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Austin Psych Fest Recap

The drones may still be reverberating through your skulls, but Austin Psych Fest has already rolled through Carson Creek Ranch and called it a hit.

Friday kicked off a little late for us, but we made it to the grounds in time to catch a little of Austin’s Kay Leotard on the Elevation Stage to commence our psych-filled weekend.

The juxtaposition of the band’s provocative garage rock against the serene backdrop of lush trees and cool water, created the perfect setting for the festival’s psychedelic vibes. This seemed to quickly become the favorite stage for the festival-goers that enjoyed the shows on their backs and not on their feet.

Kay Leotard PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Kay Leotard PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Following their set, we unfortunately had to make it back to our Do512 offices to prepare for a Shiner Session with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. (Poor, poor us.) The office began to boil with a wildness as the showtime closed in and the trio in black started hauling their gear into the back doors.

Robert Levon Been, Peter Hayes and Leah Shapiro just radiate this coolness that you realize and soon admit that you could never duplicate as soon as you mingle in their vicinity. The trio showed up a little late, but hung out a few minutes after their acoustic set to shake some hands and chat with fans. Seeing their gritty rock and roll stripped down to this acoustic, honest rawness in the Do512 Lounge was legendary.

Robert and Leah of Black Rebel in the Do512 Lounge. PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Robert and Leah of Black Rebel in the Do512 Lounge. PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Even though we could have called it a night and been satisfied with day one of Austin Psych Fest, our blood was pumping and we hadn’t got our fill. We made our way back to the festival grounds just in time to stumble across the Sailor Jerry Airstream, conveniently in search of booze. What we found was the girls of Warpaint loosening up to get matching band tattoos and shouting, “Y.O.L.O.!” We couldn’t really think of a better scenario than drinking rum as Keith Underwood tattooed Warpaint and blasted a Led Zeppelin playlist for us to join in on the inking, so we did.

Warpaint getting band tattoos. PHOTO: Tim Griffin,

Warpaint getting band tattoos. PHOTO: Tim Griffin,

After a quick tattoo, we bolted to the Reverberation stage to catch round two of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. We’ve already gushed about how amazing these guys are, but to see them first in an uber-intimate setting then in their element on the big stage is on a level of amazingness that can make the most manly and leather-clad get teary-eyed. Before leaving, we headed to the Levitation Tent to catch the tail end of Acid Mothers Temple harmoniously reciting a Japanese verse that not many seemed to understand, but most everyone appeared to enjoy. Day one was in the books and we were more than satisfied.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

We trampled out to the festival grounds on Saturday, still coming off our high from the excitement of the night before. All the way from Santiago, Chile, The Holydrug Couple kicked off our day at the Elevation Stage with their tapestry of bluesy and psychedelic rock. We relaxed there long enough to catch some of the U.K.’s Kaleidoscope in crazy, flared pants and all before heading to see Black Mountain destroy the main stage. Before their set was over, we wanted to catch a closer look at the crazy visuals going on at the Levitation Tent for Man or Astroman?, which appeared to explore the depths of space.

We made it long enough in the tent to catch the first two songs of The Warlocks, before deciding that sacrificing our comfort for an ankle-deep mud show was no longer worth it. We accepted the fate of our shoes and used them as mud boats to skid across the massive space between ourselves and the car. We prayed for fast-drying landscapes for day three.

photo 3

Area by the Elevation Stage at Austin Psych Fest. PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Sunday brought sunshine and dried-up clay, bringing smiles to even those who overcompensated for the previous night’s rainstorms and wore pants and rain boots. (Dammit.) We kicked off the last day with Austin’s Holy Wave in the Levitation Tent before setting up shop over at the Reverberation Stage where we knew we would make home base for a while. White Fence brought out their lo-fi psychedelic rock first, perfect for laying down on a big blanket and taking in the sun. Next up was The King Khan & BBQ Show who dressed up more like King Tut with their gold headdresses and capes. Next, the Austinite and psychedelic rock pioneer himself, Roky Erickson, took the stage where he performed some hits such as “Cold Night for Alligators” and “You’re Gonna Miss Me.”

Following Roky was the Austin Psych Fest innovators and local legends, The Black Angels. The band performed favorites from their first few albums, but brought the energy with the songs from their new album, “Indigo Meadow.” As the night wound down, we caught snippets of  Goat and The Growlers, whom were both lively and sounded fantastic. But, we had to make way back to The Reverberation Stage to get a good spot for The Moving Sidewalks, where ZZ Top legend Billy Gibbons would cover Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxey Lady” and “Red House.”

The King Khan & BBQ Show. PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

The King Khan & BBQ Show. PHOTO: Courtney Goforth

Austin Psych Fest has flourished into a beautifully developed festival from its beginnings at the red barn on Burnet Road in 2008. Carson Creek Ranch was a smart location that offered a spacious area to avoid many bumping elbows, and scenic views to create unbelievable stages. The food trailers offered affordable variety, beer prices weren’t that outrageous, and the shopping tents had some cool style that would make you fit right in to any psychedelic festival.

