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Delta Rae with Jillette Johnson, The Saint Johns at the Parish- 5/25


The Hölljes sibling’s family relocations from Durham, North Carolina through Nashville, Tennessee, and Marietta, Georgia, all the way to the Bay area of San Francisco, has helped Delta Rae cultivate an earthy, folk rock that is accentuated by killer harmonies and a close musical bond only family can create.

Ian (vocals and guitar), Eric (vocals, guitar, piano and keys) and Brittany Hölljes (vocals) and Elizabeth Hopkins (vocals) added Mike McKee (percussion) and Grant Emerson (bass guitar) back in 2010 to make their four-piece a more rounded and full sextet. After their self-titled debut EP was released in 2010, Delta Rae signed with Sire Records in 2012 and released Carry the Fire including signature melodious tracks like “Hey, Hey, Hey.”

Opening for Delta Rae is singer-songwriter Jillette Johnson who has harvested comparisons to the ranks of Fiona Apple and Adele. Not a bad association, eh? This chick has been writing songs since she was 10, playing live venues in NYC since she was 12 and got an offer to be on NBC’s The Voice and turned it down. Johnson’s debut album with Wind-up Records, “Water in a Whale,” will be released June 25 of this year after her debut EP, “Whiskey and Frosting,” came out last August. The name alone has us salivating for some Jillette Johnson-style dishes.

Opening the night is Florida natives and American duo The Saint Johns who now reside in Nashville. These two have spent the last five years sculpting an eerie, yet tranquilizing sound, which has harnessed a frenzied touring schedule and spawned ears from all over to perk up. May we add, Louis Johnson and Jordan Meredith are a nice lookin’ pair to gawk at as they put the goosebumps on your skin with their sweet melodies.

So come enjoy some quality singer-songwriters as they bloom at The Parish on 5/25 at 8 p.m. and you can click ‘I like it’ on Do512 for a chance to win a FREE pair of tickets or buy your tickets here. 

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Anchorman Quote-Along at Alamo Drafthouse- May 16 & 23

Ron Burgundy loves scotch. Brick Tamland loves lamp. Champ Kind loves fun. Brian Fantana thought he was in love with a Brazilian girl once…or a Chinese girl…at any rate, it was this girl, and he made out with her. These are the men of the Channel 4 News Team and they’re here to deliver… the news.

If you’re a man who’s never been to an Anchorman Quote-Along, you’ve missed out on one of the most quote-able, drink-able, enjoyable nights of your life. And if you’re a woman who’s never been to the Anchorman Quote-Along, I encourage you to dress like a man and try your luck at getting in… it is AnchorMAN, not AnchorLADY. And that is a scientific fact.

There will be a lot of fun props for you for this show, with mustaches for all and a jazz flute for you to play along with Ron during his melodically intense seduction of Veronica Corningstone. Prepare yourself for a hilarious and insanely ridiculous ride to Pleasure Town at Thursday May 16 & 23. Buy tickets here and add it to your Do512 calendar by clicking ‘I like it’! You stay classy, Austin.


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Whoopi Goldberg at Long Center- 5/18


At 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 18, comedienne Whoopi Goldberg will perform at The Long Center for the Performing Arts for an 80 minute set.

Whether you knew her as Sister Mary Clarence, Ted Danson’s temporary squeeze or the center square in Hollywood Squares, Whoopi Goldberg has came a long way from her funeral parlor days as Caryn Elaine Johnson, the corpse makeup artist.

Goldberg’s dreadlocks and wire-rimmed glasses became her trademark as she stormed into Hollywood in the 80s and early 90s with dramas and comedies such as The Color Purple, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Sister Act and Ghost. She later took many lead roles such as Edwina Franklin in Eddie and supporting roles such as Delilah Abraham in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, as well as lent her voice to animated films such as The Pagemaster and Captain Planet and The Planeteers. Whoopi is one of only four actresses who has won an Oscar, Tony, Emmy and Grammy award and now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a seat as a host on the talk show, The View.

