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SXSpotify House 3/11-3/15

newspotifyhouseSouth.By.South.West. Overwhelming in the most amazing way.  The convergence of thousands of music fans, exuding endless amounts of passion, all striving to catch their favorite band or discover their next favorite.  Free food, drinks and music on every corner.  RSVPs out the wazoo and lines that resemble something of a cat’s cradle formation.  Exhaustion arrives just thinking about the forthcoming week.

Spotify. An escape from mundane Mondays into a world of unadulterated, pure musical bliss. The application has done wonders for listeners worldwide with access to unlimited and copious amounts of music at little to no cost. Of course there’s a Spotify House at SX.  #duh. Located at the corner of E. Cesar Chavez St. and Medina, the house will serve as safe haven for the madness around town.  There will be ping pong, giveaways, a photobooth, tons of music and local food trucks.  ALL FREE w/ RSVP Monday 3/11 through Friday 11/15, 12-6.

Performances from Angel Haze, Pacific Air, Robert Delong, Twenty One Pilots, Wallpaper, Gregory Alan Isakov, Ivan & Alyosha, Jamie N Commons, The Last Bison, and Tom Odell. Diamond Rings, Flight Facilities, Flume, Neon Indian, Sean Glass, The White Panda and Watch the Duck will also be at the Big Green House for DJ sets in the afternoon, makes this spot the place to be.

Get your RSVP on and score some sweet swag.


MONDO Collaborates With HBO’s “Game of Thrones”


Do you know Mondo? They’re a division of the Alamo Drafthouse championed for bringing art back to movie poster design. Utilizing the talents of world-class artists and designers, Mondo produces limited edition, screen printed posters based on all things film, television and comic properties. Based in Austin, Mondo operates out of a permanent gallery space hosting regular exhibitions featuring a blend of breathtaking original artwork and limited edition screen prints.

Mondo recently partnered with HBO’s “Game of Thrones” for a poster series and gallery event running March 8 – March 12, 2013. The gallery will be open to the public on March 8 from 7-10pm with regular hours to follow for the show’s duration. The Mondo Gallery is located at 4115 Guadalupe.

Last year, Mondo and HBO’s “Game of Thrones” collaboration at San Diego Comic-Con was a huge success and this series takes that partnership to the next level with a wide range of spectacular original works and poster art from dozens of Mondo’s world renowned artists including Craig Drake, Daniel Danger, Jason Edmiston, Horkey, Jock, Phantom City Creative, JC Richard, and Ken Taylor.

This special gallery event will also launch a Mondo poster series for the acclaimed HBO series, with 8 limited edition screen prints that will be available for purchase. The exhibit will feature the first two posters in the series along with original fine art. Following the gallery exhibit, two posters will be released digitally each week leading up to the “Game of Thrones” Season 3 premiere on March 31, 2013.

The gallery event will also see the premiere of Brewery Ommegang’s new “Game of Thrones” beer where attendees, 21 and older, will be the first to taste the new beer. Iron Throne, a Blonde Ale, is the inaugural beer in the series and the result of a creative partnership between Ommegang and HBO. Iron Throne is a delicate, but piercing Golden Blonde Ale with Noble hops, a nod to having a Lannister currently on the Throne.

We called up Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael to ask him a few questions about the partnership:

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Confessions of an Austin Cabbie: Chapter 3



I didn’t get a great look at the girl in the fancy cream mu-mu and the big chestnut hair who’d eventually be riding shotgun with me. But in my rearview mirror, the late Saturday night light had Bryn looking like a low-rent, puffy Katherine Ross. More celebrity rehab Tawny Kitaen than Butch Cassidy fantasy.

We weren’t more than a minute into our trip north from the W when Bryn ripped into her husband, who sat calmly up front with me.

“You left me all alone in the booth with drug traffickers, Jeffrey!” Bryn screeched, angrily looking out into the post-last call Austin night, her blood rising with each syllable out of her mouth. “While you were off doing what-ever with my friends.”

“What are you talking about?” Jeffrey slurred serenely. “Nobody left you with anybody.”

“Fuck you, Jeffrey,” Bryn snarled behind me. “I fucking hate you.”

“You don’t hate him, Bryn. He’s your husband. You love him. You guys have been arguing. It happens.”

This fast-talking voice of reason was Gina, the birthday girl, who sat in the backseat next to Bryn, her alleged best friend.

“But you don’t hate him,” Gina continued. “Quit being a drama queen. Of course you love Jeffrey.”

“Actually,” Bryn said very calmly, “I don’t.”

“Yes, you do,” Gina responded. “He’s your husband and you love him.”

