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Sky Candy and Agent Red Presents Land Without Evil at Stateside Theatre @ the Paramount 12/8-12/16

Are you looking for a different type of event this holiday season? Tired of the traditional office holiday parties? Have no fear! Sky Candy and Agent Red  have you covered with their production of “Land Without Evil” at Stateside Theatre.

Land Without Evil” is a production like you’ve never seen before.  If you come, you will not be disappointed. According to Sky Candy, “Land Without Evil” is a show about a boy’s conflict between the spiritual beliefs of life in the Mission and the visions of his father, the shaman of a threatened tribe, forced to a journey through the rainforest in a quest for the mystical Land Without Evil.  This narrative is told by an innovative collaboration between almost 50 artists, aerialists, dancers, contortionists, performers, singers, musicians, and actors which will leave you wanting more. Typically previous productions by Sky Candy have been hosted in alternative venues such as ND night club. This production is unique because it’s at the historic Stateside Theatre.

The Sky Candy and Agent Red production of “Land Without Evil” is playing at The Stateside Theatre starting December 8th at 8 pm. Check the Parmount’s website for full times and tickets purchases by clicking here.

CYC Fitness – Review from Do512

Squint your eyes real fast…look off in the distance at that….yep that there…what’s that? Those are your 2013 new year’s resolutions looming at the end of the tinsel tunnel there, my friends.

You know the drill. One pie slice too many…three cookies eaten post midnight so that, you know, the kids will still believe that Santa stopped by, and a copious amount of booze to deal with your mother, in-laws, loneliness, boss, children, neighbors and *gasp* the mall.

Then the first of January rolls around and we all collectively rally. The gyms are flooded with newly inspired humans with doughy little bellies. The first week is a clustercloud of new sweaty bodies and regular gym-goers do a collective eye roll and wait patiently for the 15th when the resolution dies in a fiery pit of failed dreams, treadmill boredom and ultimate disillusionment.

Tis the season.

We have good news for you. What if we told you that there’s a new way to exercise here in town and not only does it burn off that fruitcake, it’s legitimately fun? Yeah, seriously.

CYC Fitness is a new full body workout cycling studio that has opened up near UT and while the bikes and the shoes looked like we were about to get down to business, the room itself was kept dark save for a few neon lights and a stereo system to rival some downtown clubs. If you’ve never kickboxed, danced, yelled, and lifted weights while being clipped in to a bike before, this is the place to go to cross all that off your life list.

Two of the Do512 staff members have gotten “cyc’d” (pronounced psyched)  so far and got…their butts…handed to them. Overall, they loved the class, the energy, the music and the personality of the instructor, CYC method designer, Keoni.

“I almost died. No, that’s not true. I almost cried. That’s true. Just halfway through I felt tired when we were riding up that damn hill with the brakes on and Rhianna was like, yelling at me to be cooler than I am but man, I feel awesome now. That was great. Ooo look how sweaty I am!” – Rachel

“I think I did almost die. I was looking around, like why does no one else look like they’re about to die? And then I stopped being a baby and kept pushing and got through it. I hear it gets much easier each time. I actually felt great afterward, which never happens, and I’m looking forward to going again —– which never happens.” – Amanda

If you’re interested in trying out a party on a bike, the first class is free. Don’t let your resolutions kick you in the face this year! Go get cyc’d instead and tell em we sent ya.


They Will See Us Waving From Such Great Heights – Over the Edge at the Hyatt Regency to Benefit Special Olympics Texas 10/27 Recap

Whether it’s the 12 years of competitive gymnastics in my more malleable past, an affinity for adrenaline surges, or my recurring daydream of tap tap tap dancing on the wing of a 747 while it’s in flight at the root of my fixation – I. love. heights.

The first time Do512 sponsored an Over the Edge event, we had an in office contest to see who would be the staff participant. I was out for blood. I wanted to rappel down a giant building so badly. I lost to my co-worker, Amanda. Tears and sadness followed. Mild hatred? No. Maybe. No. I love her. I don’t. What? I think pizza came around at some point that day too. Wallow in cheesed up bread…you know?