Needless to say, there was an insane amount of talent this year and each of the three stages offered their own vibes and paired effortlessly with the bands that performed on them. The hammocks and Red Bull tents that were set up sporadically throughout the venue provided shade and kept things relaxed while the sun beat down, and the complimentary water stands were awfully convenient. The festival has reached a comfortable level of notoriety that brings in big talent, but still caters to a specific audience. This helped to avoid the massive amounts of people that make it hard to commute between stages and puts Austin Psych Fest up there with some of the best.

PHOTO: Jake Clifford

PHOTO: Jake Clifford

Here is what some of our Austin Psych Fest veteran staff members had to stay about this year’s festival:

Rachel Daily- Director of Operations

“Austin Psych fest is when all of the loveliest things in the land (lace pants, floppy hats, uber hip apparel, floppy haired boys and the she-queen that IS the drummer from the Black Angels) gather together and be lovely together.

Than I crash in like a bolt of mis-placed lightening and spill my Dos XX the first two minutes I’m there in my so appropriately planned WHITE floor length skirt. I stayed in the shadows so as not to disturb the ambiance, though, and managed to see some stuff with my little eyes. First of all, Roky Erickson still has it. He held the attention of his crowd the whole set and had some die hard fans there that were totally, totally psyched. I went specifically to see the Black Angels on Sunday of course – see she-queen comment above – to hear their new album, Indigo Meadow live. They didn’t disappoint.

I must admit, I seriously regret missing Deerhunter and Warpaint as they have special spots in my heart. The floating stage was pretty lovely too. Never fails to be my favorite festival in Austin land. Lightening – out!”

Lawrence Boone- Editor

“It has been amazing to watch this festival grow over the years. The first incarnation was a single-stage event in a humble Red Barn on Burnet Road, and now six years later it has grown into one of the most unique, genre-specific festivals in the world. You have to give credit to the creative vision and hard work employed by Alex Maas, Christian Bland, Rob Fitzpatrick and everyone involved with the Reverberation Appreciation Society for bringing Austin’s history as the home of psychedelic rock back to the forefront. To be able to attract an amazing array of artists such as the Moving Sidewalks, Deerhunter, Boris, Goat, Clinic, Tinariwen, Os Mutantes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and dozens more to bring their talents to Austin for a single weekend is quite a feat. The outdoor setting definitely allowed for good vibes this year, and that river stage…wow. Austin Psych Fest 2013 was a blast.”



via Courtney Goforth

5 Questions From The Do512 Lounge: Part 3

shiner sessionsWelcome to the third installment of 5 Questions From The Do512 Lounge, a series where we speak with many of the bands who have previously performed Shiner Sessions in the Do512 Lounge and ask each of them for responses to the same five questions. Here were our inquiries:

  1. Where are you right now?
  2. What were some of your favorite albums of 2012?
  3. If you were a band/musician in the 70s, what would your band name have been?
  4. What are you looking forward to in 2013?
  5. Fill in the blank: When in Austin, always make sure to _____, and never _____.

This set of responses features Bright Light Social Hour, Ozomatli, East Cameron Folkcore, and Gangstagrass. There will be many more to come!




  1. Playing and psychadelicing the Elektron Analog 4 synth in a little bamboo stand I made for it, taking breaks to play Skyrim.
  2. On the Rock front, Tame Impala’s Lonerism is number 1, Wild Nothing’s Nocturne is up there too. I mostly listen to house, garage and techno though and there’s not much in the way of album releases, so here’s some artists I really loved in 2012: Disclosure, Shadow Child, Mosca, Eats Everything, Blawan, Bicep, Joy O, Boddika, and Gingy & Bordello.
  3. Acid Wizard
  4. Forever synths, a new album, writing more house music, converting my human form into an android/synth hybrid.
  5. Always make sure to experience swimming in pure liquid bass at Kingdom downtown, and never treat your waitstaff/pedicabber/put-a-bird-on-it-specialist poorly.


  1. Office day at home with Roland Juno 60 at my side and Topo Chico in my glass.
  2. The sounds of Tame Impala’s “Lonerism” have followed me around the most – fresh, irresistable psychedelia. Also, Beach House “Bloom,” Daphni “Jiaolong,” Chromatics “Kill For Love.”
  3. Black Floyd
  4. Releasing a new record
  5. Always make sure to eat and drink at as many restaurants as possible, and never chain ones.


  1. At Cenote working on lyrics and drinking a Pearl Snap
  2. Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music and Tame Impala – Lonerism
  3. Fuckstang. or Black Assid
  4. Getting into the recording studio and summer festivals
  5. Always make sure to treat strangers like old friends, and never like New Yorkers.
  • Next Austin show: TBA



  1. Our front porch watching the neighbor getting arrested again, banging this head on the window from the backseat.
  2. Mockingbird Loyals/Day One: Live At The Shelter, Andrew Jackson Jihad/Knife Man, O’Death/Outside, Gary Clark Jr./Blak and Blu, JJ DOOM/Key to the Kuffs, Death Grips/DEEP WEB. NO LOVE, Deep Dark Woods/The Place I left Behind
  3. Black Mother
  4. The release of our latest album, For Sale, in February, our showcase spot at SXSW, and making new music.
  5. Always make sure to wear a condom, and never talk with your mouth full.