“No, I don’t,” Bryn repeated. “I don’t love him. And I haven’t loved him for a while. He’s a fucking asshole.”

“Bullshit, Bryn,” Gina countered. “You’re drunk. You’re being a psycho. You guys are fighting. But you still love your husband and you love him.”

“Uh, no, I don’t. He’s a fucking asshole.”

And the bantering went on. And on. With Gina trying to be the peacemaker – but inadvertently fanning the flames because she didn’t know when to shut up.

Finally, Jeffrey piped in.

“It’s okay, Gina. Bryn can say whatever she wants. But she knows I’ll never let her leave me. She knows I won’t let it happen.”




It still amazes me when customers get into it with each other as if I’m not even there. I can see arguing with your wife in Rome, or even New York City, where there’s either a language barrier or a plexiglass shield to ramp up the illusion of privacy. A cab can feel like you’re own private booth at a restaurant – or your cheap motel room. Especially if you get the sense that the cabbie doesn’t speak your language.

And if he does? There are plenty who believe in discretion. I’ve seen many couples bickering in the backseat, their hushed whispers more often than not drowned out by the tunes cranking out of my stereo.

But it’s also not all that rare for angry couples – not to mention roommates, friends, parent/kid combos – to go at it like I wasn’t even there. Which is great if you’re a sucker for real life drama that’s not your own. It’s the same impulse that drives people to watch reality TV. Only the behavior isn’t being modified by the presence of a camera.

These people are raw truth. In the moment. And all the ugliness and pain and detachment of their relationships is on full display for the stranger up front who sits silently trying to get them from point A to point B.

One of my more memorable encounters with customers airing their dirty laundry in a cab ride occurred over a year ago. I had just picked up a couple in their late 20s who were downtown and needed a ride back to their room at the Barton Creek Resort. So we had a decent ride ahead of us.

It wasn’t long before the guy asked for my opinion on a little situation he was having with his fiancée. It seems he had just confessed over dinner to having slept with one of her friends during the year that they’d been broken up.

The guy thought he should be commended for coming clean and being honest.

His girl was crestfallen and felt like she couldn’t trust him anymore.

When I got reeled in to give my opinion, I tried my best to see both of their perspectives. I mostly didn’t want to offend or piss off either of them. But I did try to get the guy to recognize how this revelation might hurt his woman’s feelings and could require some patience and sensitivity on his part.

For 20+ minutes we went back on forth on the merits of their reactions, my opinions, her feelings and his tenuous contrition.

By the time we pulled up to the resort, the fiancée was sobbing. And her man, who’d been friendly the whole ride, showed his true colors in the end.

Bastard tipped me $1.50 on a $30 ride.


Guess he didn’t like my advice.





“Jeffrey, get in the fucking cab!”

We’ve pit-stopped in Tarrytown to drop Gina off.  Only now the drama has been ramped up. Gina and Jeffrey are trying to get Bryn to stay at Gina’s – “It wouldn’t be good for you to go home with me right now,” Jeffrey slurred 2 minutes ago.

But Bryn just wants to get home to her dogs and sleep in her own bed. And now Jeffrey has impulsively announced he was gonna drive home. Presumably because he wasn’t comfortable sharing a cab home with his wife.

“Jeffrey, what are you DOING?! You can’t drive home. Just get in the cab!”

Playing on the cab stereo was the new CD from my customer-turned-friend, Josh Halverson. Song #3 was filling the cab and the lyrics Josh was singing only added to the honkeytonk opera vibe to the whole scene.

“You’re not gonna chaaaaaaaaange . . . You’re not gonna chaaaaaaaaange . . . You’re not gonna chaaaaaaaaaange . . . You’re not gonna chaaaaaaaaange . . .”

As Bryn took off in the night, Gina slid into the backseat and leaned up toward the front.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “He’s being psycho. What do you think I should do?”

Here’s what I was thinking:

“What should you do? Well, you seem to be a little coked out and your micromanagement of the situation is clearly not helping. Your friend is wildly insecure and irrational right now. Her husband is hammered and seems to be wanting to hook up with you. Best thing you can do is get the hell out of the picture and send them on their merry way.”

Instead, I watered my response down to: “I think you should remove yourself from the picture. Go in the house and let them deal with each other on the ride home. That’s what I’d do if I were you.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Gina said excitedly. “That’s what I’ve gotta do.”

She bolted out of the backseat, just in time to meet Bryn and Jeffrey coming back to the cab. I couldn’t see anything but torsos in the darkness. But I did hear Gina’s coke-fueled attempt to lay down the law.