Hi, I'm Amanda. Rachel WISHES she was me right now. Muahahaha

Luckily for me, Over the Edge came back to the Hyatt Regency of Austin this past Saturday with a rappelling event to benefit the Special Olympics of Texas and I jumped on it. We also signed up a super eager (despite not being a great fan of heights) boyfriend and Do512 strategy and morale partner to take the dive off too. They are pretty cool gents.

We first got there and spent about ten minutes getting all suited up. The team of savvy dudes got to work hooking all kinds of metal things to all kinds of loops in all kinds of places. That’s about as technical as I can get. I told the two guys getting me in the harness that I felt like Lena Dunham getting ready for the Emmy’s. They didn’t get it. I trusted their carabiner latching skills 10x more because of it.

Then we were led up to the roof by the Sheriff who told us that this was going to be more fun than jumping out of a helicopter – trust him – he knows. As we waited our turn, we stairwell chatted with a friendly Round Rock police officer volunteer about doughnuts and coffee and how cool the view was going to be. Cool doesn’t even begin to describe it.

When we were finally allowed to walk out onto the roof, I think everyone in our group just sort of stopped. You could see everything. Absolutely everything. While I’ve been blessed with a couple rad balconies in my time in Austin, this blew every view I’ve ever had of this city out of the water. It was incredible.

An Over the Edge staff member named Derin then gave us the run through of our equipment, eloquently naming the random hooks and pulls “the gold thingy” “the blue thingy” which I, for one, seriously appreciated. The test rappel was pretty fun. “Hang your heels over the edge…further…no further…come on further.” Right around now is when your brain goes uh “whatareyoucrazy, I think not.” You then have to lean all the way back until the harness catches and once is does, you start walking down the wall in an L shape. The initial test rappel was about 17 feet. The main rappel you’re rigged to do afterwards is 17 stories. I stepped up to the “Do512 Sponsored Rope” sign and got ready to head down.

When I had to hang my heels off the edge of that side of the building, I was suddenly oddly grateful that we hadn’t had time to eat our breakfast tacos prior to our adventure. Yeah, I looked down. Once you actually went over the edge though, it was smooth sailing. You could stop and see for miles all around you. You could hang there and move as slowly or as quickly as you wanted and once you got used to the feel of the harness, (and the seriously amazing crew members who were watching you at all times) all fear went away and you were left on the wall to get down at your leisure. When I was about halfway down the wall, my more handsome half started his way down.

Stud. Muffins.

Once we all three managed to get on the grass safely, we looked up where we’d just come from and took a second to revel in how badass our Saturday morning had just been. Then we headed back in for gear removal where the crew test ran their new Nascar pit stop gear removal techniques on us. Check it out:

Keep your eyes peeled for the next time Over the Edge makes it to Austin. When else can you say you spent your Saturday hanging off the roof of one of Austin’s tallest buildings? That, and Over the Edge is always committed to supporting a good cause. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to train for sky diving this weekend. Ta!


From the City Full of Sound – ACL Recap 2012

We’re alive! But we’re getting old. Now that we’ve finished our post ACL cleanses (pizza anyone?) and fallen asleep a couple of times while watching American Dad reruns on our couches, we’re ready to talk about last weekend’s adventures! Welcome to the ACL recap of 2012:

Here we go in no particular order – ladies first:

Jimmy - 

My ACL weekend highlights:

1. Gary Clark in the Do512 Lounge. Wow.  Hot, sweaty, intense, awesome.

2. Avicii (Friday night).   Even if the guy just gets up there and presses play, I dont care.  I’m no that into dubstep, but between this show and Bassnectar at Lollapalooza, I’m starting to become a believer.  This show was one of the most impressive visual experiences I have ever seen, and in my opinion was the best overall entertainment value of the entire festival.  That crazy skull thing blew my mind, and I spent the whole time wondering how the hell it worked, and how he transported that thing around.