  1. Backstage in San Diego…we’re playing a Mardi Gras show out here in the Gaslamp Quarter.
  2. The new ministry is sick and dead can dance is always tops!i like the Miguel record…LA represent!
  3. Honey Cum
  4. Releasing a new album and scoring more composing for TV/movie gigs.
  5. Always make sure to eat some BBQ, check out the bats, and never get arrested maaaaaaaaaaaan!!!



  1. We are jumping into a van headed north to play Buffalo NY, then into Canada, where we will play a few more shows and hunt Yeti.
  2. Besides our album Rappalachia, I didn’t know anybody released anything in 2012. Great stuff in 2011 though, especially for hip-hop. Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers, Pharoah Mnch’s W.A.R., Watch The Thone. Currently loving Earth Hero by Kamara Thomas and the Ghost Gamblers, which just missed 2012 and was released on Jan. 1, 2013.
  3. The Flying Burrito Brothers. We would have actually been the Flying Burrito Brothers.
  4. Besides some great touring and producing new material, I am looking forward to jetpacks, cars that drive themselves, digital clothes, and flying sharks with laser eyebeams, which will be a major disaster.
  5. Always make sure to visit the fantastic Do512 office, and never leave.
  • Next Austin show: TBA



5 Questions From The Do512 Lounge: Part 2

shiner sessionsLast week we debuted a series called 5 Questions From The Do512 Lounge, where we speak with many of the bands who have previously performed in the Lounge and ask each of them for responses to the same five questions. Here were our inquiries:

  1. Where are you right now?
  2. What were some of your favorite albums of 2012?
  3. If you were a band/musician in the 70s, what would your band name have been?
  4. What are you looking forward to in 2013?
  5. Fill in the blank: When in Austin, always make sure to _____, and never _____.

This set of responses features The Gents, My Jerusalem, Milo Greene, Hello Wheels, These United States and Marmalakes. There will be many more to come!



  1. In my bed, hungover and naked, at 6:30 pm. Don’t judge me, bro!
  2. So this is Tyler answering most of these questions, but locally I loved Dirty Fingernails by the Golden Boys and Arab Spring by Literature. Also, the Cate Le Bon – Cyrk record was fantastic and I got really into the Cloud Nothings- Attack! album as well! Matty loved the Frank Ocean record and Kevin stopped listening new music after Layne Staley died.
  3. Steely Gents? Crosby, Gents, Nash, and Gents? Sly and the Family Gents?
  4. We’re getting pumped to finally put out some recorded material! We’re going into the studio next week to work on some stuff. We’re pretty excited about playing some unofficial SXSW stuff and hopefully doing a short east coast tour in the late spring.
  5. Matty: Always make sure to taco, and never sleeves.
    Tyler: Always make sure to go the fuck home, and never tell your friends about it.
  • Next Austin show: TBA



  1. At home in Austin, TX for the first time in four months. Feels good to have a week or two off, but already miss the road.
  2. Swans – “The Seer”, Polica – “Lay Your Cards Out”, Perfume Genius – “Put Your Back N 2 It”, The Walkmen – “Heaven”, Frank Ocean – “Channel Orange”
  3. Joy Division
  4. Looking forward to getting our music in front of a lot more people and places. Both live and on their turntables/ipods/car stereos. Also looking forward to recording some more music hopefully too.
  5. Always make sure to use a condom, and never pass up a chance to eat bbq.



  1. Currently in Bristol, UK.
  2. Frank Ocean, The Walkmen, Tame Impala, Father John Misty, Jessie Ware, Beach House.
  3. Fleetwood Mac.
  4. Experiencing the UK in warm weather.
  5. Always make sure to get a good hotel, and never use Airbnb.
  • Next Austin show: TBA



  1. Denver, Colorado, land of milk and honey.
  2. There were all these great old dudes who just keep on kicking ass – Cohen, Dylan, Neil & the Horse – and then all these rising ass-kicking chicks – The Mynabirds, Sharon Van Etten, Dessa of Doomtree. Weirdly, I think my single favorite ended up being a perfect combo of these – David Byrne and St. Vincent’s album together. I mean, you can’t be backed by Antibalas AND the Dap-Kings and NOT make a killer album, right? Byrne’s book, too – How Music Works – if you count that as an album, which I do. Man, David Byrne definitely won 2012.
  3. Street Legal.
  4. All of us in TUS are starting or working on a bunch of new projects, some of our own stuff, and some with other new and old friends. Can’t wait to see what comes of it all.
  5. Always make sure to stay, and never leave.
  • Next Austin show: TBA



