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SXSW Interactive Recap: Boyhood, Seth Meyers & More

Do512 has been in the throes of SXSW for months now. Adding events, refreshing Twitter constantly, trying to get you the most up-to-date news on who’s coming to this sweet little Spring Break festival. Interactive is like a nice little relief, a calm before the music storm where we can get out and see movies, or hear interesting panels and speakers! Our Do512 Family editor, Jamie Jett, had a chance to hit up the fest this past weekend. Here is her recap.


As a first-year SXSW badge-holder, I’ve gone in and out of complete fits of overwhelmed excitement. There is SO MUCH going on. The city feels so alive, you can hear its pulse and see its breath. It’s bananas, y’all. When I first stepped into the Austin Convention Center and encountered all of the business, I immediately felt grateful to be there and excited about what I was about to learn and see.

The first event I planned to attend failed, due to it being everyone else’s plan. Jason Bateman spoke on Saturday, March 8 and I naively thought that maybe, just maybe, I could get there 20 minutes before it started and totally make it. Wrong. But it worked out. Walking away from the long line, I saw no line at the Seth Meyers panel that was to take place an hour later. So I grabbed a seat and waited.

The best part of arriving so early was that SXSW had a simulcast running of keynote speaker Neil DeGrasse Tyson, host of Cosmos, which, was probably the most interesting conversation I’ve heard in years. He spoke about what science is, how you can’t deny it to fit your philosophies, and how we need to let our children explore so that they learn. Tyson had a way of explaining really difficult concepts so that everyone could understand. You can watch an interview with him here.


After the simulcast, it was time for the Seth Meyers Late Night panel, hosted by Olivia Munn. Naturally, the whole thing was hilarious. Munn started the panel with a short interview and then opened the floor up to questions from the audience. Meyers seemed like a genuine nice dude, grateful for the opportunity to host the late night show. He said that it all happened because Lorne Michaels was basically like, “You’d be good at that,” and Meyers was all, “Is this a job offer?” And there you have it. It’s only been on the air for a couple of weeks but the show is already being well-received by fans and critics. You really can’t go wrong when your bandleader is Fred Armisen, amiright?

After the panel, it was time for drinks. I got some free pizza and booze at the #UseMeLeaveMe Digital Campground and then continued being irresponsible (but AWESOME) well into the night.


The next morning I managed to get up early and get to the Paramount Theatre just in time to see the SXSW Premier of Richard Linklater’s latest film, Boyhood. Seeing the film has been the highlight of my SXSW experience thus far. It was special for so many reasons, let me count the ways…

  1. It’s Richard Linklater, who is such an iconic Austin director thanks to gems like Dazed and Confused and Slacker.
  2. It was filmed over a 12-year span and follows a boy, played by Ellar Coltrane, on his journey from Kindergarten to his college dorm move-in day.
  3. Coltrane’s sister in the film is portrayed by Linklater’s actual daughter, Lorelei Linklater.
  4. The entire film is set in Texas. You see scenery of San Marcos, Houston, Austin and beyond.
  5. It was being screened at the Paramount, the most iconic theatre in Austin, where there isn’t a bad seat in the house. (Fun fact: Houdini performed there and there is a hole in the ceiling because he always had to have a hole in the ceiling for one of his tricks.)
  6. It was at friggin’ SXSW, the biggest, most Austin event ever.

I won’t go into great explanation of what made the movie awesome, you can see it and find that out for yourself. But I will tell you that it is probably the best movie I’ve ever seen, that it touched on subjects that we can all identify with, and that it made me cry. Like, legit cry. Not a couple of tears, but a lot of them. The story line will hit home with anyone, but if you’re a Texan, it will have an extra layer of awesome for you.

The movie was followed with a Q&A with Richard Linklater, Lorelei Linklater, Ellar Coltrane and Ethan Hawke. The Linklaters and Coltrane seemed surreal to be showing this to their town, to their people, and you could feel it in the room. OK, I’ll stop gushing now….

Day 3 involved Lena Dunham, locking my keys in my car and then forgetting about everything wrong with the world at Strange Brew III — where I saw Diarrhea Planet, DZ Deathrays, Dune Rats, Possessed by Paul James, Together PANGEA and so many other ridiculously fun and talented musicians. Check out the pics and feel real bad about yourself if you didn’t go. J/K, you have plenty of opportunities to make up for it later this week.