3. Die Antwoord.  I fink they’re freaky and I like ‘em like that. Just plain weird South African trailer park hip hop.  I love that they’re so far out there and doing their thing. I also think I may kind of have a thing for that freaky little devilish tree nymph. And this may be the best video of all times:

Matt - 

Matt didn’t submit a recap so we’re putting up this picture instead. It’s the proper thing to do.

Lawrence - 

I had the best ACL weekend ever, and I was only at the festival for a total of two and half hours. We started out on Friday by hosting a couple of bands in the lounge, including The Whigs (who were totally bad ass) and Milo Greene. Once that finally died down we hailed a cab down to Zilker Park and caught Thievery Corporation and Avicii. Afterwards, exhausted from a full day of partying, we had a late dinner at Uncle Billy’s before calling it a night.

On Saturday we hosted four more bands in the Do512 Lounge, including the Kopecky Family Band, Geographer, Sour Bridges, and He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (who were the surprise act of the weekend.)

After that, three of the Do512 staff and I started hoofing it to the festival and got caught in a downpour halfway there. Stranded and soaked, we were luckily rescued by a few good samaritans from Wisconsin, who were only in town for the night and happened to be staying at a house nearby. They helped us dry out while giving us lots of booze, conversation and ridiculous business ideas while we crowded under a carport somewhere in South Austin. Once the weather subsided we headed back to the Do512 Lounge for arguably the most amazing night in its existence. Local hip-hop talent Phranchyze kicked off the night backed by a full band, followed by guitar slinger Gary Clark Jr. who came in and rocked the socks off of a sweaty crowd that was standing shoulder to shoulder throughout the building.

The fun lasted until at least five in the morning, when we discovered that one of our new friends from Wisconsin, who we had invited to the session to show thanks for the hospitality, had wandered off and gotten lost on his way home. He was discovered at a hotel shortly before file a missing persons report was to be filed. I woke up with my head in my hands at some point on Sunday afternoon and could only muster enough strength to watch the ACL live stream on Youtube. Then I watched Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead before falling into a deep sleep.


Fabulous weekend, it was.


Rachel - 

Festival season is like Christmas when you’re 7. You wait you wait you wait, you think of everything you want, you ponder and prepare and set alarms and the whole bit and then it’s over. The main difference is that when you’re a kid after Christmas, you have a lot of new random stuff like Skip It and toy trucks to play with. When you’re in your mid-twenties and it’s post festival work weekend, you feel like you got beat the eff down with a Skip It and got dragged down the road by a truck from Austin to Marfa and then back again.

I’m in “When Skip Its Attack” mode right now but while it’s all fresh, let’s recaparoo.

Friday was spent almost entirely in preparation of the festival but we did manage to sneak in a few lounge sessions here in the office including one with my new best friends (not friends at all – they don’t know I exist) the Whigs. Holy, drummer. These guys were absolutely amazing and totally, totally worth how hot the room got. Knees down, shredding hard, screw everyone else with their guitars. Bookmarked, spotified, bought the T-shirt, done check done.

Saturday - 

Peace, love, and unitards. Saturday was a really weird day for me. The early morning consisted of lifting couches and decorating a green room for Gary Clark Jr.  Hoookay let’s see what kind of fine cheeses Target has these days and buy a lot of Jameson. Rock ‘n roll.

I did leave Saturday afternoon with a new life mission though and that was to one day learn how to tap dance drum. What’s that you ask? It consists of one tap dancing…on a drum. It’s also the coolest thing ever. He’s my Brother, She’s my Sister ruled the Lounge with their spunk and smiles and totally made me feel all twirly and colorful inside. It was a weird emotion to have…twirly. Look at what a whimsically sexy, sexy band this is:

I also snuck away briefly to catch my Texas Tech spanking West Virginia. Tap dancing drums and Raiders spanking in football does a solid Saturday make.

I got back to the office and hauled to set up for quite possibly our biggest Lounge show presented by Shiner Beer (reppin hard) yet, Gary Clark Jr. Whaaaat’s up. 11pm and all is well…actually, all is not well…boyfriend here with giant coffee…all is well! Bless that man.

