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Continuous Thunder: Japandroids with A Place to Bury Strangers at Emo’s Friday May 31st

“Let’s make this one a little more cruising down the highway, and a little less doing crystal meth on New Year’s…”


Feel that? That’s your heart that’s telling your brain to make a serious life choice and run away from the real world for a job that allows you to embrace your creative self, a relationship that isn’t with a soul sucking sociopath, and a house you can afford but that still has a hammock. Your brain, on the other hand, is screaming just do whateverthehell will pay your damn electric bill and stop bitching – so you are – and your conscience is screaming “you’re messing every single thing up more than you ever could possibly know right now….”

Your body is tired because all your vital organs struggling against each other are killing you slowly, when the whiskey and camel lights aren’t.  You hate your boyfriend and you hate your job and you’re…fuck. You’re insane. Welcome to the club, have a T-shirt, a shot, and a seat. We have a cure.

The anthem writers behind many a thunderous twenty-something’s-summer are coming to Emo’s so place a pause on your planned night of wine and roses and yell like hell to the heavens, because this Friday night’s show falls under the nights we live for category.


After last summer’s release and frequent playtime of their latest album, Celebration Rock, the gentlemen in Japandroids successfully managed to capture the angst and torment of being a life beaten, mildly jaded, quarter-life aged human without smearing their *feelings* all over the place.  As Pitchfork succinctly managed to describe, Celebration Rock is …”the triumphant relationship with the ego, and the desperate focus on proving you exist.”

The Vancouver based two piece started in 2006 and in attempts to forego the ever present and intolerably obnoxious “lead singer front man star of the show” battles, Brian King and David Prowse decided to figure out a way to make a two man show sound like a five piece band.


And do they ever succeed. Covering all the big topics – sexual frustration, friendship, vapid living, rooming with your holy hell devil of an ex, and an embarrassing dependence on cigarettes, there’s an appropriately matched song for the issues everyone is going through – they’re just saying it….loudly.

You may have caught the ‘droids at their Fun Fun Fun Fest Black Stage set. If not, you missed a lot of dirt in the face, a lot of noise, and a lot of fans doing exactly what the band member’s themselves tried to duplicate by crashing screams in the studio.

“We actually tried to simulate the sound of what we thought the crowd would do during the songs,” King said in an interview. “Dave and I were in the studio just screaming out as if we were in the audience of our own show.”


If your voice doesn’t want to miss another chance to scream about a younger you, be sure and get to Emo’s this Friday night for the most perfect summer kick-off show that we can imagine. Opening the show is the Brooklyn band, A Place to Bury Strangers. With their own impressive resume and a sound that “is safer than chemicals but gives you the same high…” you’re looking at a night of solid sweat and sound. We’ll scream ya there.

Tickets  - Doors at 9pm

– Rachel Daily

SXSpotify House 3/11-3/15

newspotifyhouseSouth.By.South.West. Overwhelming in the most amazing way.  The convergence of thousands of music fans, exuding endless amounts of passion, all striving to catch their favorite band or discover their next favorite.  Free food, drinks and music on every corner.  RSVPs out the wazoo and lines that resemble something of a cat’s cradle formation.  Exhaustion arrives just thinking about the forthcoming week.

Spotify. An escape from mundane Mondays into a world of unadulterated, pure musical bliss. The application has done wonders for listeners worldwide with access to unlimited and copious amounts of music at little to no cost. Of course there’s a Spotify House at SX.  #duh. Located at the corner of E. Cesar Chavez St. and Medina, the house will serve as safe haven for the madness around town.  There will be ping pong, giveaways, a photobooth, tons of music and local food trucks.  ALL FREE w/ RSVP Monday 3/11 through Friday 11/15, 12-6.

Performances from Angel Haze, Pacific Air, Robert Delong, Twenty One Pilots, Wallpaper, Gregory Alan Isakov, Ivan & Alyosha, Jamie N Commons, The Last Bison, and Tom Odell. Diamond Rings, Flight Facilities, Flume, Neon Indian, Sean Glass, The White Panda and Watch the Duck will also be at the Big Green House for DJ sets in the afternoon, makes this spot the place to be.