“Okay, I’ve made an executive decision. Bryn, you’re staying with me. Jeffrey, get in the cab. We’ll get Bryn home in the morning. C’mon, sweetie.”

Hey! What happened to my advice?

“No!” Bryn squealed. “I’m going home to sleep in my own bed!”

From the sounds of it, Gina and Jeffrey were trying to physically lead Bryn towards Gina’s place. But she was having none of it. I couldn’t see exactly what was going on. But I clearly heard the sounds of scuffling. It wasn’t pretty.

“Let me go, Gina! I’m not staying here!”

After a few more minutes of squirming and petty bickering, Bryn finally got in the front seat. Jeffrey climbed in the back. Before finally heading off to her bungalow, Gina leaned in and addressed the 3 of us in the cab.

“You guys need to be silent,” she told Bryn and Jeffrey like a scolding parent. “Don’t even talk to each other. I’m not kidding.”

Then she turned her focus to me.

“If they get out of hand, don’t be afraid to call the police,” Gina told me with an inflated sense of drama and self-importance.

“Not to worry,” I told her, suppressing a chuckle. “There’s not gonna be any need to call the police.”

I started the Crown Vic, her cue to get away from the cab. After 10 solid minutes of drunken, coke-fueled drama, we were finally getting the hell out of there.




The silence didn’t last long.

“I felt like you were really mean to me tonight,” Bryn finally said softly, sounding nothing like the raging wife she became seconds after picking them up.

Of course, my first thought is – HE was mean to YOU? This from the woman was screaming how much she hated her husband 15 minutes ago. The woman who claimed she no longer loved her husband.

“It wasn’t me, man,” Jeffrey said calmly from the backseat. “It was you. I felt like you really alienated a lot of your friends tonight. They saw your true colors tonight. You’re gonna see some fallout from your behavior tonight.”

And just like that, we were back in the drama.

“You think I care? You think I even want friends like that?”

“Like what? What did they do?”


“Nobody left anybody with anybody.”

“Y’all left me in a booth with drug smugglers. And I know where you went. Y’all went off to do coke. Know how I know? Because you look like shit right now. Look at you, Jeffrey. You look like absolute shit.”

“I don’t know if your friendships can recover from this. You ruined Gina’s birthday. All your friends were saying how they’ve never seen you like this.”

“Oh, really? Fuck ‘em. Fuck all y’all!”




It went on like this for another few minutes. Finally, like a lit match, the dueling couple finally burned themselves out. But I wasn’t about to let the awkward silence linger for long. I wanted answers.

“So how long you guys been married?”

“5 years,” Jeffrey spoke up from the back. “Been together 10.”

“Yeah, and it’s horrible,” Bryn muttered, much less forcefully than she’d been with her ‘I hate you” pronouncements 15 minutes earlier.

“How about you?” Jeffrey asked, completely ignoring Bryn’s dig. “You married?”

For the next 10 minutes, Jeffrey and I talked relationships and marriage like I hadn’t just witnessed his wife screaming how much she hated him. It was as if the multiple blowups had never happened.

“We never lived together,” Jeffrey said after I told him I lived with Molly in Hyde Park. “Statistics say that 80% of couples who live together before getting married end up getting divorce. Why buy the farm when you’re getting the milk for free?”

I’ve always hated that old saying. I don’t buy it. Not in every case, anyway.

“Yeah, we never lived together,” Jeffrey reiterated. “And I’m glad we did it that way. That’s how my parents did it. And they’re still married.”

Jeffrey went on to say how much Bryn loves his family and how they’re trying to have a baby. Bryn stayed silent through the whole discussion. The only time she showed any sign of life was when Jeffrey was recounting how he popped the question 5+ years ago.

“I showed up with a new set of luggage, first of all,” Jeffrey said proudly. “Then we got on a plane to the Bahamas, where I’d booked a suite. With roses. Champagne. The works. I did it up.”

As Jeffrey went on about the night he popped the question – and their subsequent wedding on the beach ­– I noticed Bryn sniffling next to me, silently wiping off a tear that had temporarily managed to wash away all the rage and hatred she’d been filled with not so many minutes ago.




By the time we pulled up to their North Austin home, the vibe in the cab had completely changed.

“Babe, do you want me to pay him?” Bryn asked sweetly.

“I got it, babe,” Jeffrey answered just as sweetly. “You go on in the house. I’ll be right in.”

“Okay, babe,” Bryn said, emotionally drained by it all, before turning to me. “Thank you so much.”

“No problem,” I said, happy to ignore the elephant in the cab ­­­– You people need a marriage counselor.