Pictures from GCjr:

Sunday -

No work! Kidnapped my dashing festival companion of choice and wandered into ACL for the first time. Better late than never – which is good considering I’ll likely be late forever. Show em to me now:

via Paste

Freelance Whales, Policia, Gary Clark Jr. again, Two Door Cinema Club, Lumineers, Childish Gambino

I’m getting old. I feel the aftermath of these weekends now and I never used to before.  At least not that I remember. It’s weird. To read about previous years when I was still young and fresh and didn’t need eye cream, check out ACL 2011 and ACL 2010.

I’m going to go buy new bedding as a treat and then I’m going to lay in it. Forever. Fine. Until Fun Fun Fun Fest. Till next m’year.

- Photo credits to Do512, Sweet John, and Nice Dude With Porch

Amanda - 

I know, Umphrey’s McGee would be one of my highlights, they don’t call me Jambanda for nothing. But you’re Hellen Keller if you can’t see that these guys rock harder than most. Umphrey’s McGee puts on one of the most high energy shows you’ll come across. And though not the best show I’ve seen them play, it definitely brought back life to me when the herds of pushy drunkards almost sucked it out.

Antibalas put on a KILLER performance and it was one of the few times I noticed the entire crowd smiling, enthusiastic and dancing. They have an original, Latin psychedelic funky sound. Everything I felt was missing from the festival I found in that tent. 

Saturday was our busiest day of lounge sessions, and I was pleasantly surprised with everyone we had in here. The lounge made for such a great refuge from the festival clusterfuck. And getting a front row pass to watch ACL bands isn’t bad either. My favorite pleasant surprise? He’s My Brother She’s My Sister.

Gary Clark Jr Saturday Aftershow – I always thank bands for giving our graffiti’d shack a chance, but this time I realized this lounge thing we do isn’t just cool for us, Gary Clark took our lounge as his own personal wrap party for friends and family, plus fancy people of all sorts who wanted a part of it too.

Also, The Avett Brothers were such an attractive band of talented cutiepies. I’m so glad a friend dragged me to the front of that enormous crowd of fans to see their awesome set.

Jamie -

I only made it out to ACL on Saturday, which was fine by me, because Saturday night = Jack White. And he did not disappoint. We staked out a spot an hour early and managed to get pretty close. Well, close as in my 5′ 2” pocket-sized self could actually see. Which is a feat, and made me very happy. The hour wait for the show to start was fun in itself. We made friends around us as people hashed out their previous ACL experiences. I didn’t have any, this was my first, so it was nice hearing what everyone else had to say about it.

Hearing their stories made me feel grateful for being a part of Do512 and having the chance to go to the fest. But yeah, back to Jack White. He played it all, man: The Raconteurs, Dead Weather, The White Stripes and his solo stuff. He played I’m Slowly Turning Into You, which surprised me, and His lady band goes hard, and it was great to see them vibe and jam.

Milo Greene

The rest of the weekend was spent at the Do512 Lounge Sessions where it’s as intimate as it gets, and the sound hurts your ears in that ever-so-satisfying way. Milo Greene surprised me with their talented musicianship and the fact that the whole band could sing. And they sang WELL. Really well.
I think The Whigs made my brain shake.

And Gary Clark Jr. left a goofy grin and wide eyes on my face as I watched him just completely wail on the guitar. Nothing short of amazing. The vibe of the whole show seemed heightened, and it was hot and loud, which if you’re a true live music fan, then that means it was awesome. And it was.


Till next year Austin City, loonigans…we’re outta here.

Rock ‘n Roar – Quiet Company on Tour!

Forget everything you’ve heard about Quiet Company up until this point!

 via Julie Cope Photography

…Because it’s all true and we want the chance to tell you again and think it’s all our own idea. Ironically enough, there’s been a ton of noise coming not only from the band themselves, but also from Austin music lovers and media for a good long time now. Whether you caught their three set live show that sold out Hotel Vegas this summer, have seen them wrap Grooveshark’s skin, or follow their quirky snark (and pedicure sojurns?) on Twitter, these dudes are always kickin it with a clever sense of humor and an inclination to burst into a thunderous tune at any given moment.