- J Jett




Ways To Get Around Austin During SXSW 2014


So you plan to come to South by Southwest this year, huh? Props to you for planning to attending one of the largest, most magical festivals in the world. Hopefully you’ve already registered and found a place to stay (check out this guide for some affordable, yet trendy options if you haven’t ). But have you figured out how the heck you’ll get around?

It sounds silly, but if you’ve never been to SXSW before, just imagine 400,000 people wandering around the streets of one city trying to hail a cab or catch a bus. Things can definitely get insane. But, fear no more! We’ve come up with plenty of creative ways for you to get around the city without a hassle, so check them out below:




Car2Go is one of the best transportation inventions to come to Austin. It’s like renting a car without the usual BS you have to deal with. All you have to do is find a Car2Go at one of their 240+ stations around town (they’re everywhere, seriously), pay a small hourly fee, and you’ll be on your way. Easy as pie. Oh, and did we mention that Car2Go is giving Do512 subscribers a special during SXSW? You’ll only pay $5 in registration fees (instead of $35) and you’ll receive 12 free driving minutes… which is nice if you only need to get from one place to another. Register for the SXSW Car2Go special using  promo code “Do512” here.



Yep, there are cabs in Austin. It costs about $23 to get from ABIA to downtown. You can often book them in advance, but the system can get a little weird during the festival. Yellow Cab phone number is 512-452-9999. Austin Cab is 512-478-2222.



Airport shuttles are great because they run 24/7 and cost a little less than a taxi. For $17, you can take the Super Shuttle from the airport to anywhere in the metro Austin area. Or, Yellow Cab’s airport shuttle will take you and up to four people to and from downtown for the price of one. Click here for the shuttle fare estimator.



Once you’ve landed in Austin and enjoyed at least a few songs from one of the live bands playing at the airport, you might decide it’s time to find your way to your hotel. If you’re on a tight budget, why not take the MetroAirport bus for just $1.50? During SXSW, it will operate every 15 minutes, taking you right downtown to where you need to go. You can buy your passes on the bus (with exact change) or purchase them via the CapMetro appClick here for schedules and route maps for the MetroAirport bus.



Hell, if you can purchase a couch or find a roommate on Craigslist, why not find a ride from the airport, too? If you feel brave enough to ask a stranger for a ride, check out the Ride Share forum. We’ve had some great experiences with Craigslist (haven’t you seen the Craigslist Joe documentary?) as well as some bad ones, so please, proceed at your own risk.



Getaround and ZipCar let you rent a car from an Austinite by the hour, day, or even week for as little as $30/day (the longer you rent, the cheaper they run). It’s great because every rental comes with insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and even a car-kit in case you run into an emergency. Getaround gets you up-and-running in just a few minutes, and ZipCar takes around three days to get started once you apply (they check your driving record to make sure you’re not a crazy psycho driver). Click here to start searching for a car on the Getaround-Austin community, or click here to apply and get started with ZipCar.



Uber plans to take part in SXSW this year, but they haven’t posted any information regarding their appearance just yet. Expect them to partner with companies like Samsung or Tesla to offer free rides for SXSW attendees. They’re even partnering with pedicab companies so you can make sure you’re hooked up with a ride, no matter what. Stay updated with Uber by visiting their Twitter page.





The TMS Hotel Shuttle service is offering SXSW registrants a convenient way to get around downtown at a reasonable price. The shuttle will run March 6th-15th between the Austin Convention Center and more than 50 hotels. Shuttle passes are $20 for a one-day pass, or you can purchase the nine-day pass for $120. These shuttles will run until either 1am or 3am, so be sure to check out their online schedule. Just be warned, these shuttles don’t always come when they’re supposed to, so always have a back-up plan just in case (like the other options below). Click here to purchase your hotel shuttle pass and view their online schedule.



The Interactive and Film Festival Shuttles are great because they’re FREE (yes, free) to Gold and Platinum Registrants, and they run more frequently than the Official Hotel Shuttle. They haven’t posted the schedule or routing information yet, so check back on their website closer to the event for more details.