After his wife had gone inside, Jeffrey wasn’t content to simply pay me the $30+ fare and move on. For what seemed like another 10 minutes, he rambled on and on (the remnants of that bump of cocaine his did with Bryn’s friends earlier?) about hooking up my girlfriend – who’s already got a great job she loves – with his hairstylist-to-the-VIPs buddy.

As if chatting me up with empty promises was somehow gonna erase my memory of hearing his drunk wife admit that she no longer loved him.


Do512′s SXSW ’13 Pro-Tip Guide


The allure to SXSW is the big names who come to town and the little guys who get to play next to them. It is the free Taco Bell and the pricier food trucks that both hit the spot after a day of drinking. It is the crowded parties that make you rub elbows with too many drunk people and the surprise intimate shows that you find by chance.

Whatever the appeal of SXSW is to you, it can seem overwhelming for those trying to plan their week, or for those who decided to “wing it” and soon felt like they were missing out. Lucky for you all, Do512 has been working hard to make this annual much-anticipated event run as smoothly as possible for you and your comrades. Here, we will break down all the important things to keep in mind, give you some recommendations from experienced South by Southwesters and have you coming out a SXSW pro of your own.

  • First, how many bands will there be exactly during March 12-17?

A lot. You can view our comprehensive list of artists that have been officially announced here. However, every SXSW veteran knows that there will always be surprise guests. That’s why we have also kept up with all of the rumors flowing through the SX mill on our twitter account.

Pro Tip: Keep your phone charged! It is always difficult to maintain flawless service when Austin is packed to the brim of the city limits, but social media is the key to unveiling surprise shows. Add us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop as soon as we catch wind of confirmed SXSW information.

  • How can I keep track of the artists I want to see?

While you are perusing our list of announced SXSW acts, all you have to do is click ‘follow’ and it automatically adds the artist or band to your ‘My SX’ tab. In that section, you will find all of the parties and artists you have decided to like or follow and from there you can click on them for the event details and performances.

Pro Tip: Don’t limit yourselves to only the bands you know. Take some time and check out the artists you haven’t heard of before by clicking on their page and watching their music videos or live performances we have put up for you. Festivals are the easiest way to discover your new favorite band.


Now that it has become apparent to you that SXSW does a phenomenal job of bringing in amazing acts and excavating the local talent to bring to a larger stage, you are ready to make the next step. If you are coming from out-of-town you are probably thinking:

  • “Where am I going to stay?” and “How will I afford this?” 

If you have friends in Austin, call dibs on the couch now. Trust us, Austinites expect a house full of people during SX and piling around someone’s living room is part of the experience. But, if your friend’s couches will already be stuffed with warm bodies and you need accommodations, we have compiled a list of places to stay during this physically taxing week that makes a comfortable bed feel like heaven at the end of the night.

Now, as far as affordability, there is no other festival in Austin that seems to be on the same caliber as SXSW when it comes to the amount of crazy talent putting on free performances and providing free food and beverages. But, if you want to go big this year, there is still time to enter in many contests that are giving away badges, VIP packages and other goodies. THAT MEANS FREE FOLKS.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 3.00.20 PM

  • Okay, so how do I RSVP to the free shows and events?

Number 1 rule: create an email address JUST for SX or use one that you’ll remember you signed up for everything under the sun with. Done? Step 2.

Easy. We have dug up all of the announced events and free stuff coming this SXSW and put them on our site for you to simply click ‘RSVP‘ and put yourself on the list. Voila.

Pro Tip: Make sure after you RSVP that you share it on Facebook or Twitter so that your friends can do the same. You don’t want to miss out on a show because your buddies forgot to get on the list.


My organization, company, brand, band etc… would really like to host an unofficial party during SXSW, how do I find a good venue and their information?

Yes, we are here to help the people behind the parties too. We have put together a Pinterest board full of great venues around the city and provided their location and capacity. Once you click on a venue you are interested in, it will direct you back to our main site that provides contact information for booking.

  • How can I get involved and be a part of the SXSW action?

Volunteer! SX is still looking for walk in volunteers as long as you’re a local. Register online before heading to their office.

TaskRabbit, an online and mobile marketplace that gets people in the same area to help each other out has created a portal for SXSW’s interactive portion. Users will go to the site and see a list of temporary tasks to sign up for such as street teams, product delivery and event staffs.

  • How else can I prepare for South by Southwest?

Listen to our SXSW ’13 Spotify Playlist.

Subscribe. Listen. Learn the words. Revisit some old favorites and experience the unfamiliar. Use this playlist as the ultimate pre-workout before the music marathon ahead.

  • Stay on top of the SXSW band rumors.