Aside from all of her success as an actress and television personality, Goldberg has also been a part of Comic Relief USA since the late 80s to help raise funds for those in need such as the homeless. The events are typically televised via HBO and bring awareness to real-life problems concerning the homeless with standup and sketch comedy, speeches, live music and impressions. Goldberg has developed her skills by working with many improv groups such as Spontaneous Combustion, consequently making her one of the best.

Surely that résumé is enough to convince you to buy tickets or click ‘I like it’ on Do512 for your chance to win a FREE pair of tickets to this rare performance from one truly hilarious and talented entertainer.


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Jeans ‘n Classics Perform Dark Side of the Moon @Long Center- 5/15


Internationally touring Jeans ‘n Classics will collaborate with the Austin Symphony Orchestra to present Dark Side of the Moon – the Music of Pink Floyd at 7:30 p.m. on May 15. Hailing from London, Ontario, the Canadian group Jeans ‘n Classics has been thrilling concertgoers for years with their masterful combination of classic rock and the talents of local symphonies. It’s a pop concert like none other.

The ensemble has grown to twenty-nine people presenting forty-five different pop/rock productions with over eighty orchestras worldwide, to some two hundred thousand people annually. The talented group of musicians has performed the music of legends such as Queen, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Eagles, The Beach Boys, Chicago, The Police, James Taylor, Michael Jackson, ABBA, Led Zeppelin, Annie Lennox, Pink Floyd and The Beatles. They have also put on shows performing the music of Motown, Woodstock and the James Bond movies. Check out their concert listing here.

Jeans 'n Classics band. Photo via

Jeans ‘n Classics band. Photo via

Pink Floyd is celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Dark Side of the Moon, making it the perfect time for Jeans ‘n Classics to pay them a proper tribute. The Dark Side of the Moon was the band’s eighth studio album that featured hits such as “Time” and “Money,” which continually makes it on lists of the top albums of all time, leaving behind a legacy that has influenced modern music forever. The orchestra will surely accentuate the conventional rock instrumentation with the additional synthesizers and metronomic sound effects on the album, making it an unbelievable experience for Pink Floyd and classic rock fans everywhere.

Read what people have said about Jeans ‘n Classics:

“Performing with the Jeans ‘n Classics Band has always been a wonderful,
inspiring pleasure. Careful attention to musical preparation and detail, spiced
up with a lot of fun and amazing performance energy makes for an exciting,
entertaining audience experience. Great programs, great music, great fun!”

- Theodore Baerg, Baritone – Associate Professor of voice at the University of Western Ontario, Director of the UWO Opera Workshop

“One of the biggest thrills and indescribable pleasures in my adult musical life has been standing in front of full symphony orchestras, surrounded by the glorious sound of Peter’s arrangements of my music. Not only has Peter helped me realize new dimensions for my own work, but he has enabled me to step into the shoes of Eric Clapton, and The Beatles, and to rediscover some of the fun & magic of what drew me towards music-making in the first place.”

- Rik Emmett, guitarist, singer, songwriter and member of Canadian Rock Hall of Fame

Be sure to get to the show early and grub on some barbecue and beer on the City Terrace. You will have your choice of the BBQ Plate (brisket, smoked chicken, coleslaw, pinto beans and a roll), hamburger/cheeseburger and individual sides of beans, coleslaw and assorted chips.

Also, make sure to go and ‘like it’ on Do512 for your chance to win TWO FREE pairs of tickets and get a “proper education” of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon!

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Austin Psych Fest Recap

The drones may still be reverberating through your skulls, but Austin Psych Fest has already rolled through Carson Creek Ranch and called it a hit.

Friday kicked off a little late for us, but we made it to the grounds in time to catch a little of Austin’s Kay Leotard on the Elevation Stage to commence our psych-filled weekend.

The juxtaposition of the band’s provocative garage rock against the serene backdrop of lush trees and cool water, created the perfect setting for the festival’s psychedelic vibes. This seemed to quickly become the favorite stage for the festival-goers that enjoyed the shows on their backs and not on their feet.

