring. While most fans would gladly travel a great distance to see such an achieved fruition in concert, locals can take comfort in knowing that they will be uniting in Austin’s own Backyard on July 22nd.


So whether you think it’s hip to be square or Bee Cave is simply up where we belong, this show boasts a line-up typically unmatched, yet continually admired. And seeing as you and a lucky friend could score free tickets via another fabulous Do512 giveaway, I would make a res for Dorsia now.

The Action Pack presents 80′s Dance Party!

God I love the 80s. For some reason, all other decades don’t stand a chance when compared to that tubular time period. Maybe it’s all the neon colored spandex or that fried crimped hair that won our attention. One thing is for sure, like totally for sure, the music! There are so many different genres that captured our hearts. You’ve got goth, dark wave, rock pop, new wave, hair metal, and hip hop. To name a few, and I mean a few, you’ve got The Cure, Billy Idol, Dead or Alive, Warrant, and Run DMC-it’s all 80s and we can all fight for our right to party to it.

 You Spin Me Round- by Dead of Alive                                       Do not google us to see what we look like now…it’s scary.

Every Friday night at 11pm, the Highball hosts the Action Pack  80s Dance Party. It’s FREE! Dress up in your finest zebra prints, wear your sunglasses at night, and crimp your hair. What?! You threw out your crimper in 1990? You fool! Luckily you can use your straightener to get the same effect.

Ok, now that your hair looks radical and you look pretty in pink it’s time to get into the groove, boy you’ve got to prove your love to me. What? Also, don’t forget to practice break dancing, slam-dancing, and the electric slide. Don’t have a dance partner? Bring Teddy Ruxpin. He’s been waiting for this moment.

Take me dancin' girl



It’s an 80s dance party ya’ll-what else do you need?! More inspiration? Here you go…