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Texas Rollergirls Semifinals

Who rules the world? Girls! Especially the Texas Rollergirls because, frankly, they’re a lot more awesome than most of us.

Next Saturday, Aug. 18, the Texas Rollergirls Semifinals will be rocking the Austin Convention Center. Have you ever been? It’s intense. Hundreds of rambunctious fans screaming. Photographers everywhere. Roller girls going hard, knocking-out and knocking-in other roller girls. I mean, have you ever been surrounded by fans, coaches, women who are chanting, “Faster, faster, kill, kill, kill”? If you think this is just measly “girly” sport, you’d only be semi right. It’s a badass girl’s sport, but it’s anything but measly.

For those who are keeping score — which, you should be because this isn’t your kid’s soccer team where “playing for fun, not for contest” is the mindset — The Hell Marys are schooling everyone with three wins, zero losses; the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers are in second with two wins, one loss; the Hodrod Honeys are in third with one win, two losses and the Hustlers are in fourth with zero wins and three loses.

Photo credit: Jennifer Ramos

Next Saturday, that could all change. The first bout (or game for you newbs) starts at 6 p.m. where the Hodrod Honeys will take on the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. The second bout starts at 7:30 p.m. where the Hustlers will try to break the Hell Marys winning streak, and their own losing streak.

Photo Credit: Roy Moore




Go out and join the rest of the crazy-ass-derby fans root on the toughest girls this side of the west — ok, cheesy, let me start over….. meh, just get your crazy-ass out there, too. You’ll have a HELL of a time! Get cho tickets here!

Hypersonic Saturdays with Toddy B

The people of Austin have spoken and they say their favorite DJ to party and dance to is Toddy B!

Toddy B has been killin’ the charts since 2007 and has again won this year’s “Best Electronica/Club DJ” in the Austin Music Awards presented by The Austin Chronicle!

Haven is celebrating his awesomeness by adding him to their monthly “Hypersonic Saturdays” roster!

Toddy B has been collecting his blue ribbons from 2007, 2008, 2010 and now 2012 and wants to say THANK YOU to everyone who voted again this year!

So come out this Saturday, June 2 at 10 pm, and see Toddy B kicking off Hypersonic Saturday at Haven with special guest Bobby Blyss.

Queen tribute night @ The Highball 5/19 – FREE

Is this the real life or is this just fantasy? For real. We. Will. Rock your face off with this incredible night of Queen-tastic music, videos, a tribute band, and a mustache competition!

The Highball really knows how to throw a tribute party. They’ve invited Austin’s official Queen tribute band Magnifico for your listening and dancing pleasure! They’ll be plenty loud so you can sing along at the top of your lungs… I know I will!

The party starts at 10:30pm, but get there early and enjoy the Action Pack’s mix of glam-rocker music videos to warm up to!

This isn’t your normal college kid karaoke night. It’s going to be one epic night. Queen is the ultimate power-house rock band. You think you know Queen, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet (unless you saw them live). The Highball has one vision, and that is to rock your socks, or leg warmers, off, so make sure to wear your dancing shoes and to limber up.

If you haven’t been to The Highball yet, it’s at 1120 S. Lamar Blvd. So take a back seat, hitch-hike or take a long ride on a motorbike to get there. Or even your bicycle. Either way, they know how to rock-and-roll, and you will be square if you ain’t there!


The Brew Exchange Grand Opening Party with Free Tito’s Vodka

If you have never been to The Brew Exchange, now is the best time to go! Not only do they have the best beer selection in Austin, over 100 beers, they’re giving away FREE Tito’s vodka and Fireman’s 4 for their grand opening party on Thursday May 17! And don’t worry, DJ Kenja will be there providing the crunchy tunes for you to get your groove on. Party starts at 8, but get there early to try new beers!

The Brew Exchange is fun, engaging and it’s the only bar in Austin with prices based on supply and demand – stock market style! You can even watch the beer prices rise and fall on their 1960′s style ticker running around the bar and on big flat screen TVs.

Here’s how it works:  the beers are separated into categories (Lager, IPA, Cider, etc). For example, if your friend buys an IPA, the price of that beer goes up and the rest in the category go DOWN, allowing you to try a new IPA at a lower price. Sounds like a blast to me! Who doesn’t love great beer at a lower price?

Be sure to LIKE the event on our website for a chance to win a $75 gift card to spend at the grand opening!

See you at 706 West Sixth and Rio Grande right next to Opal Devine’s on Thursday!