Capital Metro will be offering routes for SXSW attendees that will run every 34 minutes, all day.  Bus passes are only $1 for one way, or $5.50 for a day pass. The bus will run until around midnight, but there’s also a late night shuttle for all you night owls out there (scroll to late night options for more details). Click here for schedules and route maps for Capital Metro buses.



While you’re here for SXSW, why not do like Austinites do and ride your bike around town? NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers is offering a free bike share program for SXSW registrants. These Tern folding bicycles will come complete with a helmet, lights (don’t be the idiot who gets run over without one), a lock and a rear basket to store your belongings. They’ll be available to rent on a daily basis from 10am until 12am. Just make sure you’re there early to guarantee a bicycle for the day. Get your SXcycle at 98 Red River, at the Southwest corner of Cesar Chavez & Red River.



If you don’t feel like renting a bike every single day, why not try Austin B-Cycle, a pay-as-you-go bike share program? By March 1st they’ll have nearly 40 stations, making it pretty darn convenient to get around during SXSW without the hassle. You can rent a bike for just $8/day, or for an entire week for only $25. My favorite part about B-cycle is they allow you to rent a bike for 30 minutes free, which is pretty nice if you just need it to get from one place to another on the fly. Download the B-Cycle app or purchase your pass here (you can also purchase passes at the bike station using a credit card).



SXSW is using Enterprise Rent-A-Car and their sister company, National Rent Car, as their preferred vendors this year. They’re offering a special discount for SXSW registrants that you can get by using the group code *L65SXSW* (PIN: SXS) on either website. However, Ace Rent-A-CarAvis and Thrifty are also great options for renting a car as well.



One of the most wild rides you’ll take during by SXSW is on a pedicab… ESPECIALLY if you’ve never been on one before. Plus, they’re not too expensive, either. Just open your eyes and you’ll find hundreds of ready-to-ride pedicabbers. Hail one down, pay between $10-$20 (depending on how difficult or long your journey is), and enjoy the sights as you ride through a sea of people without a care in the world. Keep an eye out for these trusted pedicab companies during SXSW.




While wandering back to your hotel might sound like a great idea at 3am, taking the bus is probably a better option. Thankfully, Capital Metro will be offering the usual Night Owl and E-Bus service until 3am everyday except Sundays (or in night owl terms, Monday mornings) during SXSW. There are five late-night routes to choose from that will pick you up at 6th street between Congress and Colorado and take you pretty much anywhere throughout the city. Click here for schedules and route maps for the Night Owl bus.



There you have it, 15 creative ways to get around Austin during SXSW. Now go rock it out SXSW this year! And before you do, be sure to check out our Ultimate SXSW Guide to find out the best bands to see, where to stay, what to eat, and how to enjoy it all without paying a dime.

What are you most excited to see at SXSW this year? Tell us in the comments below!

 Contributed by Krystal Penrose

Austin Food Trucks You MUST Try During SXSW


Ahh, South by Southwest is a few short weeks away. Which means 400,000 people who are really, really hungry (and probably really intoxicated) will be wandering the crowded streets of Austin, desperately looking for something good to eat.

We might be a little biased, but if you’re looking for some seriously good grub, Austin is one of the best places in the whole universe to find it. And how else would you enjoy the life of an Austinite without stuffing your face at one of our world famous food trucks?

If you’re looking for some of the best food trucks in Austin (and hell, even the U.S.), check out our top picks for food trucks you MUST try during SXSW 2014. For more info on all things SXSW, check Do512!


Micklethwait Craft Meats


Photo via Micklethwait’s Facebook Page

First things first… BBQ. Want to brag to your friends about eating damn near magical BBQ in Austin? Then don’t miss out on a visit to Mickelthwait Craft Meats. We recommend trying at least one of Tom’s craft sausages with off-beat varieties that rotate daily (think lamb and apricot or duck and cherry). Then, treat your taste buds to their sinful jalapeno cheese grits, and wash it all down with a cold beer from the convenience store next door. Trust us, you won’t regret the food coma you find yourself in afterwards.