Kay Leotard PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Kay Leotard PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Following their set, we unfortunately had to make it back to our Do512 offices to prepare for a Shiner Session with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. (Poor, poor us.) The office began to boil with a wildness as the showtime closed in and the trio in black started hauling their gear into the back doors.

Robert Levon Been, Peter Hayes and Leah Shapiro just radiate this coolness that you realize and soon admit that you could never duplicate as soon as you mingle in their vicinity. The trio showed up a little late, but hung out a few minutes after their acoustic set to shake some hands and chat with fans. Seeing their gritty rock and roll stripped down to this acoustic, honest rawness in the Do512 Lounge was legendary.

Robert and Leah of Black Rebel in the Do512 Lounge. PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Robert and Leah of Black Rebel in the Do512 Lounge. PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Even though we could have called it a night and been satisfied with day one of Austin Psych Fest, our blood was pumping and we hadn’t got our fill. We made our way back to the festival grounds just in time to stumble across the Sailor Jerry Airstream, conveniently in search of booze. What we found was the girls of Warpaint loosening up to get matching band tattoos and shouting, “Y.O.L.O.!” We couldn’t really think of a better scenario than drinking rum as Keith Underwood tattooed Warpaint and blasted a Led Zeppelin playlist for us to join in on the inking, so we did.

Warpaint getting band tattoos. PHOTO: Tim Griffin,

Warpaint getting band tattoos. PHOTO: Tim Griffin,

After a quick tattoo, we bolted to the Reverberation stage to catch round two of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. We’ve already gushed about how amazing these guys are, but to see them first in an uber-intimate setting then in their element on the big stage is on a level of amazingness that can make the most manly and leather-clad get teary-eyed. Before leaving, we headed to the Levitation Tent to catch the tail end of Acid Mothers Temple harmoniously reciting a Japanese verse that not many seemed to understand, but most everyone appeared to enjoy. Day one was in the books and we were more than satisfied.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

We trampled out to the festival grounds on Saturday, still coming off our high from the excitement of the night before. All the way from Santiago, Chile, The Holydrug Couple kicked off our day at the Elevation Stage with their tapestry of bluesy and psychedelic rock. We relaxed there long enough to catch some of the U.K.’s Kaleidoscope in crazy, flared pants and all before heading to see Black Mountain destroy the main stage. Before their set was over, we wanted to catch a closer look at the crazy visuals going on at the Levitation Tent for Man or Astroman?, which appeared to explore the depths of space.

We made it long enough in the tent to catch the first two songs of The Warlocks, before deciding that sacrificing our comfort for an ankle-deep mud show was no longer worth it. We accepted the fate of our shoes and used them as mud boats to skid across the massive space between ourselves and the car. We prayed for fast-drying landscapes for day three.

photo 3

Area by the Elevation Stage at Austin Psych Fest. PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Sunday brought sunshine and dried-up clay, bringing smiles to even those who overcompensated for the previous night’s rainstorms and wore pants and rain boots. (Dammit.) We kicked off the last day with Austin’s Holy Wave in the Levitation Tent before setting up shop over at the Reverberation Stage where we knew we would make home base for a while. White Fence brought out their lo-fi psychedelic rock first, perfect for laying down on a big blanket and taking in the sun. Next up was The King Khan & BBQ Show who dressed up more like King Tut with their gold headdresses and capes. Next, the Austinite and psychedelic rock pioneer himself, Roky Erickson, took the stage where he performed some hits such as “Cold Night for Alligators” and “You’re Gonna Miss Me.”

Following Roky was the Austin Psych Fest innovators and local legends, The Black Angels. The band performed favorites from their first few albums, but brought the energy with the songs from their new album, “Indigo Meadow.” As the night wound down, we caught snippets of  Goat and The Growlers, whom were both lively and sounded fantastic. But, we had to make way back to The Reverberation Stage to get a good spot for The Moving Sidewalks, where ZZ Top legend Billy Gibbons would cover Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxey Lady” and “Red House.”

