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America’s Got Talent 3/20-3/21


Three strikes, you’re out. Contestants of America’s Got Talent do not want Mel B., Howie Mandel, Howard Stern or new judge Heidi Klum buzzing in a bright red ‘X’ above their heads, or their 15 minutes of fame quickly becomes 15 seconds.

America’s Got Talent is making a stop in San Antonio for two days (Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday, March 21) at The Lila Cockrell Theatre to record two sessions of the judge’s auditions where contestants hope to not get X’ed and proceed to compete in the eighth season of the NBC show.

Fans can be a part of the live studio audience as contestants perform in front of the four judges and host Nick Cannon for FREE. All you have to do is go here and choose which date you would like to attend.

Who knows? Maybe you will get to see the next Jackie Evancho, or you can just relish in the fact you are in the presence of a SPICE GIRL.

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via Courtney Goforth

Wanna DJ Soundsystem Fest @ ACL Live? This could be your BIG break!

Attention all DJs, Disc Jockeys, Masters of the “wicka-wicka”:

We present to you the opportunity, maybe of a lifetime, to spin your 1’s and 2’s and drop some phat beats for the SOUNDSYSTEM FEST party peoples.  This is your chance to join the likes of famed EDM (electronic dance music) purveyors Flight Facilities, RAC, Dirty Vegas, Classixx and Austin’s own Andrew Parsons.  If you need a little tweaking, Dub Academy could help you out, as they will also be hosting the outdoor stage. On the Night of All Hallow’s Eve, ACL Live will transform into a titillating sensory combustion of historic accounts.  Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Kaskade- Heard of those guys?  If you’re not living under a rock, you know that these dudes have the best, most electric, state of the art light shows.  Welp, those same designers are bringing their skills to the fest, because you can’t have a state of the art sound system and a sucky light show- right?  If that’s not enough incentive, 101 X will be in the house.  THIS could be your BIG break!  You will strut yo stuff on the main stage, not that there’s anything wrong with the side stage, but you’ll be front and center.

It’s oh-so-easy to enter.  All ya gotta do is submit your best original track and recruit your friends to vote now through midnight of October 21.  If you don’t have friends, you better do some twitter campaigning stat.  Or bring us pizza and red bull (kidding. sort of).

SOUNDSYSTEM is slated to be the predominant Halloween event geared to EDM fans, showcasing some of the world’s top DJ’s and Artists, combined with an extremely elaborate production that will completely transform the space,” stated Steve Levine, Partner and Head of ICM Partners Concerts Department.

Good luck, little homies, and remember me when you’re big and famous.


Alamo Drafthouse On Slaughter

As you may have heard the Drafthouse has a new location and it opened this past week! I was lucky enough to snag a couple of tickets to Hunger Games midnight release, but I won’t bore you with that awesomeness ($200 Million in the first weekend, yeah go see this movie). I want to talk about the new theater! Now, you may not realize this but every single Alamo Drafthouse is different. More often than not they reflect the community that surrounds the theater, along with a little bit of Alamo wonky-ness.

The Slaughter Lane location is closer to the suburb side of South Austin, and it’s reflected in the theater. Everything is shiny and new, you wouldn’t weird out a soccer mom by taking her here, and it hosts a very hip little side bar called 400 Rabbits. The seats are little different too, there’s tables for every two patrons so that people don’t need to worry about ducking under the family style benches at other locations. The side bar also allows for a full bar, when you’re not feeling like beer.

Image via the Digital Texan

Another new innovation that is also being tested at the South Lamar location is priority and grouped seating. You can pay a little extra to be in the first wave of 20 patrons to be seated and then people allowed in in groups of twenty according to your ticket number. The system still has some kinks to work out but I got general feedback that people liked it. The only problem that I’ve seen so far is when people from around Austin are trying to meet up for a movie. If one person has paid for the tickets they need to run down to the theater, which may be across town, to grab them early to get a good group number. There was also a bit of a mob waiting to get in when I saw another film at the South Lamar location this Sunday, which always feels like more of a hassle than a nice line of people, but maybe that’s my British heritage.

If you live in South Austin the new Slaughter location is definitely a great option now when you want to see a mainstream movie or you want a nice casual drink without the noisy restaurant in the background.

As You Wish – Alamo Drafthouse’s Princess Bride Feast and Wine Debut

You want to know what to do on Valentine’s Day? As you wish.

You want something new, delicious, smooth, yet witty to drink this Valentine’s day while enjoying a delectable meal? As you wish.

You want to see the Alamo Drafthouse’s Action Pack host in velvet pants? AS YOU WISH!

While the Princess Bride themed quote-along is a longtime favorite for Alamo lovers on V-day, this year there’s some extremely exciting news. After pondering what they could do with their wine list to make it exciting and unique, the Alamo did what they do best and thought of something so charming, yet simplistic, it’s simply astonishing it didn’t already exist before.

Enter in, the Bottle of Wits. After a few phone calls to the Princess Bride rights holders, the design maestros at Helms Workshop for a collectible bottle idea and of course, their in-house drink master, the Drafthouse was looking at two wines they call Inconceivable Cab and As You Wish White.

We were lucky enough to get to try a little smattering of the two last week and were not at all disappointed. The wine will be available for everyone to try starting this February 14 and will be unveiled at the Princess Bride Valentine’s feast. Shortly afterwards, it will then be available for purchase online. Delicious. While the wine is divine, it certainly is going to be sharing a stage with some notable edibles as well.

On the menu for the rest of the feast, you’re looking at a carefully planned mutton & arugula sandwich on a nice multi-seed bread with herb dressing, an eel salad and a coffee, mustard and peppercorn rubbed beef tenderloin with truffled risotto and port glace.

If you don’t know what half those words mean, we found out they mean “dude, yum.”

The earlier those Valentine’s plans get made, the better that day with exorbitant amounts of pink everywhere will be. We assure you, we trust Alamo to take care of us when all we want is to eat drink and be merry. Tickets on sale tomorrow!




Over the Top at the Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz

Ever heard the phrase, so ugly it’s cute? Well, Over the Top is so ridiculous that it is great! Even the title of the film acknowledges how outrageous it is, or is it an arm wrestling term? Firstly, Sylvester Stallone is a professional arm-wrestler named Lincoln Hawks, who makes a living as a truck driver. Stay with me. After losing his wife, Hawks decides to make amends with his estranged son. So the big, tough arm wrestler is a softy? Apparently, because, he picks up his son from prep school and the two them take Hawks’ big rig to the national arm wrestling competition in Las Vegas.

Pretty awesome, right? Vegas, arm wrestling and eighteen-wheelers? I’m sold! This movie was released in 1987, so expect a rad soundtrack and some epic montages. What would a Stallone movie be without a montage? Although the overall plot of Over the Top is, well, a bit over the top, Stallone and his son are able to rebuild their relationship, and who doesn’t like a happy ending?  So, buy your tickets for Over the Top playing at the Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz on Friday 01/13 at 9:01 pm and Wednesday 01/18 at 7:01pm. There will be an arm wrestling competition before the screening, so start practicing!