We are bonafide rumor mongers. They are swirling like madness. Follow Do512 on Twitter to keep up. From the Postal Service reunion that has everyone in a tizzy to the new Strokes album drop, we’re watching the bands as they make their moves and we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

To further your excitement, we have compiled a staff list of our most anticipated acts for this year’s SXSW:

Rachel Daily: The Zombies, Delorean, Telekinesis, Thee Oh Sees, Mount Moriah, Amanda Shires, Wild Belle, and The Whigs

Jamie Jett: Bonobo, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Prince Rama, Beach Fossils, Alt-J and Allah-Las

Lawrence Boone: Al Lover, Mikal Cronin, Thee Oh Sees, Allah-LasBlack Lips, The Growlers, John McCauley and Friends, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

Matt Mandrella: Alt-J, Flaming Lips and Japandroids

Amanda Shaftel: Alt-J, Monophonics, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, Gringo Star, Poolside and Lissie

Jimmy Stewart: Alt-J, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Cold War Kids, Portugal. The Man, Brushy One String, Aloe Blacc, Delicate Steve, Emmylou Harris, Richard Thompson, Field Report, Nathanial Rateliff, Kids These Days and Houndmouth

Courtney Goforth: Flaming Lips, Daniel Johnston, Toro y Moi, Best Coast, Grimes, Thee Oh Sees, Black Lips and The Postal Service


- via Courtney Goforth

Do512′s Mardi Gras Events

In America, Mardi Gras seems to be more synonymous with getting Bourbon-faced on Shit Street than celebrating for Lenten season. But, that’s what we love about this country– the perpetual yearning for reasons to dress up, party hard and eat cake.

Feb. 12 is Fat Tuesday and you don’t have to be in New Orleans to celebrate French Quarter style. Plenty of places around Austin will shovel out their fair share of NOLA food, stout drinks and of course, beads. The celebrations start as early as Feb. 08 so pull out your favorite purple, green and gold ensembles and prepare your bellies.



A Mardi Gras Party at Homefield Grill kicks off the Carnival Season with all of the essentials: beads, masks, parades, King Cake and NOLA booze favorites such as Hand Grenades, Hurricanes and Sazeracs. Speaking from personal experience here, if the grenades are true to their NOLA roots, one should suffice.

Then, at 7 p.m., Cajun and Creole foodie Todd Michael St. Pierre will present his new New Orleans cookbook, “Taste of Treme,” at Bookpeople just in time for the celebrations. Buy his cookbook in the store and get it signed before you set off to cook up some cajun-inspired favorites.



Antone’s presents World Carnaval, a show that will bring Austin musicians together to present an array of musical and dance styles that are represented around the world during Mardi Gras. Acts include: Suns of Orpheus, Austin Samba School, Morena Soul, Seu Jacinto and McCallum High School Knights Steel Drum band.


In lieu of the connotation of their name, Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden is going into Mardi Gras festivities with a bang for their Second Chance Sunday: Mardi Gras Edition. They are actually roasting an alligator, swamp rat and wild boar in the name of the crazy cajuns. The delicacies will be served at noon and feed salivating (maybe a little reluctant) mouths until it runs out. While you munch on gator, (which literally tastes like chicken), cajun music group Gumbo Ce Soir and the Dead Music Capital band will perform in full make-up and costume, making the revelry that much more authentic.


J. BLACK’S Feel Good Kitchen and Lounge will host Mardi Gras 2013 beginning at 4 p.m. with Bacardi Hurricanes and traditional Nawlins gumbo. At 9 p.m. they will hold a mask competition with first, second and third place prizes.

If you feel more inclined to keep the blood pumping while partaking in Mardi Gras merriment, join Rogue Running and Brooks Running for their Fat Tuesday Pub Run. They will set off at 5:30 p.m. after pre-drink warm ups with Hops & Grain Pale Dog and Alternation to get you warm and fuzzy before an estimated four miles of pub crawling.

Central Market Cooking School will host a Fat Tuesday Feast demonstration featuring Cindy Haenel, CM Cooking School instructor, who will show participants how to make classic cajun favorites such as Mini Muffulettas, Smoked Duck and Shrimp Jambalaya, Creole Grits and Andouille Sausage, Fried Catfish Po-boys and Beignets a la Mode.


Jambalaya photo via

Flamingo Cantina will kick off their Fat Tuesday Carnaval Celebration at 7 p.m. with a dance party, plethora of beads and performances by Os Alqumistas, Austin Samba School and Morena Soul.

