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The Dark Knight Rises Feast at Alamo Drafthouse

The Dark Knight Rises Feast at Alamo Drafthouse

The third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is upon us.  There’s a new villain, Tom Hardy, a new heroine, Anne Hathaway, and Christian Bale reprises his role as Batman in an effort to save Gotham City.  Alamo Drafthouse is taking everything we love about this series (intensity, sex appeal, suspense, action) and recreating those sentiments in the form of a five-course foodgasm.  We all know that Alamo has some of the best food around on any given night, but the dark knight calls for a special gourmet menu, filled with caviar, cured duck breast, crusted roast lamb chops and a bunch of other fancy stuff.

This exuberant affair will be one that Bruce Wayne wouldn’t miss.  Your $10 ticket will guarantee a seat for The Dark Knight Rises on Monday, July 23.  You will then get an email confirming your intention to purchase the feast portion, which will be $55.  Although you are not required to purchase the feast, this Food & Film event will not offer the normal Alamo menu for the viewing, but there is another showing if you are craving some fried pickles and Porky’s Pizza.

If this is indeed the last film of the beloved Batman series, then you should go down in style with a multi-course, chef prepared feast that indulges all of your Dark Knight inspired food fantasies.

Do512 and Tabbedout’s Guide to Brunch In Austin

Mimosas. Bloody Marys. Fruit. Pancakes. Omeletes. Paninis. My mouth is watering just thinking about the best meal of the day. Look, breakfast and lunch fans, nobody’s biting your style. Brunch is just way, way cooler. And when it comes to brunch options in Austin, you can’t go wrong. There are so many great specials and delicious choices for your mid-morning cravings – Do512 and Tabbedout have the details.

Looks tasty, right? You think regular old breakfast can offer this goodness? Brunch is where it’s at, and Austin is likely the Brunch Capital of the World. I mean, that’s not official, but there’s no shortage of options around here, that’s a fact. Do512 has all the hot spots for Brunch in Austin in one place for your convenience. Because we understand there’s no time to waste when you get that special hunger for stacked pancakes, loaded omeletes, and refreshing mimosas. And when you’re finally stuffed, be sure to use Tabbedout to pay your check. Leave your card in your wallet or purse and pay with your phone quickly and easily! You can also redeem in-app offers at supporting locations.

So what are you waiting for? Brunch awaits you, and Tabbedout’s got your back if you’re in a rush. Check out our guide to Brunch In Austin, brought to you by Tabbedout!

Mondays Are The Best Days With Do512 and Tabbedout

Case of the Mondays? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s hard to get going on that dreadful first day. But worry no longer! Do512 and Tabbedout have your guide to Mondays In Austin. It’s your one-stop destination for fun events, drink specials, and other awesome happenings all over town.

 Photo Credit: Once Upon a Bams

Mondays get a bad rep, but there’s plenty to do all over the ATX to get you out of that slump and back on your feet. And when you’re done rocking your Monday right, make sure you use Tabbedout to pay your tab. Just pay from your phone and never worry about losing your card again. Plus, you can redeem in-app offers at supporting locations!

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So pick yourself up off of that laptop, quit sipping on energy drinks, and start planning your pick-me-up with our Guide to Mondays In Austin, brought to you by Tabbedout!

Do512 and TabbedOut Have Your Guide to Refreshing Margaritas In Austin!

Man oh man. Doesn’t that just look delicious? I gotta be honest guys. I don’t think I’m gonna get through this blog post without taking a margarita break. Luckily, I don’t have to search for a very long time. Thanks to Do512 and TabbedOut, all the prime spots for a delicious ‘rita in the ATX are all in one refreshing place.

Photo courtesy:

See what I’m talking about? The salted rim? The lime on the side? Even the funny-looking glass makes that look delicious! It’s just screaming, “Drink me! It’s summertime!” And I will, my sweet, tangy, condensation friend. Now that I have Do512′s guide to the chillest Margaritas In Austin, there’s no reason not to take in all the great drink specials, happy hours, and unique ‘rita recipes! And when you’re done sipping on “Sangritas,” make sure you pay your tab the easy way with TabbedOut. You can pay with your phone, leave your card in your wallet or purse, and even redeem in-app offers at supporting locations!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Do512 guide to Margaritas in Austin, brought to you by TabbedOut!

Abel’s on the Lake Eddy & Oysters Happy Hour.

Tired of the same old boring Happy Hour specials? Is your Happy Hour not so happy anymore? Sounds like you need a new spot…. Abel’s on the Lake got you covered! From the beginning through the end of the week, Monday thru Friday, Abel’s features Eddy & Oysters Happy Hour from 4pm- 6pm! .50 cent Oysters, $5 Apps, and $3.50 Deep Eddy Vodka Drinks! If you didn’t know Oysters go well with Vodka specially, Deep Eddy’s delicious regular or sweet tea which ever you prefer.

And another great thing about this fantastic Happy Hour is the location. Abel’s on the Lake is a prime spot, with a great outdoor patio seating overlooking the beautiful Lake Austin. With this Happy Hour, you won’t have to worry about holding back on your spending you will surely get your “bang for your buck.” So if you are down to get happy at Happy Hour, you know where it’s at!

Eddy & Oysters Happy Hour.



Do512 Has Your Guide To the Best Patio Bars and Restaurants in Austin!

It’s summer time, and that means patio season in Austin! Time to sit outside in the shade, relax, enjoy your favorite drink, and hang out with your friends. Everyone is cranking the AC this time of year, so if you’re looking to find a nice outside spot where it’s warmer, Do512 has you covered. Our guide to the best Patio Bars and Restaurants in the ATX has a ton of spots for shady, comfortable outings this summer.