Don’t believe us? Check out their most recent set from the Do512 Lounge shot just this past Saturday.

Rock ‘n roar…give us some more!

While we love when national acts come in for festival season, we owe the bands that work their tails off right here in Austin some solid backing when they land themselves in said festivals. QC will be at ACL on Saturday, October 13 at 11:15. Those of you who are cursing the sky and about to punch a hole in your monitor because you’re not going to ACL, calm the heck down will ya?

Lessons from Tommy in keeping your cool.

This Thursday, they’re bringing their thunder one last time to Austin before venturing on a great wide tour. This is where you non-ACL attendees breathe a sigh of relief and apologize to the sky. Shhh shh therrrrre ya go. Cue amazing, swelling, heart gripping tour trailer…

If you haven’t heard them ever-ever, this is going to be the show to get to. You also ought to consider moving out from under that rock. Their live shows are incredibly high energy and just in case dancing isn’t quite your thing, watching Taylor (vocals) rage and jump around without tripping, falling or breaking anything is as captivating as a disco ball in a black-light roller rink…only louder.

amIright? OfcourseIam.

Tickets are only $8 in advance and will be $10 day of show. Doors are at 9pm and openers include The Tontons and Bobby Jealousy so get there early and get a good spot. We’ll see you there to wish the boys good luck on their tour. Give em some love and congratulate them on being anything but quiet.

 – @Do512_Rachel

Cattivo: A Fashion Affair with Bad JohnPaul and Stephen Moser – Tonight at Haven

Have you been feeling a little baaaad lately? There’s an event for that.

The creative mind of Austin’s fashion style guru, Stephen Moser is teaming up with the naughty mind of the BAD JohnPaul tonight at Haven for Cattivo: A Fashion Affair. Get there for a runway preview of Stephen Moser’s Fall/Winter 2012/13 collection: Made in Heaven. Other designers that will be there include:

Dina Chavez
Rick Gonyo
Valeri Jinxy
Laisa Chavez Macias
Anne Marie Beard
Rebekah Hoffer
Malissa Taylor Jenkins
Evelyn Tharp Christensen
Amanda Yilmaz
Regina Simone

allllllll jammin to DJ BigFace (his brother is DJ LilFace. Don’t worry about it)

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $10. It will be a night of decadence you just darn well don’t want to miss. Let’s kick it.

Austin Fashion Week 2012 Kickoffs – Shift Into Style

It seems like just yesterday we were gazing at motorcycles while Betsey Johnson frocks were strutting by attached to legs miraculously functioning properly while wearing five inch stilettos. Believe it or not, Austin Fashion Week is back and in full swing. Perfect timing too! What with big news of a fashion icon (and genius), Diana Vreeland documentary coming out soon and the unfortunate passing of longtime Cosmo-naught, Gurley Brown, yesterday, the men and women who have made fashion into an art form and a profession are having their time in the spotlight.

The official kick-off event was hosted at the Bob Bullock Museum this year and was absolutely packed. F1 cars sat outside looking as cool as you would hope, and we would dare say that the attendee attire and overall caliber of the event had kicked it up a notch from years past. With F1 themed ice sculptures daring the 100+ outdoor temperature to sway them and a swirl of activity taking up three floors of the museum, we barely had time to soak it all in before taking our seats.

After the maxi skirts had untangled themselves from neighboring feet and the clutches had found their way underneath the seat backs in front of them, the lights dimmed and a roaring F1 promo video came on. Following the reel, which described the coming Austin facilities, Anita Perry took the stage. Yes, that Anita Perry.

“Polarizing choiiiiiice…..” my co-worker whispered next to me. Almost as soon as her lips closed from the sentence, “I don’t design clothes, but I design dreams,” boomed through the microphone via Mrs. Perry. Well slap my knee and call me Judy – the lady designs dreams.

