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Can You Still Have Any Fun?

stupendous Halloween spectacular is in store for phans of the legendary rock/jam band, Phish. Phish themselves may not be making an appearance in these parts any time soon, but thankfully we have A Live One to fill the void. Austin’s own Phish tribute band will be covering Phish covering The Blues Brothers and back to Phish again. Why Blues Brothers? In true Phish fashion, the boys will be sporting their musical Halloween costume by covering the songs of another band’s album in full. This year, get ready for a set of The Blues Brothers Soundtrack between two sets of killer Phishy awesomeness. That’s right, the 1980 classic comedy starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. You’ll know more songs than you think you do. 

Won’t you step into the freezer?

Three full sets = about 4 full hours of face melting madness. Come dressed in your most ridiculous costume to enter the costume contest, wear comfy shoes for non-stop powerdancing, drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and take an afternoon nap for optimal energy and strength. Now check out photos from last year’s Halloween Bash for added enthusiasm. I think you’re ready.

Do think about checking out this show if you’re a fan of good rock music. I’m talking lots of guitar and beautifully executed improvisational jams. Don’t think about checking out this show if you hate fun. A Live One has seriously scary talent and if they can’t make you into a believer, you’re doomed to an eternity of musical mediocrity. Come see what those phreaky phans have been raving about all this time….if you dare. Muaahahaaa!

A Live One, Big Halloween Bash takes place at Antone’s at 8:30 pm this Wednesday, Halloween night.

Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door. Buy them here.

Oktoberfest Meat and Greet @ Volstead Lounge

Thank you, Germany, for giving us yet another holiday in which we can celebrate strong beer and specialty sausage.  October will conclude the 16 day celebration that has been the cornerstone of German culture for the last 200 years.

Volstead Lounge is bringing the world’s largest fair to Austin with their 5th “Meat and Greet.”  At 7pm the Oktoberfest festivities will commence with- you guessed it- German beer and complimentary (Free!) German food. Volstead is going all out with local chef Zack Northcutt and award-winning mixologist Justin Elliott.

This isn’t your run of the mill meat party.  Your palette will be in sensory overload with three very distinct pork sausage selections, with the first two being traditional and the third being experimental:

  1. Traditional Oktoberfest accompanied by traditional sauerkraut.
  2. German/Italian fusion paired with potato salad.
  3. Pork and gummy bears along with Jagermeister mustard.

Who in their right mind would pair pork and gummy bears?  The bigger question is who wouldn’t want to try it?  Throw in a signature cocktail menu featuring premier German spirits and you have yourself one helluva meat and greet.  Grab your stein and lederhosen and head over to the biergarten for an  über good time.


Silent City Limits Festival

It’s comin’ up on festival season y’all, and among the regs like ACL and Fun Fun Fun is one to dance to silently. That’s right — silently.

For those of you who haven’t heard about Silent Frisco –it’s a production company dedicated to solving the “noise problem” that comes along with loud music. At their parties you’ll get a set of wireless headphones so you can enjoy all the badass music, but people outside the venue don’t have to hear it too. This year they’re teaming up with Strangetribe and Soul of the Boot to bring a great freaking party.

OK, now that we’re all on the same page — here’s the nitty-gritty on what’s up for this year’s festival:

1. A bunch of talented mofos are DJing on two different channels. One of the channels will be strictly Austinites, called the ACL channel, and will include greats like DJ Manny, Orion, Chicken George, BigFace, Ram Z and Happy Happy James. The second channel, or the OCL channel, will include out-of-towners J.Boogie, Motion Potion, U9lift and Matt Haze from San Francisco.

2. Both nights, Oct. 12 and 13, the 21-and-up show starts at 10 p.m. and goes until sunrise! This isn’t a party to bring your parents to, unless they can hang until the crack of dawn that is. Alcohol will be served at TABC sanctioned bars at the festival, then after-hours, juice at the juice bars.

3. Though this show is at Pine Street Station, all proceeds will go to help Austin Enchanted Forest, a venue that’s been called a portal to a different world. There’s a small creek, art installations, people hula-hooping and spinning fire, and small lights everywhere. It’s really a magical place, and normally where this festival takes place, but it’s currently closed to the public. Hopefully that won’t be the case for much longer.

4. Finally, get your tickets here and get them now. Because of capacity restrictions, tickets are going to run out fast. They’re only $20!


Beauty Ballroom Gets Campy

Growing up has come to bear negative connotations, despite its obvious advantages. Adults can vote, convict their peers of misdoings, and even go into naughty novelty shops. When I turned 18, I bought a pack of cigarettes and shot it with a newly purchased shotgun. The American Dream! With all this being said, there is an allure to those days gone by, void of responsibility— or at the very least disregard for any seeming albatrosses.

"I really don't care about this one." - a typical 6 year old

We all look back to our youth as a point of pride, before the wayward weight of the world crushed our dreams and I had to move back in with my parents. Nostalgia without reverie is self-pity, though, and staying grounded is a necessity for any adult (especially when you break your parents’ curfew, even though I’m not a kid anymore Mom). Just how can I relive my past but not end up getting more swirlies?