Gourdough’s Doughnuts

Gourdoughs Donuts

If Anthony Bourdain can be swooned by Gourdough’s warm, fresh, holy-shit-delicious donuts, you should expect to fall in love with this little Austin treasure, too. Their most beloved donuts include the Mother Clucker, which is topped with fried chicken and honey butter, and the Flying Pig, which is smothered in bacon and topped with maple syrup icing. Feel free to go off the beaten path and try something from their secret menu like the Fat Elvis, topped with peanut butter icing, grilled bananas, bacon and drizzled in honey. Whatever you do, don’t count calories.


Chi’Lantro Korean BBQ

Chilantro Bbq Austin

Chi’Lantro has a warm spot in every Austinite’s heart when it comes to late night munchies. At this Korean-Mexican fusion food truck, you can fill up your inner fat kid with one of their hearty burritos (don’t forget to add Kimchi!). Then, find out why everyone’s talking about their salty, spicy, cheesy caramelized Kimchi fries. They weren’t featured on the Food Network, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel for nothing!

  • Find Chi’Lantro during SXSW on their Twitter page.


East Side King

East Side King

When Top Chef finalist and executive chef at Uchiko, Paul Qui, revealed East Side King to Austinites in 2009, he took the Austin food trailer scene up a few notches. Often called “Austin’s best food truck”, East Side King will make you swoon over their peanut butter curried beef tongue and deep-fried beet fries. Even the infamous Anthony Bourdain swore that “we need more of this in New York. Come all ye hipsters with your mutant mash-up food, your strange and wondrous treats to my neighborhood—and soon.”


Torchy’s Tacos

Torchys Tacos

The best queso in town? Check. Fried avocados? Check. An extensive menu full of tacos for meat lovers and vegetarians alike? Check. Torchy’s isn’t just your average taco food truck, it’s an Austin staple. That’s why it’s one of our cities longest-running and most tasty food trucks. Whatever you decide to order, don’t forget to make it trashy (smothered in queso). And if you can’t find a taco that blows your mind on their menu, order off of their secret menu instead.

  • Visit Torchy’s website to find ‘em at SXSW.


Svante’s Stuffed Burgers


Photo via Svante’s Facebook Page

It used to be only in dreams that we could imagine a bacon and cheese stuffed burger… until Svante’s arrived from New Jersey to make our burger dreams come true. One bite of their Space Jam burger and you’ll fall in love. The too-good-to-be-true Space Jam is everything you wished it could be – a 6 ounce patty stuffed with jalapeno Havarti cheese, bacon, roasted garlic aioli and bacon onion jam. While recovering from your burger coma, be sure to snap a picture with their famous sign that reads “Our beef consumes more grass than Willie Nelson”.

  • Make your burger dreams come true by following Svante’s on Twitter.




If you’ve never tried Detroit-style pizza before (you haven’t lived until you do), Via313 should be number one on your pizza bucket list. First, owners and Detroit natives, Brandon and Zane Hunt, take only the finest flours to make their doughy, square crust right in their tiny little trailer. Then, they’ll smother your pizza with cheese all the way to the edge, and top it with your traditional pizza fix-ins (no frills here, just classically delicious pizza). Once you eat your way to the buttery, crispy crust, that’s where the magic happens… the crispiness you get from the caramelized cheese is enough to blow your mind.




Kebabalicious has been saving the taste buds of drunk people in downtown Austin for nearly 7 years now. They’re one of the only places you’ll be able to enjoy traditional, European-style kebabs that are both sinfully delicious and made out of fresh, organic ingredients. You can get lamb AND beef on your kebab because, why not, it’s freaking delicious. And even if you’re not terribly hungry at 3am, get the king size and take the leftovers home (that is, if you didn’t scarf it down in two bites). Your hangover will thank you in the morning.


Way South Philly

If you’re serious about cheesesteaks and want something just as authentic as it is cheesy, Way South Philly is your spot. Their original “Balboa” cheesesteak, topped with steamed onions and warm, gooey Cheez WIZ is so authentic, they even imported the Amoroso Rolls straight from Philly. Austinites who frequent Way South Philly claim their cheese steaks are “slap yo mama good”, so it might not be the best idea to bring your mother along for the ride.

  • Follow Way South Philly on Twitter.