The King Khan & BBQ Show. PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

The King Khan & BBQ Show. PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Austin Psych Fest has flourished into a beautifully developed festival from its beginnings at the red barn on Burnet Road in 2008. Carson Creek Ranch was a smart location that offered a spacious area to avoid many bumping elbows, and scenic views to create unbelievable stages. The food trailers offered affordable variety, beer prices weren’t that outrageous, and the shopping tents had some cool style that would make you fit right in to any psychedelic festival.

Needless to say, there was an insane amount of talent this year and each of the three stages offered their own vibes and paired effortlessly with the bands that performed on them. The hammocks and Red Bull tents that were set up sporadically throughout the venue provided shade and kept things relaxed while the sun beat down, and the complimentary water stands were awfully convenient. The festival has reached a comfortable level of notoriety that brings in big talent, but still caters to a specific audience. This helped to avoid the massive amounts of people that make it hard to commute between stages and puts Austin Psych Fest up there with some of the best.

PHOTO: Jake Clifford

PHOTO: Jake Clifford

Here is what some of our Austin Psych Fest veteran staff members had to stay about this year’s festival:

Rachel Daily- Director of Operations

“Austin Psych fest is when all of the loveliest things in the land (lace pants, floppy hats, uber hip apparel, floppy haired boys and the she-queen that IS the drummer from the Black Angels) gather together and be lovely together.

Than I crash in like a bolt of mis-placed lightening and spill my Dos XX the first two minutes I’m there in my so appropriately planned WHITE floor length skirt. I stayed in the shadows so as not to disturb the ambiance, though, and managed to see some stuff with my little eyes. First of all, Roky Erickson still has it. He held the attention of his crowd the whole set and had some die hard fans there that were totally, totally psyched. I went specifically to see the Black Angels on Sunday of course – see she-queen comment above – to hear their new album, Indigo Meadow live. They didn’t disappoint.

I must admit, I seriously regret missing Deerhunter and Warpaint as they have special spots in my heart. The floating stage was pretty lovely too. Never fails to be my favorite festival in Austin land. Lightening – out!”

Lawrence Boone- Editor

“It has been amazing to watch this festival grow over the years. The first incarnation was a single-stage event in a humble Red Barn on Burnet Road, and now six years later it has grown into one of the most unique, genre-specific festivals in the world. You have to give credit to the creative vision and hard work employed by Alex Maas, Christian Bland, Rob Fitzpatrick and everyone involved with the Reverberation Appreciation Society for bringing Austin’s history as the home of psychedelic rock back to the forefront. To be able to attract an amazing array of artists such as the Moving Sidewalks, Deerhunter, Boris, Goat, Clinic, Tinariwen, Os Mutantes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and dozens more to bring their talents to Austin for a single weekend is quite a feat. The outdoor setting definitely allowed for good vibes this year, and that river stage…wow. Austin Psych Fest 2013 was a blast.”



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Art x Cocktails x Music= ABSOLUT Good Time

ABSOLUT welcomes the next generation of collaboration with ABSOLUT X at Austin Music Hall Thursday, May 2 from 9 p.m. to midnight.

ABSOLUT X will transform Austin Music Hall into an “ABSOLUT” version of a masquerade ball in collaboration with San Antonio contemporary artist Cruz Ortiz, indie rock band WALK THE MOON and world renowned mixologist Chris Bostick. ABSOLUT X is a series of experiential, full-sensory events incorporating three different disciplines – music, art and mixology – to break new artistic ground.

Piece of art by Cruz Ortiz

Piece of art by Cruz Ortiz

Currently on a European Tour, WALK THE MOON will partner with Ortiz and Bostick to create an interactive artistic collaboration and they will perform hits from their second, self-titled album. At the masquerade ball, guests will be part of a transformative night filled with mystery, high energy performances, interactive art experiences and ABSOLUT cocktails by Bostick. Guests will create custom ABSOLUT masks to develop their “ABSOLUT self,” making their dream identity a reality.