Get your RSVP on and score some sweet swag.


Improv Wins Festival at The New Movement Theater… Oh Yes, It’s Happening 2/22-2/24

Okay, so we all know this, good improv is like a fine wine; everyone needs to experience the real deal at least once in their life.  You will laugh until you cry, you will be amazed by the quick-to-the-draw comebacks of these participants, and best, every single moment is unique, never before having happened and never in the future able to be recreated.

Improv Wins Festival comes from the same crew of shenanigans that bring you The Hell Yes Fest and The Megaphone Marathons to name a few.  They know how to get people giggling, and start a stampede of laughter.  Improv Wins has laid the bricks for its own path by offering a weekend of not only performances, but panels, workshops, discussions, and many more opportunities rarely offered up to the masses.


With shows every night, master classes and improv education hovering about the festival, the weekend promises to be as unbelievable gigglecluster.  Registration is cheap, the experience is priceless, yeah, we said it.  Improv Wins Festival has opened the doors to something new and exciting that you don’t have the accessibility to on a daily basis.  With experienced improv artists coming in from all of the nation, and classes for anyone in the comedy business from writers, to actors of all experience levels, to directing, you can dive into any aspect of comedy and see for your own self just how magical this world can be.

Tickets are on sale now and going fast for this once in a blue moon experience happening in Austin, TX at The New Movement Theater.  Dawn your finest improv garb, gather up your emotions of excitement, and get ready for a weekend of all-out, laughter inducing, educating, and fun-having time.


To prepare yourself, spend the rest of your day conjuring up a story about a CEO that enjoys running while wearing pajamas only in his spare time and how that has affected his life choices. That’s kinda like…improv? ANNNNND we are leaving it to the masters from here on out. Tally ho!

Do512′s SXSW ’13 Pro-Tip Guide


The allure to SXSW is the big names who come to town and the little guys who get to play next to them. It is the free Taco Bell and the pricier food trucks that both hit the spot after a day of drinking. It is the crowded parties that make you rub elbows with too many drunk people and the surprise intimate shows that you find by chance.

Whatever the appeal of SXSW is to you, it can seem overwhelming for those trying to plan their week, or for those who decided to “wing it” and soon felt like they were missing out. Lucky for you all, Do512 has been working hard to make this annual much-anticipated event run as smoothly as possible for you and your comrades. Here, we will break down all the important things to keep in mind, give you some recommendations from experienced South by Southwesters and have you coming out a SXSW pro of your own.

  • First, how many bands will there be exactly during March 12-17?

A lot. You can view our comprehensive list of artists that have been officially announced here. However, every SXSW veteran knows that there will always be surprise guests. That’s why we have also kept up with all of the rumors flowing through the SX mill on our twitter account.

Pro Tip: Keep your phone charged! It is always difficult to maintain flawless service when Austin is packed to the brim of the city limits, but social media is the key to unveiling surprise shows. Add us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop as soon as we catch wind of confirmed SXSW information.

  • How can I keep track of the artists I want to see?

While you are perusing our list of announced SXSW acts, all you have to do is click ‘follow’ and it automatically adds the artist or band to your ‘My SX’ tab. In that section, you will find all of the parties and artists you have decided to like or follow and from there you can click on them for the event details and performances.

Pro Tip: Don’t limit yourselves to only the bands you know. Take some time and check out the artists you haven’t heard of before by clicking on their page and watching their music videos or live performances we have put up for you. Festivals are the easiest way to discover your new favorite band.


Now that it has become apparent to you that SXSW does a phenomenal job of bringing in amazing acts and excavating the local talent to bring to a larger stage, you are ready to make the next step. If you are coming from out-of-town you are probably thinking:

  • “Where am I going to stay?” and “How will I afford this?” 

If you have friends in Austin, call dibs on the couch now. Trust us, Austinites expect a house full of people during SX and piling around someone’s living room is part of the experience. But, if your friend’s couches will already be stuffed with warm bodies and you need accommodations, we have compiled a list of places to stay during this physically taxing week that makes a comfortable bed feel like heaven at the end of the night.