If you want to leave the gaudy hoopla out of it and just see some good, live music for Fat Tuesday, Gruene Hall will celebrate with Americana and bluegrass bands Slim Bawb and Cornbread. Brauntex Theatre will have a jazzy good time with Alex Meixner, The Thirsty Nickel has Mike V on the set for Fat Tuesday and The Sahara Lounge will entertain with Mardigras, Danny B. Harvey and Black Cadillac.

However you decide to celebrate, Mardi Gras annually gives us a reason to don ridiculous phallic-shaped necklaces, wear feather masks and get Cajun-boy wasted. It is also a great reassurance as to why you are part of the ones giving up alcohol for lent as you head into Ash Wednesday with a killer Hand Grenade hangover. Evil things. Regardless, don’t be upset if you cannot make it to The Big Easy for the biggest excuse ever to gorge yourselves with delicious Cajun food and King Cake, listen to jazz and blues music or get completely shmammered because Austin has you covered. In the meantime, go grab some King Cake from Easy Tiger for $15 starting now through Mardi Gras.


Click for the full Do512 list of Mardi Gras events.


via Courtney Goforth

Oscars Party at Black Sheep Lodge on 2/24


Photo via Flickr

Will Life of Pi win best picture? Will Jennifer Lawrence rip her dress at another awards show? Will Les Miserables sweep all the other nominees ? Oh, the anxiety! Whatever happens this year at the Oscars, the one thing we can all agree on is that we will be glued to the TV in anticipation. The only thing more exciting than the Oscars itself would be watching the Oscars at Black Sheep Lodge on February 24th.

They are throwing an awesome viewing party for the Oscars on February 24th, featuring a red carpet rollout starting at 5:30 p.m. To make you feel even more like a celeb, they will also be live-streaming tweets during the event if you hashtag #oscarsblacksheep. Get ready for a night of good food, Oscar viewing, trivia, prizes and more!


We know we’ve already sold you on the Black Sheep Lodge Oscar Party, but we have more exciting news that will make you want to go to this party even more. Black Sheep Lodge is hosting a contest calling all of the cool peeps in Austin to submit a 60 second video parody of one of the best picture nominees. Oscar spoof? A raunchy Django Unchained? Life of Pi featuring actual pie? This is your chance to let your imagination come to life, and be rewarded with an iPad mini! Last day to submit videos is February 18th, so get rollin’ and start practicing your acceptance speech.

To help you with ideas on what to do for your video entry here’s a video of last year’s winning parody The Frat Tree of Life:

Whether or not you’ve seen all the films, we can promise you that the viewing party for the Oscars at Black Sheep Lodge is one you’ll not want to miss. While most people will be at home in pajamas gossiping about designer dresses, you’ll be looking glam at the Black Sheep Lodge!  Get your ballots ready.

South By South Rest – The Best Places to Stay In Austin During SXSW 2013


If you’ve never been to SXSW before, let us be the ones to tell you that you’re going to want to book your lodging accommodations NOW. You’re going to want a pillow and a warm fluffy after a day of learning, exploring, walking, drinking, networking, eating, walking, walking, walking. Seriously.

If you have been to SXSW before, you know exactly what we’re talking about.  So take a deep breath and know that once you have drudged through this list, you will have figured out just exactly where you will be landing for the week.  We hope.

You can always check out the official SXSW site for hotel availability.  They want you here, we want you here, and you want to be here.  Hotels are getting scooped quickly but SXSW is helping you find openings all across the land both near and far, to ensure you have a place to stay.  Check out our list below to add to your search for the perfect, or at least semi-decent, place.  Whether crashing, staying, experiencing, lounging, or landing somewhere for the week, make sure you have yourself a place for any type you fancy. Speaking of fancy…Continue Reading

The Do512 Guide to Album Releases in 2013

We’ve been doing our research and have concluded that 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year for music. From legacy artists like David Bowie to up and comers such as Toro y Moi, this year has all sorts of surprises waiting in the wings for us. Without further adieu, here’s a list of albums we’re psyched to hear in 2013.

1. Toro y Moi – Anything in Return, January 22


Chillwave pioneer Chaz Bundick is getting ready to drop his 3rd album this week. His previous effort, Underneath the Pine recieved glowing reviews for it’s funked out, groovy beats and textures. This time around he’s promised to deliver “sincere pop music that’s not all processed and bubblegum.” If his new single, “Say That” is any indication, he’s done just that.

2. Local Natives – Hummingbird, January 28


Hailing from Los Angeles, Local Natives stepped out into the limelight in 2009 after playing a marathon 9 shows at SXSW. They had an indie hit with their endlessly playable “Airplanes” and played on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in 2011. Since then, the band has been quietly putting together songs for their sophomore album, entitled Hummingbird. Check out a new song, “Breakers“.