Lucky’s Puccias


Photo via Lucky’s Facebook page

Just when you least expected to find an authentic Italian sandwich in Texas, you might be “lucky” enough to come across Lucky’s Puccias. As one of Austin’s only authentic Italian eateries, Lucky’s will deliver you a sandwich that’s nothing short of magical. All of their sandwiches are topped with fresh ingredients and stuffed into a made-to-order, wood fired, crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside Puccia (pronounced POOH-CHAH). They’re so good, the owner, Lucky, claims people have written songs about them.


Did we miss any?

Whether you’re in search for barbeque, Tex-Mex, or authentic Italian during SXSW 2014, we hope this list helps you find what you’re looking for. If we missed your favorite Austin food truck, tell us about it in the comments below!

Contributed by Krystal Penrose

FTMOA: Band Recommendations for SXSW 2014


SXSW. Or, how to pack three months’ worth of incredible experiences into 10 days. The task of whittling down your “must-see-acts” is both exhilarating and exhausting. Take, for example, my local band recommendations. I started alphabetically but soon found no end to the amazing list of Austin acts playing the festival “officially” this year:

Amplified Heat, Amy Cook, Dana Falconberry, East Cameron Folkcore, The Eastern Sea, Foot Patrol, Graham Reynolds / Golden Arm Trio, Li’l Cap’n Travis, Little Wesley, Love Inks, Mother Falcon and Mr. Lewis & The Funeral Five.

The local ABC’s continue with My Education, Nakia, Not in the Face, OBN III’s, The Octopus Project, Orthy, Otis the Destroyer, Pompeii, Ramesh, Residual Kid, She Sir, Sons of Fathers, Starlings, TN, The Ugly Beats, Ume, Wild Child, Wiretree, Yuppie Pricks, ZEALE, The Zoltars and Zorch, to name a few.

obn iii'S

Click “Follow” on any SXSW Band Page on Do512 to automatically have their shows added to your custom schedule. You can also RSVP to as many events as you want.

Instead of trying to preview the best of the best from this aforementioned list (because really, I can’t recommend each and every one of those bands enough), I took a stab at trimming down the list of national and international acts I recommend as follows:

Ten To Track:

The Abigails: “Satanic outlaw country” as described by the band, their desolate sound is the perfect soundtrack to your despondent days, best heard on 2011’s aptly-titled, Songs Of Love & Despair.

Black Lips: Atlanta’s loveable garage rockers are sure to be up to some mischief and inevitably, will put on an unforgettable show. Expect to hear plenty of material off the upcoming Underneath The Rainbow record, due on March 18th.

Bob Mould: Legend. Ever since the days of Hüsker Dü and my beloved Sugar, and now via a rejuvenated solo career, Bob Mould has made his mark with introspective lyrics, fuzzy guitars and all in all, undeniable power-pop tunes.

Dum Dum Girls: Founded by Dee Dee Penny in 2008 in LA, this band’s easy-on-the-ears dream-pop takes turns to soothe and invigorate but pleases regardless. Their third full-length Too True dropped last month on Sub Pop; the “Lost Boys & Girls Club” single was featured in the H&M Life project.

Federico Aubele: He hails from Argentina and soundchecks many a genre in his exotic soundscapes. His tranquil afternoon set at the 2006 ACL Fest will forever hold a special spot in my memories. Hit this up for some international flavor.

Gruff Rhys: Short for Gruffydd Maredudd Bowen Rhys (that’s Welsh for ya), he co-founded the hopefully not-defunct Super Furry Animals, spearheading memorable tunes like “Something 4 the Weekend” and “(Drawing) Rings Around The World.” He’s put out some intriguing solo records as well. Oh, and he supports Bangor City F.C. in the Welsh league.

Habibi: Brooklyn’s Habibi churns out brilliant pop melodies with a nod to girl groups of decades past and a touch of punk panache. Founded in 2011, the band recently released their self-titled debut full-length on Burger Records.

Man or Astro-man?: Dick Dale on acid? This band’s enthralling surf-rock concoctions are crafted in outer space, the band will tell you. Since forming in the early ‘90s, they’ve released a slew of stellar full-lengths and EPs, including last year’s comeback record Defcon 5…4…3…2…1.

Vattnet Viskar: Swedish for “the water whispers,” their debut full-length Sky Swallower clocked in at #25 in Pitchfork’s Top 40 Metal Albums of 2013. If you like your metal black, you won’t want to miss the atmospheric doom conjured up by this band.