Now, as far as affordability, there is no other festival in Austin that seems to be on the same caliber as SXSW when it comes to the amount of crazy talent putting on free performances and providing free food and beverages. But, if you want to go big this year, there is still time to enter in many contests that are giving away badges, VIP packages and other goodies. THAT MEANS FREE FOLKS.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 3.00.20 PM

  • Okay, so how do I RSVP to the free shows and events?

Number 1 rule: create an email address JUST for SX or use one that you’ll remember you signed up for everything under the sun with. Done? Step 2.

Easy. We have dug up all of the announced events and free stuff coming this SXSW and put them on our site for you to simply click ‘RSVP‘ and put yourself on the list. Voila.

Pro Tip: Make sure after you RSVP that you share it on Facebook or Twitter so that your friends can do the same. You don’t want to miss out on a show because your buddies forgot to get on the list.


My organization, company, brand, band etc… would really like to host an unofficial party during SXSW, how do I find a good venue and their information?

Yes, we are here to help the people behind the parties too. We have put together a Pinterest board full of great venues around the city and provided their location and capacity. Once you click on a venue you are interested in, it will direct you back to our main site that provides contact information for booking.

  • How can I get involved and be a part of the SXSW action?

Volunteer! SX is still looking for walk in volunteers as long as you’re a local. Register online before heading to their office.

TaskRabbit, an online and mobile marketplace that gets people in the same area to help each other out has created a portal for SXSW’s interactive portion. Users will go to the site and see a list of temporary tasks to sign up for such as street teams, product delivery and event staffs.

  • How else can I prepare for South by Southwest?

Listen to our SXSW ’13 Spotify Playlist.

Subscribe. Listen. Learn the words. Revisit some old favorites and experience the unfamiliar. Use this playlist as the ultimate pre-workout before the music marathon ahead.

  • Stay on top of the SXSW band rumors.

We are bonafide rumor mongers. They are swirling like madness. Follow Do512 on Twitter to keep up. From the Postal Service reunion that has everyone in a tizzy to the new Strokes album drop, we’re watching the bands as they make their moves and we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

To further your excitement, we have compiled a staff list of our most anticipated acts for this year’s SXSW:

Rachel Daily: The Zombies, Delorean, Telekinesis, Thee Oh Sees, Mount Moriah, Amanda Shires, Wild Belle, and The Whigs

Jamie Jett: Bonobo, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Prince Rama, Beach Fossils, Alt-J and Allah-Las

Lawrence Boone: Al Lover, Mikal Cronin, Thee Oh Sees, Allah-LasBlack Lips, The Growlers, John McCauley and Friends, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

Matt Mandrella: Alt-J, Flaming Lips and Japandroids

Amanda Shaftel: Alt-J, Monophonics, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, Gringo Star, Poolside and Lissie

Jimmy Stewart: Alt-J, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Cold War Kids, Portugal. The Man, Brushy One String, Aloe Blacc, Delicate Steve, Emmylou Harris, Richard Thompson, Field Report, Nathanial Rateliff, Kids These Days and Houndmouth

Courtney Goforth: Flaming Lips, Daniel Johnston, Toro y Moi, Best Coast, Grimes, Thee Oh Sees, Black Lips and The Postal Service


- via Courtney Goforth

Do512′s Mardi Gras Events

In America, Mardi Gras seems to be more synonymous with getting Bourbon-faced on Shit Street than celebrating for Lenten season. But, that’s what we love about this country– the perpetual yearning for reasons to dress up, party hard and eat cake.

Feb. 12 is Fat Tuesday and you don’t have to be in New Orleans to celebrate French Quarter style. Plenty of places around Austin will shovel out their fair share of NOLA food, stout drinks and of course, beads. The celebrations start as early as Feb. 08 so pull out your favorite purple, green and gold ensembles and prepare your bellies.



A Mardi Gras Party at Homefield Grill kicks off the Carnival Season with all of the essentials: beads, masks, parades, King Cake and NOLA booze favorites such as Hand Grenades, Hurricanes and Sazeracs. Speaking from personal experience here, if the grenades are true to their NOLA roots, one should suffice.