  1. We’re cold-chillin in ATX and just finished tracking a couple new songs at a few different studios around town – Estuary, Public Hi-Fi and Cacophony. We’re prepping for our upcoming tour up through the Midwest/northeast/mideastern states leading up to SXSW. Before we leave, we’ll be working on some fresh tracks with Attendance Records, a local nonprofit focused on connecting high school students with bands to develop their songwriting skills.
  2. Shut Down The Streets, A.C. Newman, Plague, The Eastern Sea, Inner Classics, Snowblink, Swing Lo Magellan, Dirty Projectors
  3. The Candied Almonds
  4. 2013 holds much for us already, and it’s just getting started. We are excited to be on the road A LOT, acquainting ourselves with new cities, playing shows and meeting new people and bands wherever we happen to be. We’ll be working on writing and arranging a new batch songs for our first full album. Getting out to see our friends perform has always been important to us and we hope to fit in as many sets this year as we can!
  5. Always make sure to eat lots of tacos, and never make plans to go to Barton Springs on a Thursday.




  1. In front of a computer, wishing I were playing music!
  2. Definitely Dr. John’s “Locked Down,” been listening to it constantly. Also, “Nail and Tooth Vol. I and II” by the Wood Brothers.
  3. Boomy and the Smile Family. We’d have a giant smiling mouth onstage at all our shows.
  4. Playing more shows, including the Addys at the end of February and getting our record done!
  5. Always make sure to always go to Tamale House when it’s open (Mon-Sat), and never go to Tamale House on Sundays because you’ll die from disappointment!


  1. At work at Collings Guitars. Preparing last minute instruments for shipment to the NAMM showcase in Anaheim, California. Taking a poop break to write this email.
  2. Father John Misty – Fear Fun, I also spent quite a few months enraptured by Neko Case, though I don’t think she had anything new out.
  3. The Disco Biscuits
  4. Finishing the new Hello Wheels record. Throwing a big ass party for it. Going to new places to show it to people. Writing new songs about those adventures.
  5. Always make sure to drink local beer, and never surrender.


  1. At work in downtown Austin. Just poured myself a cup of coffee. Office coffee sucks.
  2. Um…Father John Misty’s new album, i don’t know the name. i just listen to it.
  3. Straight and the Curlies
  4. Finishing our record, writing more songs,evolving as a band, and just destroying the world with that stuff.
  5. Always make sure to eat barbeque, and never be a bitch.


Previously: 5 Questions From The Do512 Lounge

5 Questions From The Do512 Lounge

shiner sessions The Shiner Sessions were launched on January 30, 2011, with a performance by The Black Angels. Since then, more than 150 bands from all over the world have played in the Do512 Lounge. The sessions are made possible by the support of Shiner Beers, who believe in good beer and supporting musicians. We decided to have some fun with the bands who have previously performed in the Lounge, asking each of them for responses to the same five questions. Here were our inquiries:

  1. Where are you right now?
  2. What were some of your favorite albums of 2012?
  3. If you were a band/musician in the 70s, what would your band name have been?
  4. What are you looking forward to in 2013?
  5. Fill in the blank: When in Austin, always make sure to _____, and never _____.

What we gathered from this line of questioning is:

  1. A lot of musicians check their e-mail while in the bathroom.
  2. Many of them enjoyed Tame Impala’s new album.
  3. They recommend that you don’t act like an asshole when you’re in Austin.

The first set of responses we received came from Shakey Graves, Wild Child, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, Kopecky Family Band, the Night Beats, Black Taxi, Henry + The Invisibles, and Ume. There will be many more to come! ________________________________________________________________


  1. I am in the kitchen of the first house I have found and rented on my own in Austin (even though I was born and raised here).
  2. “The Odessa Tapes” – The Flatlanders
  3. Wicked Saber!
  4. Sleep.
  5. Always make sure to plan an escape route, and never run out of gas.



  1. We are currently sitting in Kelsey’s bedroom. She is hanging up Christmas lights while Bobby, her scantily clad fiancé, sexily walks around the room to country music. I am sitting on the couch typing on my new Macbook Air. It is very light and I am enjoying the battery life.
  2. I guess the first thing that comes to mind is Alt J. Yes, definitely Alt J’s “An Awesome Wave.” The next one that comes to mind is definitely Frank Ocean. While I type this Kelsey said Fiona Apple’s new album. Definitely Fiona Apple. And now we just thought of another one; Jack White’s Blunderbuss. Oh and also Scissor Sister’s new album.
  3. Give Us Drugs. Privite Jetz. Statutory Grape.
  4. Well for sure releasing our new album “The Runaround.” We have one more week in the studio and could not be any more excited about releasing it. We are going to be on the road a lot more this year which we are looking forward to. Also, Arrested Development is coming back on and so is Game of Thrones.
  5. Always make sure to spit, and never swallow.