Political opinions removed entirely, there was something about her stating that F1 was going to put more CEO’s in Austin, TX than any other place in the world that made us question whether she’s actually ever walked an Austin street in her life. We certainly don’t give a tattooed hiney about CEO’s, nor would a room full of budding Austin designers, photographers, makeup artists, business owners, jewelers, bloggers and other self-made local creatives we’d boldly imagine. “DID SHE JUST SAY THAT?!” CEWoah. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about bolstering the Austin economy and bringing business to our lovely town, we just don’t think we need the CEO’s of the world present to be awesome and successful. We digress.

After we came down from our unexpected tizzy, the lights dimmed and New York based, d a n e s, started their show.

Talk about some amazing dresses. Floor length chiffon was ever present with the starting dress being a gorgeous yellow maxi with a gray bust. The line maintained an appreciation for simple silhouettes yet threw in tiny details with scattered pleats, a chiffon black polka dot overlay, di-cuts and asymmetrical hems. It was certainly a lovely way to get the week going.

Following their trail was Austin’s own fashion savvy Keepers. If there’s one thing we love this in this world, it’s a man that can dress well. The best part about watching men’s fashion is the shoulder tightening fear that comes with watching size zeros walk a foot above your head in suicide-heels is gone. Hey, stud muffin.

Hey girl, like my shoes? Don't worry about it.

Round three was my personal favorite. Ross Bennett started his collection in 2008 with his wife after graduating from UT and was seen in NBC’s, Fashion Star. He provided the first look at the COTA Girls, The Circuit of the America’s signature brand ambassadors. Gimmeoneofthoseskirtspuhlease.

All in all we’d have to say we were extremely impressed with the elegance this year’s kick-off possessed. While Austin may be a place we fear CEO’s of the world power walking about in their Hugo Boss monkey suits and weekend golf polos, it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate sophisticated fashion as being one of the most expressive art forms there is. Catch tons of local and national designers at parties all over town this week, and be sure to check out who is in the running for the mash up team competition. 

We’ll be out at the Driskill starting tomorrow night for the specialty shows. Stay tuned for more footage and photos and let us know what events you hit.

Stay fresh ya’ll.




There Once Was a Clothes Horse Just Searching For Her TaskRabbit

I know there’s a lot of girls who have a lot of clothes. I’m not saying I’m special. This is not me soul searching and looking for a deeper rooted issue behind the origin of the clothes. This is not me using my affinity for hair scarves and exaggerated phrasing to try and seem like I’m any different than any 20-something who’s not as good with her money as she should be. I mean, I buy like food and stuff, but I have a lot of clothes, ok, because yeah, I needed a kelly green asymmetrical skirt because all my other clothes were dirty and I am going out on this lovely….Wednesday night… gosh darn it.

“You got a lotta clothes too whaddu looking at, this shirt is vintage!”

Oh, yeah let’s talk dirty. I had this really rad washer and dryer type deal in my house. It was great. Then there was a changing of the tide (ha little laundry joke there) and a roommate swap. There was nothing really wrong with my roommate (weeeell…) except that he took the washer and dryer and the wine opener. MY CLOTHES! I had a firey rage equal to that of the burning Austin sun for a few days and I couldn’t even sip it away with a chilled chardonnay. What would I do?

In steps a co-worker with a friend of a friend who has a washer and a dryer and a trampoline that she tells me to take. I can tumble while my underoos are on the spin cycle!? Life is magic.

Co-worker in process of stepping

“Can you pick it up tomorrow?” she asks. I took a look at the vehicle my life has dealt me, a 2004 Cavalier that looks like it’s about 30 years older than it is and has been nicknamed party wagon, and said..

“No, I cannot.”

Cue TASKRABBIT! Clothes Horse says what? Clothes Horse says TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit is this awesome site that allows people to post their needs and chores up in a community space along with a price they are willing to pay for them. Bing bang boom  and a background checked, fully secure TaskRabbit will pick up the job.

I go on there with visions of clean socks and a bouncy backyard in my head, and post that I need someone with a truck and some muscles to move a washer, dryer, and trampoline from a fancy schmancy house in Travis Heights to my little bungalow on the east side. 25 minutes later, I get a text saying my job has been picked up and in 24 hours the laundry system would be MINE!