Then, at 7 p.m., Cajun and Creole foodie Todd Michael St. Pierre will present his new New Orleans cookbook, “Taste of Treme,” at Bookpeople just in time for the celebrations. Buy his cookbook in the store and get it signed before you set off to cook up some cajun-inspired favorites.



Antone’s presents World Carnaval, a show that will bring Austin musicians together to present an array of musical and dance styles that are represented around the world during Mardi Gras. Acts include: Suns of Orpheus, Austin Samba School, Morena Soul, Seu Jacinto and McCallum High School Knights Steel Drum band.


In lieu of the connotation of their name, Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden is going into Mardi Gras festivities with a bang for their Second Chance Sunday: Mardi Gras Edition. They are actually roasting an alligator, swamp rat and wild boar in the name of the crazy cajuns. The delicacies will be served at noon and feed salivating (maybe a little reluctant) mouths until it runs out. While you munch on gator, (which literally tastes like chicken), cajun music group Gumbo Ce Soir and the Dead Music Capital band will perform in full make-up and costume, making the revelry that much more authentic.


J. BLACK’S Feel Good Kitchen and Lounge will host Mardi Gras 2013 beginning at 4 p.m. with Bacardi Hurricanes and traditional Nawlins gumbo. At 9 p.m. they will hold a mask competition with first, second and third place prizes.

If you feel more inclined to keep the blood pumping while partaking in Mardi Gras merriment, join Rogue Running and Brooks Running for their Fat Tuesday Pub Run. They will set off at 5:30 p.m. after pre-drink warm ups with Hops & Grain Pale Dog and Alternation to get you warm and fuzzy before an estimated four miles of pub crawling.

Central Market Cooking School will host a Fat Tuesday Feast demonstration featuring Cindy Haenel, CM Cooking School instructor, who will show participants how to make classic cajun favorites such as Mini Muffulettas, Smoked Duck and Shrimp Jambalaya, Creole Grits and Andouille Sausage, Fried Catfish Po-boys and Beignets a la Mode.


Jambalaya photo via

Flamingo Cantina will kick off their Fat Tuesday Carnaval Celebration at 7 p.m. with a dance party, plethora of beads and performances by Os Alqumistas, Austin Samba School and Morena Soul.

If you want to leave the gaudy hoopla out of it and just see some good, live music for Fat Tuesday, Gruene Hall will celebrate with Americana and bluegrass bands Slim Bawb and Cornbread. Brauntex Theatre will have a jazzy good time with Alex Meixner, The Thirsty Nickel has Mike V on the set for Fat Tuesday and The Sahara Lounge will entertain with Mardigras, Danny B. Harvey and Black Cadillac.

However you decide to celebrate, Mardi Gras annually gives us a reason to don ridiculous phallic-shaped necklaces, wear feather masks and get Cajun-boy wasted. It is also a great reassurance as to why you are part of the ones giving up alcohol for lent as you head into Ash Wednesday with a killer Hand Grenade hangover. Evil things. Regardless, don’t be upset if you cannot make it to The Big Easy for the biggest excuse ever to gorge yourselves with delicious Cajun food and King Cake, listen to jazz and blues music or get completely shmammered because Austin has you covered. In the meantime, go grab some King Cake from Easy Tiger for $15 starting now through Mardi Gras.


Click for the full Do512 list of Mardi Gras events.


via Courtney Goforth

A Shiner Session in the Do512 Lounge with The Eastern Sea


Tis’ the season for good people, food, tunes and booze. At Do512, we like to think of these as essentials, and we do not like to be modest. As people trickled in to partake in the last Do512 lounge session of 2012, the heaping trough of Shiner was revealed, the bar opened up to serve Deep Eddy vodka drinks and the hot sliders from Black Sheep Lodge had been catered and ready to serve.

Employees of Do512 and friends mingled around the office and out front, getting warm with beer and friendly conversations. The boys of The Eastern Sea slid around the office as well, drinking their share of Shiner and waiting to put on a show for the crowd.