  1. On the toilet in a motel in Arcata, CA.
  2. The new Tommy Santee Klaws album. The new Mynabirds album has some great songs. Same with the new Tame Impala.
  3. I dunno. Wiggy Bardust and the Coackroaches from Pluto.
  4. Going to Japan. Cross fingers. Knock on wood.
  5. Always make sure to see Shakey Graves perform as much as possible, and never say “y’all” unless you mean it.



  1. Riding in the van on the way to load in for our show at Lola’s Saloon in Ft. Worth.
  2. Lonerism (Tame Impala), Maraqopa (Damien Jurado), Bloom (Beach House)… it was a good year for music, I think.
  3. Kopecky Family Electric Sunshine Band
  4. We’re looking forward to seeing cities that we didn’t get to see last year (and the ones that we did!), touring with new friends, continuing the hunt for the best pizza in the universe, aaand festivals!
  5. Always make sure to stop by Spider House Coffee, and never challenge the authority of parking attendants.
  • Next Austin show: TBA

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Joshua Radin and A Fine Frenzy with Madi Diaz at the Paramount Theatre

While it’s true that festival season may be over, there is still great music happening in Austin. Joshua Radin and A Fine Frenzy will be playing with Madi Diaz at the Paramount Theatre on Nov. 13th at 7:00 pm. If you’re a fan of attractive, cute and talented singer songwriters than this is one show you will not want to miss.

Joshua Radin has become a household name in the singer songwriter genre. His music has been defined on iTunes as “whisper rock”-delicate, precious sounds backed up with soft guitar. Radin’s unique success story is one for the books. His music started gaining praise when one of his friend gave a demo which included “Winter” on it to a TV producer. His demo was then used to be on the sitcom Scrubs in 2004. Radin’s success story is unique because his fame started with his music being on TV, and not the other way around.  Obviously this helped Radin, whose music has been heard over 100 times on TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, and American Idol. If you are fans of Jack Johnson, Elliot Smith, or Neil Halstead this is one concert you will not want to miss as Radin’s music has been compared to the sounds of those artists.

Image via Joshua Radin’s Facebook page.

If Joshua Radin was not already a reason to attend this concert, the talented A Fine Frenzy will also be singing on stage with Madi Diaz. A Fine Frenzy name was taken from Shakespeare’s a Midsummer Night’s Dream. A Fine Frenzy‘s new album, Pines, entertains fans with lyrics centered around the power and beauty of nature.

Image via A Fine Frenzy’s Facebook page.

Come for the attractive singer songwriters and stay for the talent. If you love the singer songwriters genre you will not want to miss Joshua Radin, Fine Frenzy, and Madi Diaz at the Paramount Theatre. This night will leave you loving music, nature, and all things singer songwriter.

Tickets for this show can be purchased by clicking the link here.

From the City Full of Sound – ACL Recap 2012

We’re alive! But we’re getting old. Now that we’ve finished our post ACL cleanses (pizza anyone?) and fallen asleep a couple of times while watching American Dad reruns on our couches, we’re ready to talk about last weekend’s adventures! Welcome to the ACL recap of 2012:

Here we go in no particular order – ladies first:

Jimmy - 

My ACL weekend highlights:

1. Gary Clark in the Do512 Lounge. Wow.  Hot, sweaty, intense, awesome.

2. Avicii (Friday night).   Even if the guy just gets up there and presses play, I dont care.  I’m no that into dubstep, but between this show and Bassnectar at Lollapalooza, I’m starting to become a believer.  This show was one of the most impressive visual experiences I have ever seen, and in my opinion was the best overall entertainment value of the entire festival.  That crazy skull thing blew my mind, and I spent the whole time wondering how the hell it worked, and how he transported that thing around.

3. Die Antwoord.  I fink they’re freaky and I like ‘em like that. Just plain weird South African trailer park hip hop.  I love that they’re so far out there and doing their thing. I also think I may kind of have a thing for that freaky little devilish tree nymph. And this may be the best video of all times:

Matt - 

Matt didn’t submit a recap so we’re putting up this picture instead. It’s the proper thing to do.

Lawrence - 

I had the best ACL weekend ever, and I was only at the festival for a total of two and half hours. We started out on Friday by hosting a couple of bands in the lounge, including The Whigs (who were totally bad ass) and Milo Greene. Once that finally died down we hailed a cab down to Zilker Park and caught Thievery Corporation and Avicii. Afterwards, exhausted from a full day of partying, we had a late dinner at Uncle Billy’s before calling it a night.

On Saturday we hosted four more bands in the Do512 Lounge, including the Kopecky Family Band, Geographer, Sour Bridges, and He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (who were the surprise act of the weekend.)

After that, three of the Do512 staff and I started hoofing it to the festival and got caught in a downpour halfway there. Stranded and soaked, we were luckily rescued by a few good samaritans from Wisconsin, who were only in town for the night and happened to be staying at a house nearby. They helped us dry out while giving us lots of booze, conversation and ridiculous business ideas while we crowded under a carport somewhere in South Austin. Once the weather subsided we headed back to the Do512 Lounge for arguably the most amazing night in its existence. Local hip-hop talent Phranchyze kicked off the night backed by a full band, followed by guitar slinger Gary Clark Jr. who came in and rocked the socks off of a sweaty crowd that was standing shoulder to shoulder throughout the building.