We Were Promised Jetpacks: One of those bands that won a high school “Battle of the Bands” contest and then actually went on to fulfill that potential, WWPJ has put out two brilliant full-lengths over the course of the last five years. And “Quite Little Voices” is arguably the best non-Travis/Frightened Rabbit song to come out of Scotland in a while.

And lest we forget, Five For Nostalgia:

Blondie: They kicked ass at ACL Live in 2011; no reason to believe they won’t bring it to SXSW. “Atomic” is a classic.

Gary Numan: Just to see “Cars” live.

Julian Lennon: The “forgotten Lennon.” He was the inspiration for Beatles’ hits like “Hey Jude” and also turned in a pretty solid song in the form of “Valotte” in the ‘80s.

Spandau Ballet: “Ha-ha-ha, ha-ah-hi…I know this much is true.” You know this too.

Urge Overkill: One of those bands most famous for a cover track – you’ll recall their righteous rendition of Neil Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” from Pulp Fiction.

-From The Mind Of Adi

Red Bull Sound Select Day Four- 3/15

Day eight of South by Southwest. You can feel it in your bones.

It’s only been four days of the music portion, but you’ve been trekking around making pit stops anywhere that spreads word of free booze since last Friday. You’ve conditioned your brain to believe that it’s not that far of a walk from Waterloo Records to Fader Fort and have been standing in Disney-worthy lines for a week now.

Luckily, attending Red Bull Sound Select at The Gatsby, there seemed to be an endless supply of that powerful little energy drink. People swarmed around chugging Red Bull and its three new flavors, (cranberry, lime and blueberry), giving them plenty of vitality for the rock and hip-hop flavored show to ensue.

London rockers Little Barrie took the stage with their long, British locks and gave the crowd and energizing show. Guitarist and vocalist Barrie Cadogan has guest appeared as a guitarist for some big names such as The Chemical Brothers and Morrissey. But Barrie’s implied mini-me, Little Barrie, takes on a style that sounds like a grungier version of Jet infused with some funk and R&B undertones, which makes for some soulful rock and roll.

Barrie Cadogan from Little Barrie.

Barrie Cadogan from Little Barrie.

Lewis Wharton, bassist for Little Barrie

Lewis Wharton, bassist for Little Barrie

With the subtle R&B flavor Little Barrie left on stage, the transition to Geto Boys was made much easier. Geto Boys told us way back in ’92, “Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta,” and the way the Houston group hopped around the Red Bull stage, they made that statement appear believable.  Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill pumped energy into the crowd and played for a crowd that appeared larger than Best Coast’s Day One show.

The Ultramagnetic MCs swooped in to preserve the energy and close out the show. Kool Keith, Ced Gee, TR Love and DJ Moe Love worked in tandem to accentuate their old-school flavor as they made the crowd “swing.” Kool Keith, founder of Ultramagnetic MCs, also credits himself as being the originator of Horrorcore, a genre that translates the lyrically violent imagery within his music.

Ultramagnetic MCs

Ultramagnetic MCs

Ultramagnetic MCs

Ultramagnetic MCs

Day four of Red Bull Sound Select meshed British rock and hip hop, but managed to seamlessly weave together those very different genres to create an energetic live show with heavy head-bobbing and hand-swinging that anyone could enjoy (with a Red Bull in hand, of course).

via Courtney Goforth



New Shapes Day Party at Red Eyed Fly- 3/14


Next Thursday (3/14), Red Eyed Fly will keep in the South by loop with their New Shapes Day Party presented by Neon Gold, Communion, National Anthem, Chess Club, MCT, Bang the Drum and Ultimate Ears. Not only do they have a lineup that comprises some of Buzzfeed’s 30 under 30 of the “Hottest Young Bands” that will be at SXSW like Wildcat! Wildcat! and Sky Ferreira, but there will also be an open bar provided by Western Spirits, as well as Vito Coco cocktails.

Two stages. 11 bands. Free drinks.


Free entry with RSVP on Do512!

So why the hell not?