As soon as the doors opened to signal the start of the show, guests poured into the lounge studio and grouped around high-top tables donning buckets of Shiner. The Austin band began with a few tracks off of their latest album, Plague, and transitioned into a small intermission of original Christmas tunes such as “This is Christmas.” Vocalist Matthew Hines’ storytelling parallels with that of Sam Beam’s of Iron and Wine and pairs the lyrics with soft, yet spirited, melodic harmonies that create a calming atmosphere to forlorn tales. The trumpet spruced up indulgent tracks and set the tone for a relaxing show that beautifully complimented a few Shiners.

Be sure to check out The Eastern Sea as they continue to tour all over the country and listen to previous Do512 Lounge Sessions highlighting some pretty great talent.

- via Courtney Goforth

Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar Closing Night- 1/03

Temporarily closing, that is.

Alamo Drafthouse will celebrate a renovation closure with activities that appeal to film buffs of all genres and transcend age groups. All six screens will load up on interactive and participatory events that will send the South Lamar location off with a cinematic bang.

The day kicks off at 6:35 p.m. with the (Big) Kid’s Club “Three Stooges” Party!!!, which will feature five of Larry, Moe and Curly’s ventures in 35mm.

7 p.m.– Director Don Coscarelli will present his first film in a decade, “John Dies at the End,” on behalf of Fantastic Fest, the largest genre film festival in the U.S.

7:15 p.m.– The Austin Film Society will screen “2 or 3 Things I know About Her,” Jean-Luc Godard’s dramatized documentary about people in Paris in the 1960s.

7:30 p.m.– Continuing with the weekly tradition, Alamo will hand out props to supplement the quoting of all of your favorite lines from “The Big Lebowski.”

7:50 p.m.– Girlie Night is hosting a cinematic prom, which encourages attendees to dress up in your finest pink threads while they show “Pretty in Pink.” Then, at 10:15 p.m. the Girlie Late Night will screen “Bridesmaids” and encourages all to put on their best (worst) bridesmaid dresses.

9:15 p.m.– Tobe Hooper, director/writer/producer of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, will be in attendance as a double-feature of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is shown in 35mm and then the direct sequel Texas Chainsaw 3D will follow.

At 9:55 p.m., Tough Guy Cinema will present “Hard Target” and Drafthouse Films will show “Pieta” at 10:50 p.m. and “Wrong” at 12:35 a.m.

10:30 p.m.– Alamo will host a sing-along for the “Best of 2012,” featuring all of radio’s favorites to overplay. Everyone can enjoy “Gangnam Style” one last time before leaving it behind with the rest of 2012.

After the Thursday closing celebration, the usual programs at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar will move to the other Alamo locations during the temporary closure: The Big Lebowski Quote-along will be at the Slaughter Lane location, The Dionysium and Austin Film Society at the Village and the Alamo Kids Club will meet at the Ritz.

After the festivities conclude, Alamo cinema will officially go under the knife and intends to come out in the fall of 2013 with a facelift that will include three new screens, a new film distribution label and a philosophy that will take specialty programming to the next size up.

The renovation will triple the size of the Alamo’s lobby space and connect the theater to its neighbor, The Highball, whom is also getting a makeover. The South Lamar Plaza Shopping Center will become a mecca of entertainment with an aesthetic to match the hype.

Photo via Alamo Drafthouse

- via Courtney Goforth

NYE Winter Wonderland at Haven

I was dreamin when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray.

2013 is creeping up on us in a hurry.  The ladies are frantically searching for the perfect sequin dress.  The fellas are lining up the bottle service for the ladies.  Gym memberships have increased exponentially in leu of fitness resolutions that will be short-lived.  All of these things culminating into the biggest party of the year: New Year’s Eve at Haven.  It’s hard to believe that 2013 is already here, when we were partying like it was 1999 just yesterday.

If you’re looking to do some serious booty shaking or perhaps some serious bottle popping, Haven is the place to be.  DJ Beatchaser will be chasing beats, duh.  Or are the beats chasing him?  What’s in a name, really?  Regardless, his open format style mixes things you would not think were possible.  This is 2013, though, where nearly anything is possible (Hello, we are going to Mars!).  Old school-electro-pop-hip hop will get yo body moving.  Free shots will be floating around, surprises left and right, go go dancers, a bongo player and a partridge in a pear tree aim to start your year off right.  What else would you expect from a party at the hottest nightclub in Austin?