The fun lasted until at least five in the morning, when we discovered that one of our new friends from Wisconsin, who we had invited to the session to show thanks for the hospitality, had wandered off and gotten lost on his way home. He was discovered at a hotel shortly before file a missing persons report was to be filed. I woke up with my head in my hands at some point on Sunday afternoon and could only muster enough strength to watch the ACL live stream on Youtube. Then I watched Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead before falling into a deep sleep.


Fabulous weekend, it was.


Rachel - 

Festival season is like Christmas when you’re 7. You wait you wait you wait, you think of everything you want, you ponder and prepare and set alarms and the whole bit and then it’s over. The main difference is that when you’re a kid after Christmas, you have a lot of new random stuff like Skip It and toy trucks to play with. When you’re in your mid-twenties and it’s post festival work weekend, you feel like you got beat the eff down with a Skip It and got dragged down the road by a truck from Austin to Marfa and then back again.

I’m in “When Skip Its Attack” mode right now but while it’s all fresh, let’s recaparoo.

Friday was spent almost entirely in preparation of the festival but we did manage to sneak in a few lounge sessions here in the office including one with my new best friends (not friends at all – they don’t know I exist) the Whigs. Holy, drummer. These guys were absolutely amazing and totally, totally worth how hot the room got. Knees down, shredding hard, screw everyone else with their guitars. Bookmarked, spotified, bought the T-shirt, done check done.

Saturday - 

Peace, love, and unitards. Saturday was a really weird day for me. The early morning consisted of lifting couches and decorating a green room for Gary Clark Jr.  Hoookay let’s see what kind of fine cheeses Target has these days and buy a lot of Jameson. Rock ‘n roll.

I did leave Saturday afternoon with a new life mission though and that was to one day learn how to tap dance drum. What’s that you ask? It consists of one tap dancing…on a drum. It’s also the coolest thing ever. He’s my Brother, She’s my Sister ruled the Lounge with their spunk and smiles and totally made me feel all twirly and colorful inside. It was a weird emotion to have…twirly. Look at what a whimsically sexy, sexy band this is:

I also snuck away briefly to catch my Texas Tech spanking West Virginia. Tap dancing drums and Raiders spanking in football does a solid Saturday make.

I got back to the office and hauled to set up for quite possibly our biggest Lounge show presented by Shiner Beer (reppin hard) yet, Gary Clark Jr. Whaaaat’s up. 11pm and all is well…actually, all is not well…boyfriend here with giant coffee…all is well! Bless that man.

Pictures from GCjr:

Sunday -

No work! Kidnapped my dashing festival companion of choice and wandered into ACL for the first time. Better late than never – which is good considering I’ll likely be late forever. Show em to me now:

via Paste

Freelance Whales, Policia, Gary Clark Jr. again, Two Door Cinema Club, Lumineers, Childish Gambino

I’m getting old. I feel the aftermath of these weekends now and I never used to before.  At least not that I remember. It’s weird. To read about previous years when I was still young and fresh and didn’t need eye cream, check out ACL 2011 and ACL 2010.

I’m going to go buy new bedding as a treat and then I’m going to lay in it. Forever. Fine. Until Fun Fun Fun Fest. Till next m’year.

- Photo credits to Do512, Sweet John, and Nice Dude With Porch

Amanda - 

I know, Umphrey’s McGee would be one of my highlights, they don’t call me Jambanda for nothing. But you’re Hellen Keller if you can’t see that these guys rock harder than most. Umphrey’s McGee puts on one of the most high energy shows you’ll come across. And though not the best show I’ve seen them play, it definitely brought back life to me when the herds of pushy drunkards almost sucked it out.

Antibalas put on a KILLER performance and it was one of the few times I noticed the entire crowd smiling, enthusiastic and dancing. They have an original, Latin psychedelic funky sound. Everything I felt was missing from the festival I found in that tent. 

Saturday was our busiest day of lounge sessions, and I was pleasantly surprised with everyone we had in here. The lounge made for such a great refuge from the festival clusterfuck. And getting a front row pass to watch ACL bands isn’t bad either. My favorite pleasant surprise? He’s My Brother She’s My Sister.

Gary Clark Jr Saturday Aftershow – I always thank bands for giving our graffiti’d shack a chance, but this time I realized this lounge thing we do isn’t just cool for us, Gary Clark took our lounge as his own personal wrap party for friends and family, plus fancy people of all sorts who wanted a part of it too.

Also, The Avett Brothers were such an attractive band of talented cutiepies. I’m so glad a friend dragged me to the front of that enormous crowd of fans to see their awesome set.