Meet my rabbit, Scott. He did not look in any way like an actual rabbit.

Haaay Scott. Scott is a firefighter in Plugerville and does TaskRabbit on the side. He literally would not let Amanda or I help him with his task at all so we did what any good employer of bunnies would do which was…

 flips and flips and flips and flips.

Within an hour, I was hooking those puppies up to my laundry room pluggy thingys (you see why I need help) and Scott was done. I hit task complete on my phone he got his money via TaskRabbit. The whole thing felt pretty fancy.

It was honestly one of the easiest services I’ve ever used and it was kinda fun meeting a total stranger who wanted to help out. If you want to hire your own TaskRabbit for garden help, IKEA furniture building, babysitting, grocery shopping or whatever else, check it out and get registered.

I think the lesson here is pretty obvious: If you want something done right, hire a rabbit to do it. Also, always have a spare wine opener.


Brace Yourselves for Chaos in Tejas

Are you ready for another round of complete chaos in the lone star state?  Only a month away until Austin’s 8th annual Chaos in Tejas festival, which will surely keep us music fans busy early on this summer. Those of you unfamiliar with the festival will be psyched that concerts are scheduled to take place day and night the weekend of May31-June 3 at some of the most intimate venues in town.  The Mohawk, Emo’s East, Red 7, The Parish, Cheer up Charlies,  Club Deville, and many others already have a multitude of bands scheduled to play each day.

Veins Playing at Emo's during Chaos in Tejas 2011 Photo by: Campfire Island

This festival is rightly known for its NON-STOP chaos because it includes day parties, evening shows, and after parties. Chaos in Tejas offers a mix of all kinds of music from heavy metal and punk rock to hip hop and indie rock.  This years headliners include Antsect, The Mob, Cockney Rejects, IceAge, Big Freedia, The Abused, and many more.

The main 4 day passes are already sold out, but lucky for everyone this is a low commitment kind of festival in which you can walk up to any venue and get in to see some shows.  Some are free and others have a $10-$15 dollar cover.  However, 4 day passes are still available for evening shows taking place at the Mohawk for only $85.  Red 7 is also selling $95 passes to attend 4 nights of amazing shows.   If you click here you can see a list of all the shows on Do512 and can click “I Like It” for a chance to win free tickets.

Click here for a list of the Full Schedule.

Texas Rollergirls: Bout 2: Honky Tonk Heartbreakers vs. Hotrod Honeys & Hell Marys vs. Hustlers 4/21

When I think of the Texas Rollergirls, I can’t help but picture Rosie the Riveter on a pair of roller skates. The Texas Rollergirls are a group of strong woman with a passion for “hip checking” and “booty blocking.” Yes, those are actual roller derby terms. These girls are tough, yet sexy. Because what isn’t sexy about a lovely lady that can potentially knock you out cold with her booty or hips? With player names like Lucille Brawl, Babe Ruthless, Bloody Mary, and Beth Threat of the Hell Marys, Hotrod Honeys, Hustlers, and Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, it is clear that this sport has a lot of personality. The lively atmosphere and rowdy players will make it hard for you to not cheer loudly and perhaps irreverently for your favorite blocker, pivot, or jammer.

For those unfamiliar with the sport’s terminology or haven’t seen Whip It, which would be shame, here’s a little rollergirl 101…The “jammer” is the player that scores all the points for her team by passing the jammer of the opposing team. This little lady must wear a star on her helmet, so that the audience and most importantly, the “blockers,” can distinguish who she is. The blockers are there to protect their beloved jammer and try to knock down the other team’s. There are three of them and when they form a pack, things can get pretty wild. Lastly, the “pivot” is a special blocker that can temporarily act as a jammer. She is also the team captain.

So, now that you can impress all your friends with your extensive knowledge of roller derby, make sure you don’t miss out on this Saturday’s game at the Austin Convention Center! It is the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers vs. the Hotrod Honeys and the Hell Marys vs. the Hustlers. Get ready to watch a serious sport with lots of character! Click here for a chance to win one of five pairs of free tickets. Click here to buy tickets in advance. See you there!