From Andy Warhol to Swedish House Mafia, ABSOLUT VODKA has a long history of collaborating and supporting cultural provocateurs. With the launch of ABSOLUT X, the brand is challenging partygoers to transform their present and futures, creating a new reality where there are no rules. ABSOLUT X will continue to ask “What is your X?” in Miami, Seattle, New York City and Philadelphia this summer.

1 part ABSOLUT/ 2 parts cranberry juice/ 2 dashes grapefruit juice/ 1 wedge lime

1 part ABSOLUT/ 2 parts cranberry juice/ 2 dashes grapefruit juice/ 1 wedge lime

Add it to your calendars on Do512 and RSVP now to ensure an ABSOLUTely good time (if you are 21+ of course). Also, make sure to bring a plain, white T-shirt or tote bag to get it screen printed from artist of the night Cruz Ortiz!


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Method Man & Redman at the Mohawk- 5/07


Method Man of East coast hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan and Redman of Def Squad conjoin as a hip-hop duo to test just how high they can go. The Mohawk will host this collaboration on May 7th, where the two MCs will expel tracks off of their Blackout! trilogy, which began in 1999, saw the second installment in 2009, and awaits the release of the third.

Earlier this year, the dynamic duo released “Lookin’ Fly Too,” which could be a good indication of the vibe for the third album of the series. The uptempo track gives equal spit time to both Method Man and Redman who appropriately inquire, “Who you know get higher than me?”

The show will also feature performances from local hip-hop acts LNS Crew, Tee Double, Phranchyze, Zeale and DJ Hella YellaSmackola of Dirtywormz will host this shindig, which is almost certain to be a sold-out smokeathon. After all, it is two of Harvard’s greatest stoners running the show. On hand to rock the after party will be Crew 54, Dubb Sicks, Frank Moses & Muggzy Flowz, AX Gang and DJ Notion.

Tickets are on sale now at You can also click ‘I like it‘ on Do512 for a chance to win a pair of tickets to this joint.

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Confessions of an Austin Cabbie: Chapter 4


I REALIZE MOST OF YOU ARE MORE THAN HAPPY TO HAVE THE SXSW BEAST in your rearview mirror. But I had to record some of these mental snapshots while they’re still semi-clear in my mind – a mind that was made doubly fuzzy by the sore throat I got hit with the day before SX began, which turned into a nasty head and chest cold, complete with hacking cough, for much of the festivities.

One of my lingering memories of SXSW ’13 will be the small white mountain of snot rags growing near my feet at the end of more than one miserable night.

Despite feeling like shit for most of this year’s festival, I managed to power through the discomfort and drive my cab until at least 4 a.m. every single night. No wonder it’s taken me a couple weeks to recover and reflect.

Looking back, I’m just grateful I made a few bucks and didn’t run over one of the many fools wandering into traffic, nose buried in a smart phone while their stubby little thumbs pound out that absolutely crucial text or tweet that could’ve gotten them killed. Heads up, people!



The first few days of SX were the worst for me. As if feeling like shit wasn’t bad enough, most of the tech nerds in town for interactive who climbed into my cab were either:

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Austin Psych Fest 2013 – Bringing Psych Rock From Around The World To ATX

There is no shortage of awesome music in the city of Austin. Each year we are spoiled rotten with great music festivals like Austin City Limits, Fun Fun Fun Fest and South By Southwest. These events showcase some of the best up and coming talent in the biz but none are as much of a niche festival as Austin Psych Fest.

APF2013-poster-web USE THIS ONE

Founded in 2008, Austin Psych Fest is the world’s premier showcase of psychedelic rock having brought some of the best in the genre to ATX such as the Black Lips, Thee Oh Sees, Allah Las and Dead Meadow. Over the years, this independent festival has grown from a small word-of-mouth event to an internationally acclaimed, full weekend event that attracts attendees from all over the world.

Austin Psych Fest will celebrate its 6th year on April 26-28, 2013. This year will be the first time that the fest is hosted outdoors at Carson Creek Ranch just five minutes outside of downtown. In usual Psych Fest fashion, there will be a wide array of fantastic bands performing over the course of the weekend and while each band is stellar in its own way, we’d like to highlight the best new vanguards of mind expanding music from overseas.