Luckily for those without a curfew, Beauty Ballroom will be bringing the best parts of youth back in the form of Adult Summer Camp, a Labor Day party more campy than RuPaul. Featuring electronic music from the likes of Austin favorites Applied Pressure, Learning Secrets, Missions, and Orthy (with more DJ’s on the patio), the scene will be more bumping than my arms from these basement-dwelling mites. With smores and more from Johnnye’s and a delightfully stocked bar, you can be all grown-up and not wait 30 minutes before sliding into the pools (though such dashing measures aren’t advised). Running from 9 PM- to 2 AM on September 2nd, entry is free with an RSVP on Do512, so the only thing holding you back from a campy night out should be helping me with my chores.

Lost Bayou Ramblers and Whiskey Shivers at Antone’s

Lost Bayou Ramblers

Are you a talented dancer? How about a talented knee-slapper? SWEET, then you’ll have a-hell-of-a time at Antone’s on Friday for the Lost Bayou Ramblers and Whiskey Shivers show. 

While the Louisiana-band Lost Bayou Ramblers have been called cajun-punk and draws from styles like rockabilly, rock and western swing, the Whiskey Shivers are on the other side of that same genre – being called “A freewheelin’, trashgrassin’, folk tornado.” These dudes are sure to put on something fantastic.

Both bands have gotten a lot of attention in the press lately.  Front-man for the Ramblers, Louis Michot, was in the NY Times recently because of his crazy-ass house that he built himself in Louisiana. The Times writer called his band “riotous” and wrote about his “old-man-sounding” voice. “On these raucous tracks, the Lost Bayou Ramblers sound Cajun in the same way the Pogues once sounded Celtic. Which is to say, they do and they don’t.” He romanticizes him in a great way. Anyway, just read the article yourself, lazy. I linked to it right up there.

Here’s a video of them playing “Blister in the Sun” with Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes –

The Whiskey Shivers were recently recognized by Perez Hilton – and you know when that pop-culture freak mentions something, it’s something worth mentioning. (Well, not always, but sometimes.) He was quoted saying “You may have never heard of Whiskey Shivers, but as of today, you’re never going to hear the end of them.” He’s right. Don’t try to fight it. Embrace the shiver they’ll send down your spine – especially when watching their video. Freaking weird and a little creepy and a lot awesome.

Others, including Ryan Seacrest himself, have commented on how talented this Austin quintet really is, but how that video freaks the hell out of them. These whiskey-drinking dudes always put on a great show, so don’t even worry about that.

Tickets are only $10 general admission and $75 for a VIP table for four upstairs. That’s a pretty great deal to see some pretty great bands at a pretty great venue. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT.

Also, just a warning, be careful when high-fiving the dudes from Whiskey Shivers –

CharityBash Benefitting BookSpring & Celebrating TRIBEZA August Issue Release 8/2

Next Thursday, August 2nd (Woah, it’ll be August already?!), CharityBash will be hosting..well, uh…a bash! This shindig will benefit BookSpring and will be celebrating the TRIBEZA August issue release. Now, I know I called it a “shindig” so you’re already all kinds of excited to go, but the details get even better.

Hosted at Molotov Lounge, there will be drink specials, entertainment, a photobooth, sweet treats, and more! Also, if you’re one of the first 25 people to arrive, you’ll get a complimentary swag bag. Sounds fun, right?!

Well, if the awesome-ness of the bash isn’t enough to get you over there, remember it’s a benefit. BookSpring  is a non-profit organization that provides books, tools, and reading experiences to families and children in order to give them a desire to read and thrive. At the bash, you can donate used books in exchange for raffle tickets! It’s a win-win situation.

The bash will also be celebrating the TRIBEZA August issue release. TRIBEZA is an Austin, locally-owned, arts and culture magazine. If you’ve heard of it, celebrate it! If you haven’t, learn about it, and still celebrate it!

Entry is a $20 donation at the door. Or, you can buy tickets in advance here. Also, be sure to click “I Like It!” for a chance to win a pair of FREE tickets!

Bigface Weekend @ Haven

This weekend, Haven has three nights of music, drinks, and fun just waiting for your arrival. Music, drinks, and fun? Oh yeah, you’re intrigued.

Kicking off the weekend on Thursday night, (and yes, the weekend does indeed start on Thursday) are DJ Blitz and a live performance by Guinevere. DJ Blitz will have you on your feet dancin’ the night away as you jam out to his artistically blended beats. He seamlessly mixes genres from country to hip hop, never skipping a beat.

But wait, along with good music, Haven will make your Thursday night even better with awesome drink specials! There will be $4 wells and domestics, along with $100 UV Vodka bottles. A complimentary bottle of UV Vodka will be given to groups of 6+ people celebrating a birthday. Be sure to call 512-522-0409 to set up a reservation.

Friday night, the fun continues. Ladies, Friday nights at Haven are ladies’ nights! Ladies that arrive before 11:00pm will receive a pink Haven cup. Free UV Vodka drinks will be offered until 1:00am, with a limit of one per hour.