Jamie -

I only made it out to ACL on Saturday, which was fine by me, because Saturday night = Jack White. And he did not disappoint. We staked out a spot an hour early and managed to get pretty close. Well, close as in my 5′ 2” pocket-sized self could actually see. Which is a feat, and made me very happy. The hour wait for the show to start was fun in itself. We made friends around us as people hashed out their previous ACL experiences. I didn’t have any, this was my first, so it was nice hearing what everyone else had to say about it.

Hearing their stories made me feel grateful for being a part of Do512 and having the chance to go to the fest. But yeah, back to Jack White. He played it all, man: The Raconteurs, Dead Weather, The White Stripes and his solo stuff. He played I’m Slowly Turning Into You, which surprised me, and His lady band goes hard, and it was great to see them vibe and jam.

Milo Greene

The rest of the weekend was spent at the Do512 Lounge Sessions where it’s as intimate as it gets, and the sound hurts your ears in that ever-so-satisfying way. Milo Greene surprised me with their talented musicianship and the fact that the whole band could sing. And they sang WELL. Really well.
I think The Whigs made my brain shake.

And Gary Clark Jr. left a goofy grin and wide eyes on my face as I watched him just completely wail on the guitar. Nothing short of amazing. The vibe of the whole show seemed heightened, and it was hot and loud, which if you’re a true live music fan, then that means it was awesome. And it was.


Till next year Austin City, loonigans…we’re outta here.

Rock ‘n Roar – Quiet Company on Tour!

Forget everything you’ve heard about Quiet Company up until this point!

 via Julie Cope Photography

…Because it’s all true and we want the chance to tell you again and think it’s all our own idea. Ironically enough, there’s been a ton of noise coming not only from the band themselves, but also from Austin music lovers and media for a good long time now. Whether you caught their three set live show that sold out Hotel Vegas this summer, have seen them wrap Grooveshark’s skin, or follow their quirky snark (and pedicure sojurns?) on Twitter, these dudes are always kickin it with a clever sense of humor and an inclination to burst into a thunderous tune at any given moment.

Don’t believe us? Check out their most recent set from the Do512 Lounge shot just this past Saturday.

Rock ‘n roar…give us some more!

While we love when national acts come in for festival season, we owe the bands that work their tails off right here in Austin some solid backing when they land themselves in said festivals. QC will be at ACL on Saturday, October 13 at 11:15. Those of you who are cursing the sky and about to punch a hole in your monitor because you’re not going to ACL, calm the heck down will ya?

Lessons from Tommy in keeping your cool.

This Thursday, they’re bringing their thunder one last time to Austin before venturing on a great wide tour. This is where you non-ACL attendees breathe a sigh of relief and apologize to the sky. Shhh shh therrrrre ya go. Cue amazing, swelling, heart gripping tour trailer…

If you haven’t heard them ever-ever, this is going to be the show to get to. You also ought to consider moving out from under that rock. Their live shows are incredibly high energy and just in case dancing isn’t quite your thing, watching Taylor (vocals) rage and jump around without tripping, falling or breaking anything is as captivating as a disco ball in a black-light roller rink…only louder.

amIright? OfcourseIam.

Tickets are only $8 in advance and will be $10 day of show. Doors are at 9pm and openers include The Tontons and Bobby Jealousy so get there early and get a good spot. We’ll see you there to wish the boys good luck on their tour. Give em some love and congratulate them on being anything but quiet.

 – @Do512_Rachel

From The City Full of Sound – ACL Announces Late Night Shows

There’s something about the boom and roar of ACL that kicks off the beginning of cooler temperatures in Austin, the never ending slam of things to do on weekends here and of course, the guarantee that your sleep cycle will fall victim to that which is called “the good life.”

We’re not saying that you have to be one of those festival soldiers to experience this, though. While some are destined for the hours upon hours of crowd shuffling, Imperial, and dodging lampshades and blow up dolls on six foot long poles crying “friends, come find me!” others of us are not. Luckily, when the party comes to town, it infiltrates it all. C3 announced their ACL Late Night shows today for those who want to see ACL bands at their favorite venues around town and they did a helluva job.

Festival Soldier

Kicking it off on Wednesday October 10 at the Waller Creek Conservancy Benefit is the swoon worthy Gary Clark Jr. and Wheeler Brothers (who have played the Do512 Lounge!)

Following that, Alabama Shakes is playing with Lee Fields and the Expressions, Band of Skulls will be slamming it down with Black Pistol Fire, Black Lips and Not In the Face will be killing it at Antone’s and wheeoowhoa here here we go.

You dance pants fans can catch BASSNECTAR w/ Gramatik and Gladkill and you indie lovers can roll with The Shins and Bombay Bicycle Club. Austin greats The Eastern Sea will be playing at a TBD venue and the Quiet Company gents will be “always on time” over at Lamberts on Friday, October 12.

Our SXSW buds from Delta Spirit will be impressing your music loving face and Big K.R.I.T and Kimbra (playing with a Do512 favorite, the Features) will be flexing their musical muscles for you to enjoy.