Indoor Stage:

12:45 Half Moon Run
01:45 Jamie N Commons
02:45 Wildcat! Wildcat!
03:45 MØ
04:45 Swim Deep

Outdoor Stage:

12:15 Wardell
01:15 Kodaline
02:15 Ambassadors
03:15 Michael Kiwanuka
04:15 HAERTS
05:15 Sky Ferreira


via Courtney Goforth

SXSpotify House 3/11-3/15

newspotifyhouseSouth.By.South.West. Overwhelming in the most amazing way.  The convergence of thousands of music fans, exuding endless amounts of passion, all striving to catch their favorite band or discover their next favorite.  Free food, drinks and music on every corner.  RSVPs out the wazoo and lines that resemble something of a cat’s cradle formation.  Exhaustion arrives just thinking about the forthcoming week.

Spotify. An escape from mundane Mondays into a world of unadulterated, pure musical bliss. The application has done wonders for listeners worldwide with access to unlimited and copious amounts of music at little to no cost. Of course there’s a Spotify House at SX.  #duh. Located at the corner of E. Cesar Chavez St. and Medina, the house will serve as safe haven for the madness around town.  There will be ping pong, giveaways, a photobooth, tons of music and local food trucks.  ALL FREE w/ RSVP Monday 3/11 through Friday 11/15, 12-6.

Performances from Angel Haze, Pacific Air, Robert Delong, Twenty One Pilots, Wallpaper, Gregory Alan Isakov, Ivan & Alyosha, Jamie N Commons, The Last Bison, and Tom Odell. Diamond Rings, Flight Facilities, Flume, Neon Indian, Sean Glass, The White Panda and Watch the Duck will also be at the Big Green House for DJ sets in the afternoon, makes this spot the place to be.

Get your RSVP on and score some sweet swag.


What Do You Need From "Ending Unemployment" “Ending Unemployment”

Sometimes laziness gets the best of us. That pile of laundry can look like a heap of hell and that front yard can stare at you like a hopeless terrain each time you come home. You don’t have a car and you’re tired of catching the bus or mooching rides off of your friends. Sometimes you need to call in reinforcements. is a hub of people who have their own heaps of hell like dog poop in the backyard they’d rather pay someone $25 to pick up than do themselves. Moms are taking offers for someone to wash, dry, fold, iron, hang and put away her and her two daughter’s clothes. If you are handy, there is a very generous DJ offering $5,000 to build him a custom DJ booth.

On, people come to you wanting to get paid, which requires them to fulfill the job to your standards and paints them as a less sketchy character than let’s say, someone from Craigslist. (We’d still recommend having someone with you when the rando from the Internet comes to rake your dog’s poop). Be sure to check the profiles of the users who make offers and see if they are background checked and have good reviews. You can also be the person on the other end making the offers on some odd jobs that can fatten up your wallet for the weekend, or get you some extra breakfast tacos.

To make it even more relevant, people are already piling on offers to help out during SXSW. Sidecar has made a listing that offers $20 an hour to shuttle people around in your own car during SXSW. Maybe you don’t want to spend $40 on RSVPster to get on the list for all of the shows and parties during SX, but you are willing to give $20 to someone to do it for you.

Whatever it is, there is someone willing to do it for the right price. If you don’t have the money, why not offer your skills for something you are willing to do, then use that to pay someone to scoop the poop? Just a thought. Maybe poop-scooping isn’t that shitty.


via Courtney Goforth

CrowdSYNC, the Must-Have app for SXSW

Say hello to your new partner-in-crime, CrowdSync.


With the madness known as SXSW right around the corner, prep yourself and your smartphone for battle with this free iOS app that allows you to relive all the live shows by merging fan footage shot at the same time and place. CrowdSync is a finalist out of more than five hundred companies who submitted their web-based products to the fifth annual SXSW Accelerator. Here’s why CrowdSync is super awesome:

It’s ridiculously easy to use, check it: shoot, upload, wham, bam, and thank you ma’am. Once your video is uploaded to the CrowdSync database, the app crowd-sources through YouTube to match it up with other clips filmed at the same show at the same time. Check it:

But wait, there’s more!

Ever wondered how Beyonce looked from the first row? In app, you can alternate between different user videos with different perspectives in a four-way split screen. From there, take a seat as director and create/share your experience with all your single ladies, bands and venues with your existing social networking services. CrowdSync works on the fly, so feel free to roam SX and soak up the festival goodness.