Gear up for an awesome case of the Mondays in a Winter Wonderland.  Ladies, let’s go ahead and opt for some flats, shall we?  We all know those fancy shoes won’t be on long and your Wal-Mart feet aren’t bringing the boys to the yard.  Spring for tickets now, while they are only $30, as the price is only going to go up for every 100 sold.  If you’re so VIP, then there are packages for you, too, fancy.  Poppin’ champagne like you won the championship game (or like it’s NYE).

Two thousand zero zero party over,
Oops out of time.
So tonight Im gonna party like it’s 1999 2013.

Christmapocalypse! Celebrate the End Of It All With Auto Body!

Worried about what you made on your finals? Haven’t bought your mom a present? Did you already blow your Christmas bonus? Didn’t even get a Christmas bonus? Who cares?! We’re all dead anyway, so might as well party! Friday night, the end is near, so hold your lover close (or a stranger, whatever) and rage. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Austin band Auto Body is going out in style and you (yes, my friend, you) are invited to celebrate with them! It’s called CHRISTMAPOCALYPSE. I know, right? Epic.

Let’s not dwell on the fact that the Mayans couldn’t even predict when their own civilization would end; logic is silly on Friday nights! The only thing that makes sense is putting on your party dress and declare proudly, “Armageddon my swag on!” #SeeWhatIDidThere? Rock out with Auto Body and friends in the coolest city on this soon-to-be-scorched Earth!

C3 Presents and The Merry Pranksters are turning Beauty Ballroom into your final place of rest. But you won’t be resting until the zombies come. Until that point, you’ll be sweating and shaking! Kicking off the evening will be the banging beats of Learning Secrets.  And, right before the meteor or tornado or giant lizard or whatever comes, there will be a special guest DJ! And then, things will probably get a little Raiders of the Lost Ark-ish, what with all the faces melting and the Mayan ghosts bringing out the glow sticks. Translation: you don’t wanna miss this party! Go to our event page for more info and prepare for the onslaught of boogie. There’s no better way to kiss your butt goodbye than by shaking it!


Lucky Lounge is 15! Time To PARTAY

They grow up so fast! One day, they’re just the little bar that could, and before you know it….sorry, I’m getting emotional. But seriously guys, 2012 has come and gone, and Austin has lost a lot of cool things, as is the case every year. Bars come and go, but the Lucky Lounge remains consistently open….and consistently awesome. In a city like this, where this week’s coolest spot is next week’s forgotten dive, the Lucky Lounge is an elder statesman to all those up-and-comers and all those neighbors that couldn’t hang on.

“It’s a pretty amazing milestone that’s for sure,” said General Manager Johnny Alvarez. “Lucky Lounge opened in November of ’97, and I feel like we’re still a part of that old school Austin. I love Rainey Street and I love West 6th Street, but they don’t feel like the Austin I grew up in. Lucky Lounge still feels like that.”

There have been more than a few memorable moments at Lucky Lounge over the years.

“We are kind of a half live music venue/half late-night party spot, so just about every good local DJ has played here at one time or another,” said Alvarez. “Ian McLagan also plays here every Thursday will bring in guys like Robert Plant and Bernie Taupin, so he’s on top of his game.”

The loyal patrons of Lucky Lounge have helped this Austin staple stand the test of time, and thus will be rewarded at their 15th Anniversary Party on Friday, December 7th (that’s tomorrow night) at 8pm.

Admission is free, and drinks for all attendees are free from 8:30 to 9:30 pm and again from 12:00 to 12:30 am. And as is the Lucky Lounge standard, there will be a heaping helping of great live music to accompany the festivities, including the banging sounds of DJ O.G. Sprocket.

Friday night we’ll raise a glass to honor this classic bar’s achievement of keeping the party going for a decade and a half.  Join us! See more details on Do512.