Photo credit: John Anderson – Austin Chronicle

And don’t forget: when you’re done partying out on the patio, be sure to use TabbedOut to pay your tab! It’s the quickest, easiest way to check out and hop to the next patio; just use your phone! You can also redeem in-app offers at supporting locations while you’re out with your friends.

Check out the Do512 Guide to Patio Bars and Restaurants in Austin, brought to you by TabbedOut! Because the weather may be warm, but things are always cooler on the patio.

Father’s Day Is On the Way! Do512 Has You Covered

Did you know Father’s Day is this Sunday, the 17th? Yeah, I forgot too. Kind of snuck up, didn’t it? So what are your plans for Dad? Don’t have any? Not to worry. Do512 has all the best happenings for you and your pops to spend some quality time together this weekend.

If you need something quick, head over to our Do512 Father’s Day page and make your plans today, because the holiday is right around the corner. From crafting events to a day in the park to a virtual run to brunch specials, we’ve got all the listings for special events for you and your father.

Don’t wait any longer! Check out the Do512 Father’s Day events page and plan your awesome Father’s Day In Austin with Dad!

Do512 and TabbedOut Have the Scoop On Sunday FunDay

Looking for something to do on Sundays in Austin? Do512 has all the info on what’s happening in the city, from drink specials to concerts to karaoke and everything else, and it’s all brought to you by TabbedOut. You can sit around and regret your Saturday night antics or you can get out and end the weekend right.

One look at our list of parties, special events, and cheap drinks and you’ll soon discover there’s no excuse not to go out on a Sunday. And while you’re out partying, be sure and use TabbedOut to pay your tab and redeem in-app offers at supporting locations.

Check out the Sunday Funday Page on Do512 for all the drink specials and events happening on the best day of the week! And don’t forget to use TabbedOut while you’re having a blast!

It’s Beer, It’s Balls, It’s a Benefit!!

With so many culinary events popping up in and around Austin, it’s hard to find that perfect combination of good food, tasty libations and interesting themes. Well, welcome to Get Real Presents: Beer Balls Austin benefitting the Shirts for a Cure program, which helps under privileged men and women with cancer who can’t afford expensive medicine and therapies.


Beer Balls Austin is Sunday, June 24 at The Belmont where local chefs come together to battle it out for the best take on the classic meatball. But it’s not just about this tasty morsel, paired with meatballs are over 40 craft beers to choose from. One ticket price and you get to taste everything Beer Balls has to offer.

Beer Balls has two sessions:
Session 1 from 12:00pm to 4:00pm, with a special VIP tasting from 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Session 2 from 5:30pm to 9:30pm, with a special VIP tasting from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

And for the uber foodie, there’s Meatball Mania, one ticket gets you all-day access.
Tickets are on sale now at

For more information, go to

Don’t miss the opportunity to see restaurants like Second Bar & Kitchen, Kenichi, Mandola’s Italian, Olivia, Congress, Paggi House, BC Tavern and more battle it out to see who has the best balls!

Do512 Welcomes Man Bites Dog!

Jeremiah Allen established the Austin hot dog joint Man Bites Dog in November of 2009. After visiting the popular Hot Doug’s restaurant in Chicago, Allen was inspired to create a restaurant in Austin where he could put his own unique spin on the traditional hot dog. The idea was realized in 2009 when the Man Bites Dog food trailer popped up in the South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery on South 1st. With the tag line ‘Hot Dogs Unleashed’, the trailer began serving a variety of traditional and gourmet hot dogs made with high-quality local ingredients.

After operating the trailer for roughly a year-and-a-half, and attracting a loyal following of hot dog fanatics in the process, Man Bites Dog was able to open their first brick-and-mortar restaurant, becoming the latest local food trailer success story. Designed by Jamie Chioco, who has also done architecture and planning for the likes of Perla’s and Galaxy Cafe, the first Man Bites Dog restaurant opened its first storefront at Burnet Road and North Loop in June of 2011. Six months later Man Bites Dog opened its second restaurant, this one located on South Lamar in the building that was previously occupied by Dog Almighty.

The menu at Man Bites Dog is approachable yet also adventurous. For the traditional hot dog lover they offer the Old School beef dog with ketchup and mustard, a Chili Cheese Dog, and the Abe Froman, their Chicago dog topped with onions, pickle relish, tomatoes, pickle spear, sport peppers and celery salt. For the adventurous they offer a line of signature creations like the Danger Dog, an all-beef frank wrapped in bacon, fried, and topped with queso fresco, jalapeños, and hot sauce. There’s also the popular Bahn Mi Dog, made with pork sausage, peanut sauce, cucumbers, carrots, jalapenos and cilantro.

Man Bites Dog uses all-beef Hebrew National franks and delicious kolache buns baked fresh in Austin. Side items include fries and tots, pulled pork mac n’ cheese, fried pickles, and Dojo Dogs, which are bite-sized franks with green chilis and cream cheese deep-fried in an egg roll wrapper. The South Lamar location will soon be serving their own hand-cut french fries. To wash it all down they offer a nice variety of beers, and also have a menu of recommended beer & dog pairings such as the Dog Named Sue & Bombshell Blond, the Greek Dog & Austin Beerworks Fire Eagle, and the Cuban & Austin Amber.

Man Bites Dog has a daily Happy Hour from 4-7pm with a rotating beer special, half off side items, and $1 Lone Stars on Thursdays. If you ever have a craving that only a hot dog will cure, we highly recommend that you check out Man Bites Dog. To find out more you can visit them online at, and on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and be sure to ask them about the Cartoon Dog. The beef hot dog coupled with peanut butter and jelly and Cap’n Crunch cereal. It may sound a little weird, but everyone who has tried it says it’s really delicious!