However, just like every superhero has their kryptonite, CrowdSync is only as great as its user base. So let’s all do our part as responsible concert-goers and share the experience. We’ll be making sure that for SXSW the Do512 posse has this queued up for download first.  Download the app and learn more about CrowdSync here.

SXSW 2013′s Best and Worst Band Names


South-by never sleeps. The crew here at Do512 usually starts getting our SX strategy in place in November, ensuring that we’re somewhat prepared for the onslaught of party details and band announcements that start popping up in January. That means by this point, a week before the festival pops off, we have looked over just about every SXSW party, official showcase, and artist roster we can manage.

After scouring the list of thousands (and thousands) of SXSW 2013 performing artists, we stumbled upon quite a few band names that caught our attention. Some are good (Anamanaguchi rolls right off the tongue), some are bad (JFK Didn’t Even See It Coming? Really?), and some are just plain forgettable (put some stank on it, Shoes.) We gathered some of the best, worst, weirdest, and ballsiest band names we could find, and put them here for your scrutiny.

The Good:

  1. Wordburglar (Toronto, Canada)
  2. Captain Squeegee (Tempe, Arizona)
  3. Cosmic Suckerpunch (Los Angeles, California)
  4. Fuck Art, Let’s Dance! (Hamburg, Germany)
  5. David Hasselhoff on Acid (Kansas City, Kansas)
  6. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (Carlton, United Kingdom)
  7. Peggy Hsu (Taipei, Taiwan)
  8. Anamanaguchi (Brooklyn, New York)
  9. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (Oxford, United Kingdom)
  10. Unstoppable Death Machines (Brooklyn, New York)
  11. Maximum Hedrum (Los Angeles, California)
  12. Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries (Brooklyn, New York)
  13. Mutilation Rites (Brooklyn, New York)
  14. Nü Sensae (Vancouver, Canada)
  15. Not In The Face (Austin, Texas)
King Gizzard or Lizard Wizard himself

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard himself

The Bad:

  1. JFK Didn’t Even See It Coming (Columbus, Ohio)
  2. ASSACRE (Austin, Texas)
  3. Cumstain (Oakland, California)
  4. Shit And Shine  (United Kingdom)
  5. Goatwhore (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  6. OFWGKTA (Los Angeles, California)
  7. UUVVWWZ (Lincoln, Nebraska)
  8. BADBADNOTGOOD (Toronto, Canada)
  9. Octa#grape (San Diego, California)
  10. Come See My Dead Person (Texas City, Texas)
Photo via Cumstain

Photo via Cumstain

The Boring:

At least the bad band names leave an impression. And if you wanted to find Cumstain on the internet, you likely wouldn’t have to look far. The following band names, however, suffer from a severe lack of adjectives. And Googleability. Why couldn’t your band name be Death Shoes? Or Blouse Fire? (Feel free to use those, by the way. We don’t mind.)

  1. Brown Shoe (Folsom, California)
  2. Family (Brooklyn, New York)
  3. Houses (Chicago, Illinois)
  4. Blouse (Portland, Oregon)
  5. Kisses (Los Angeles, California)
  6. ME (Melbourne, Australia)
  7. Minerals (Warsaw, Poland)
  8. NO (Los Angeles, California)
  9. Pool (Hamburg, Germany)
  10. Races (Los Angeles, California)
  11. Shoes (Kenosha, Wisconsin)
  12. Sunglasses (Savannah, Georgia)
  13. Water Tower (Portland, Oregon)
  14. Pan (Columbia, South Carolina)
  15. BOY (Hamburg, Germany)

The Swiss-German pop duo known as BOY

This especially sticks in our craw here at Do512. For example, there’s apparently some band named “Lady” performing at SXSW. Our system does its best job to interpret what artist that might be, in order to generate a band profile and gig calendar for them. The more generic your band name, the more confused our system gets.

For example, a search for “Lady” brought back some hilariously varied results. They are apparently a New York-based mixture of k-pop, gangster rap, Lady Gaga and Kenny Rogers. But hey, at least we got to got an opportunity to jam some sweet Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie today.

For further reading, check out this old Tumblr page started by DoStuff founder Scott Owens circa 2010. It’s just a blog about band names, inspired by Comanche Abortion.