To add to the excitement of ladies night, Austin’s own DJ Bigface will be spinnin’ the table, mixin’ the music, and mashin’ the beats. Ladies and gentlemen, especially ladies, you’re not going to want to miss out on the Friday night shenanigans at Haven.

Now, if you have to miss out on Thursday and Friday night due to work, or being tired, or just being down right lame, don’t you worry because Haven will have a THIRD night lined up for you; Bigface Weekend continues.

Just remember, the UV pink cup promo is good Friday and Saturday, and ladies in before 11 drink UV free until 1:00am. Don’t miss out!

Go Out. Go Eat. GO TEXAN! at the 2012 GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up


There’s nothing better than chowing down on some food. Especially if that food your stuffing in your face is locally grown, produced and handled. Especially, especially if some of the money you spend on it is going toward local food banks to help hungry Texans.

The GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up is July 23-29 all across Texas, with some great things going on around here in Austin. More than 100 local restaurants and bars are participating, and you can check that list here. Each restaurant involved will donate at least $100 to local food banks, which means over 100,000 meals will be given to those in need.

The Round-Up connects local farmers and ranchers with local restaurants. Why is that awesome? Because that means the foods don’t have to travel as far — helping them retain freshness and nutrients — and because that means lower transportation costs — meaning lower food costs.

And food isn’t the only thing being spotlighted during this week — but beer, too. That’s right, I’ve definitely got your attention now. All week at Opal Divine’s three locations — Freehouse, Penn Field and Marina — they’ll have 50 beers on tap, each day featuring local breweries at each store.


And if you think you have what it takes, they’ll also be having Texas beer blind taste qualifying tests Monday through Thursday, then the final contestants will compete for local brewery swag, Opal’s gift cards and the title of “Biggest Texas Beer Snob” on Friday. Get ready to hold your noses high.

This whole week Texas will be served up on table-tops, and it’s gonna be one big delicious celebration. Texas is the leader nation-wide for households that are food-insecure, and that’s just a no-go. Take advantage of the events happening July 23-29 to get to know your local food supply so we can change this, yeah?

Also, follow #TXDineOut on Twitter along with @GOTEXAN all week long for updates and buzz on what’s going on.

Get on board with the GO TEXAN Round-Up slogan: “Go Out. Go Eat. Go Drink. GO TEXAN!”

All Aboard the S. S. Coachella : A Music Festival at Sea!

Have you heard the news? Coachella is trying something new and setting sail in December! The S. S. Coachella is the newest ship in the world-renowned Solstice class. Celebrity Silhouette is one of the most stylish, luxurious ships at sea with 12 dining venues, 9 bars, multiple live music settings and an amazing spa. Not only is this ship luxurious, but there will be 20 wonderful artists performing for you to experience in a more private setting. This cruise also offers excursions offshore which include everything from sightseeing tours to beach and water activities.

Imagine getting a chance to see each artist above at least once, but maybe twice? This voyage sounds like a wonderful dream vacation. Artists will play at the four venues pictured below. Each one is fascinating and unique. Picture Girl Talk lighting up the dance floor at Quasar. You can listen to Grimes hit those high notes as you sip on a cocktail in the pool. Yeasayer or !!! will jam out in the pristine silhouette theater. Or imagine dancing to Hot Chip on the lawn club. All these venues will bring you to celebrity status with their intimate settings. You’ll get to know artists, passengers, and the people who make these dreams possible.




Silhouette Theater

Lawn Club

Not only are the venues epic but so are the suites. You can choose which cabin you would like to reside in depending on how much you want to splurge. Rooms go from $500-$1,800 so far, and that’s not including extras. My advice is to set aside at least a grand for total expenses if you’re going for the bare minimum. Click here to learn more about the rooms and pricing. But don’t stress too much about it now. You’re most likely not going to spend that much time in your room anyway. However much you plan on spending for the celebrity treatment, it will all be worth it for this once in a lifetime experience.

You have two opportunities to catch the cruise via two different departure dates.



Reservations for your room can be booked starting this Saturday, July 21 at 10:00am PDT (noon Austin time) at


Do512 Keeps You In the Know On Austin 4th of July Events!

Photo Credit: Sacramento Bee

America’s birthday is right around the corner, and you know what that means! We’re talking about barbecue, cookouts, pool parties, cold brews, and, duh, fireworks! There’s just one catch: this year the 4th of July is a Wednesday. Uh….what? No need to worry, because there’s still plenty going on in Austin, and Do512 has searched the city for all the hottest events happening in honor of Uncle Sam!

Photo Credit: Zazzle

That’s right. Do512 has searched high and low for all the awesome Independence Day events all over the ATX, and our guide will keep you in the know for this weekend (6/30 – 7/1) all the way to Wednesday the 4th! So if you’re looking for patriotic fireworks, family-friendly picnics, crazy late-night parties, and everything else in between, be sure to check out our guide to the 4th of July in Austin!

Photo Credit: The Texas Experiment

We know the big day isn’t until next week, but check out our 4th of July In Austin Guide today! There’s plenty of related events happening today, tomorrow, and all the way through Wednesday!