Japan is well represented this year with multiple great acts taking the stage. Borrowing their name from a song on the Melvin’s “Bullhead,” Boris combines elements of drone metal, noise rock and pop to create a unique cacophony. Acid Mothers Temple tackles their audience with distorted guitars and odd synthesizer sounds, culminating in a barrage of extreme trip rock. And Masaki Batoh (of Tokyo masterminds Ghost) is bringing his experimental project Brain Pulse Music to town, utilizing brain waves to create music.


Coming all the to way to Austin from Mali is Tinariwen, a band of Tuareg musicians from the Sahara Desert. They’ve been described as “the most compelling of any band”, “hard bitten”, and “dramatic”. Think African Blues played on an acoustic guitar filled with hot desert sand. Certainly not a band to be missed!


Hailing from the UK, Psych Fest is excited to finally have Clinic rock the stage, a post punk noise rock group from Liverpool famous for their often fast-paced, eclectic sound. The band is also known for wearing different costumes depending on the circumstance of the show.  For instance, the band sports Hawaiian shirts during an outdoor show and trademark scrubs and surgical masks during an indoor show.

Joining Clinic from the UK is Kaleidoscope, an acid folk outfit who are highly regarded as one of the most influential bands of the British psych scene. If you dig early Pink Floyd, you’ll love these guys.

Brazil’s Os Mutantes are legends in the psych rock genre having started during the climax of the hippie movement in the late 60’s. Originally a psychedelic rock band akin to The Beatles “Sgt. Peppers” era, they injected psych rock with a touch of humor and experimentalism while bringing in progressive rock leanings similar to Yes.


From Rugby, England comes Spectrum, aka Peter Kember aka Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3 aka the producer for Panda Bear and MGMT. Since the disbandment of Spacemen 3 in 1991, Kember has recorded and performed under the name Spectrum, notably with the reformed My Bloody Valentine and at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in 2011. Hypnotic drones and psychedelic soundscapes are his trademark, mixing trance-inducing patterns and fuzzed-out powerchords.

Prepare yourselves for Danish indie rockers The Raveonettes. Their blend of garage rock, noise pop and surf rock will knock you out! Their music is characterized by close two-part vocal harmonies coupled with hard-edged electric guitar overlaid with plenty of noise that any shoegaze fan will eat right up. Drawing heavy influence from the Velvet Underground, The Raveonettes use 50’s and 60’s pop hooks with intense electric instrumentation, deep beats, and ominous lyrical themes.

Austin Psych Fest is going to be nothing short of earth shaking. If you are looking to lose your head and rock out to some of the best psychedelic music the world has to offer, snatch up your tickets while you still can and head on down to Carson Creek Ranch over the weekend of April 26-28th.

Check out our Austin Psych Fest Spotify Playlist to hear more:

Electric Run Austin at The Travis County Expo Center- 3/30

Electric Run™ Dazzling Night Time 5k Run Walk

So, imagine Electric Daisy Carnival with (hopefully) less drugs and a lot more physical activity. The Electric Run Austin at The Travis County Expo Center culminates a trance-induced combination of electronic music and a 5k run that brings a type of participation art to a colorful fruition. Artists and lighting technicians from the ranks of Coachella and Dreamworks Animations will create an experience fit for a candy-kid dream (see: definition).


Neon, fuzzy boots, flower bikini tops and a bunch of sweaty bodies will run (probably shuffle) around the 3.1 miles of track that will have music at every corner and a water station (thank god). Here is what the track will look like:


There will be a participation cap at 10,000 people and in the electronic music world, there are plenty more than a few thousand dedicated fans to the scene. That said, the event is already 90 percent sold and you should register now either individually for $55 or register as a group of four or more for $50 per person.

But wait! If you use the promo code “DO512″ (case sensitive) you will receive 10 percent off your ticket price, or you can click ‘like’ on the event page for a chance to win a free pair of tickets.

Once you register, you must go to a packet pickup location to receive your bib, participant shirt, glow kit/accessories and yes, I said bib. Drool on.

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