3. Ducktails – The Flower Lane, January 29


These days, Matt Mondanile splits his time between playing guitar for New Jersey quiet-rockers Real Estate and releasing albums under his solo project, Ducktails. His first two albums struck a pleasing balance between Real Estate’s guitar driven balladry and the hazy 1980′s obsessed chill out aesthetic which was so fashionable in indie music a few years ago. His third album, The Flower Lane, has been described as a continuation of these themes, with an emphasis on a blend of guitar and electronica.

4. Major Lazer – Free the Universe, Febuary 19


Major Lazer is the jamaican dance-hall influenced pop project of DJ/producer Diplo and formerly DJ Switch. Unless you’ve been living under a rock which is itself located underneath a larger rock, you’ve probably heard “Pon De Floor” at some point in the past 3 ears. After all, its music video was a minor internet sensation. Mostly due to how endearingly bizarre it was. What you might not have heard is Major Lazer’s fantastic single “Get Free” from their forthcoming album, Free the Universe. “Get Free” features Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors fame on vocals. If the rest of  Free the Universe is as good as “Get Free” we’re in store for a real treat.

5. Atoms For Peace – Amok, February 25


Don’t worry, Radiohead didn’t break up. Thom Yorke is just taking some time away to release an album with his other band, Atoms For Peace. Featuring The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s bassist Flea and long-time Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, Amok has been kept kept tightly under wraps since it was released, save for the glitched out single “Default“. Suffice it to say, this project has our interest piqued.

6. Johnny Marr – The Messenger, February 26


Johnny Marr has kept busy since The Smiths short lived run ended in 1987. Since then, he’s released a handful of albums under the moniker of The Healers, played with The Cribs and even served as a guitarist for Modest Mouse. In addition, he worked with composer Hans Zimmerman to score Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed film, Inception. Apparently he’s not the type of dude to rest on his laurels. Now he’s making his proper solo debut with The Messenger, an album he says is inspired by his hometown of Manchester, England. Perhaps this geographic influence will signal a return to the jangly guitar playing that made Marr a beloved staple of the music world.

7. David Bowie – The Next Day, March 8


News of David Bowie’s first new album in 10 years set the blogosphere on fire with anticipation, and rightfully so. Few artists are quite as deservedly legendary as the 66-year old Brit. His discography is so indelibly ingrained in western culture that its sometimes easy to forget just how many classic songs Bowie has under his belt. Now he’s back with The Next Day, an all new album of original compositions. Sadly, he has no plans to play live shows in support of the album. We can’t help but wonder if getting struck in the eye with that lollipop has anything to do with that… Give a listen to his new single, “Where Are We Now?

8. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Mosquito, April 16


Ten years and three albums in, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s have gone from scrappy art-punk upstarts to world conquering rock and roll elder statesmen. Along the way, they’ve experimented with an array of disparate genres to consistently great effect. So what do you do ten years on? You make another album. In this case, you make an album with a truly insane cover image. Mosquito has been described as their most low-fi release in years, making it quite a departure from their previous album, It’s Blitz!. The band haven’t released any tracks from the album, so here’s the music video for “Heads Will Roll“.


Do512′s New Year’s Resolutions Guide

We can all remember back to the days when our teachers would make us hammer out resolutions before sending us off for Christmas break; resolutions that would quickly nuzzle under the pile of other procrastinated endeavors.


As more New Years pass and high school seems like ant-sized cars from an airplane, so very far away, we try to take resolutions a little more seriously and kick some old habits. At least, we write them down without being asked to, which is progress. However, we all survived the apocalypse so perhaps there is no better time than now to utilize our city’s assets to make those goals realities.

Overall mental and physical health seem to be the popular catch-all resolution umbrella. But what does that entail? Sure, a few more trips to the gym always help, but what about spicing up physical exercise by going to the North or South Austin Rock Gym where rock climbing seems a little more enticing than a stair master? Instead of braving cold and windy weather on your bicycle around town, how about attending a class at CYC Fitness where you can burn up to 800 calories per session and save yourself from windburn? Cycling and rock climbing can seem like baby steps to people more familiar with the massive gyms all over the place now, so there are options for the people thinking more outside of the box and climbing out on a pole in 2013. Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing is a fun, sexy way to get in shape while exploring an interesting art form, as well as Trapeze Austin. But, you don’t want to get too caught up in swinging around that pole and forget to include your little ones in the exciting push to exercise more while we all still have the momentum from food babies leftover from the holidays. You can sign your kids up at The Little Yoga House that promotes confidence and self-esteem and incorporates healthy snacks into relaxing sessions of yoga, dance, music and art.