Take advantage of those looming cooler Austin evenings, watch some of the best current bands in the country at your favorite venues, and give C3 Concerts a little snuggle or two for making it happen for ya. the FULL listing of all the bands playing can be found HERE.  This is how we get pumped for ACL:

Oh yeah. Do512 style.

Tickets to all of the shows can be purchased in advance on sale this Thursday, August 23 at 10 am online only. In our experience, these DO sell out frequently so it is wise to plan ahead.

Boom and a roar give give us more!

Alex Kenji an International Man of Mystery

Alex Kenji is doooooope! And, I mean dope in the way that Aziz Ansari would say it. Kenji is an international man of mystery, and by man I mean DJ and by mystery I mean phat beats-cue the air horn. Just kidding he’s not that tacky, but he is internationally known playing in such countries as Italy, Brasil, Mexico, the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal and Switzerland. His next stop is none other than the A to the T to the X. Haven will be hosting the 31 year old DJ also known as Alessandro Bacci, on Friday June 29th. Get your tickets here.

Alex Kenji

Did I also mention he is a producer? Well, it’s true ladies and gents, the man also has over 10 years producing and is the co-owner of record labels-303Lovers and Hotfingers. Combined, he has sold more then 40,000 units of music in web stores since August 2007. He can also boast as an IDMA award winner for his song “Pressure” which won “Best Progressive Track” in 2011. He has over 50 releases under his belt; he’s legit.

It’s quite obvious that Alec Kenju offers unique sets that draw people to the dance floor. His international flavor mixed with deep grooves display his talent superbly. As if Alex Kenji wasn’t enough, we have our very own DJ Toddy B (who is no stranger to the Austin club scene) to open for him. Finally, we have Haven as the venue for this lovely dance party.

Haven...more like Heaven

Haven is a brand new venue with a unique concept catering to people who love to dance in an ultra chic lounge environment. They offer a full bar, bottle service and specialty cocktails all served by professional mixologists. Feel like having a drink yet? Then don’t miss this amazing event. After all, who knows when Alex Kenji will be back? He lives in Italy! No one wants to leave Italy!

A Day In the Life Of Cirque du Soleil Performer – Mark Ward

This morning we had the opportunity to interview Mark Ward of Cirque du Soleil’s, Quidam coming to Austin’s Cedar Park Center starting February 29th. We got a little bit of info on the show’s plot, what it’s like for the performers on a day to day basis, and a few tips for those looking to make the arts a career.

Photo : Matt Beard
Costumes : Dominique Lemieux ©2011 Cirque du Soleil.

Quidam is the story of a young girl named Zoe who has a hard time dragging her parent’s attention away from their newspaper and radio fascinations to spend time with her. In fact, “quidam” itself means passerby in Latin and suggests that the only way humans know one another is by intentional introductions. When she starts to feel a bit hopeless about her social state, she is suddenly greeted by a guest at the door who, for whatever reason, just happens to have no head. The visitor drops his hat at the door, probably because he had no head to put it on would be our guess, and the girl chases after him to return the accessory to no avail. Now in possession of a new hat, Zoe naturally tries it on.

Instead of merely bringing out the color of her eyes, the hat transports her into a world of imaginary characters including our interviewee’s character, John. John acts as a guide of sorts to the girl who landed in far away territory and tries to win her approval and affections.

Photo : Matt Beard
Costumes : Dominique Lemieux ©2011 Cirque du Soleil

Ward was a font of information when it came to Cirque info. He should, he’s been with the company for 19 years! In those 19 years, he has performed in 6,700 consecutive shows. He hails from Denton, TX originally, and has a background in competitive gymnastics, ballet, and musical theater as well as a history dancing in New York and for Ballet Chicago. He started with Cirque in 1993 after they had a need for a dancer with acrobatic experience and the restis history.

In order to stay in shape for the seemingly superhuman stunts the performers do in the shows, most of the artists workout or condition three times a week either at the venue in which the show takes place or at gyms and studios around the city the tour is currently in. There’s also rehearsals that occur consistently.

“Cirque du Soleil shows are great because of their attention to detail,” Ward said. “There’s always room for improvement.”

Mark also went on to say that despite performing in thousands of shows over the years, there is still the occasional time where butterflies come in to play or where last minute improvisations have to happen during the show without the audience noticing.

“It is work but it’s work you should love,” Ward said. “There are times things happen to your routine that you have to make adjustments to. The trick is to handle them with professionalism so that it’s seamless. The audience should never be able to tell.”

He closed our chat with a bit of advice for those who are looking to pursue a life or a career in the arts. With a plethora of experience in various facets of performing arts, he said the key to making a career of it was going to sound cliche but that it was simply just to follow your dreams.

“If you find a director or a show that says no to you, that doesn’t mean that the next person won’t say yes,” Ward said. “Stay with it and keep trying for it.”

You can see Quidam at Cedar Park center here in Austin for Ward’s first return back to his home state of Texas since he left to be with the company in ’93! Tickets are available here and just for being a Do512 user, you can save $10 just for using the promo code Do512.


–Rachel Daily