Photo via Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing

Now, we all know, but seem to “forget” that good exercise deems pointless if you are scarfing Whataburger at 3 a.m., (guilty). Thankfully, we live in a culinary haven that provides the go-getters with all of the appropriate produce to whip up your own healthful meals such as Whole Foods, The Natural GardenerHOPE Farmer’s Market and Sunset Valley Farmer’s Market. For the ones who want to swap the grease for the nutrition, but are pressed for time, Austin has a handful of places that make nutritious and portion-controlled meals for takeout such as Snap Kitchen Central and at The Triangle, Tasty Healthy Meals and Mel’s Meals. Now, for the over-achievers, Central Market Cooking School offers a plethora of interactive classes that will probably have you Instagramming too many food pictures, but heck, you can’t please everyone.

For those of us who find no shame in getting a ginormous, four dollar slice of pizza downtown after a night of shenanigans, or the ones who appreciate the extra curvy curves on our bodies, New Year’s resolutions do not always have to involve physical fitness. Maybe this is the year you would like to find a new hobby or explore an interest. Austin has a great theater scene that will put on a good show for you, or help you be a part of one. The New Movement Theater teaches comedy classes to all ages, or you can just catch some comedy and improv shows at ColdTowne Theater or The Hideout Theatre. The ZACH Theatre is also a great place to catch some bigger shows that span all genres.

Photo via ZACH Theatre

Photo via ZACH Theatre

Theater is not everyone’s idea of a good time, so there are still options. Maybe trying a hand at FirePit Ceramics and making pottery to put those healthful meals on may interest you. A trip to The Vineyard at Florence can spark an appreciate for wines, or going out to Waller Creek Boathouse and taking a rowing lesson can massage your mental health. Since Austin is the “live music capital of the world,” it wouldn’t be a good resolutions list without injecting some more music into your lives. Dub Academy teaches students how to DJ and produce music under the ownership of a Jamaican DJ who knows his stuff. Or, maybe all you need this year is a few more good books in your life and you can stop by Bookpeople, who continually get voted best bookstore in Austin for over 15 years.

Whatever it is you do (or don’t do) this year to keep sane and feel a notch or two better than the previous year, we encourage you to try and do something. Austin is saturated with fitness, music, art and crazy activities you may not have thought existed. So, let’s get out and do stuff and keep our city weird, okay?

Refer to our entire list of places in Austin that can contribute to your overall wellness in 2013.

nyres2via Courtney Goforth


My First Free Week

Contributed by Courtney Goforth:

Another Free Week is in the books and all of Austin’s local talent and generous travelers have packed up after nine days of fueling the city with free live music. Although it is possible to see live music every night in Austin, Free Week congests popular venues that usually charge covers with some real talent willing to give you a free sample.
Free Week is like a big, free coat that keeps everyone warm and makes it easier to step out in the cold weather in the name of music.

The week, (which actually runs a little over seven days), started out at Holy Mountain. Politics was wrapping up their set donning their lovely sweater vests, as we impatiently sipped on our beers and waited for Holy Wave’s evil to land on stage next. Perhaps the alcohol can be blamed for the overwhelming desire to grab a burger “really quick” from The Jackelope down the street, or maybe getting food seemed to be the easiest refuge from the slowly moving time. Needless to say, we didn’t end up catching Holy Wave.

holy free week

On Tuesday, Knifight was on the bill at Mohawk and that seemed to be enough convincing to round up some troops to face the rain and go downtown. We stood elbow to elbow as the crowd became enthralled with the Austin talent and continued to stick around for Tacks, the Boy Disaster. The mood decelerated when headliner My Empty Phantom took the stage to put the crowd in a sleepy, yet mesmerizing, trance with nature-inspired minimalist looping. It sounds almost crazy to say ‘minimal’ when artist Jesse Martin Beaman is the mastermind and executor behind it all, but he mans those multiple instruments flawlessly.

Wednesday gave us our first hint that perhaps Free Week was catching on, or more people enjoy The Growlers in this city than we gave them credit for. Red 7‘s line was ridiculously hopeless, so we moseyed our way back to the comfort of Holy Mountain. Well, comfort was the intention, but we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the heaviness of Woodgrain and Shitty Carwash. Not necessarily our cup of tea, but the many people with their fists in the air and mouths opened seemed to be enjoying it.

Despite the sometimes inevitable laziness, which we would love to blame on cold weather and subsequent colds, Free Week is a great motivation to get out and experience the crazy amount of talented folks and see them perform at some of Austin’s best venues.