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Alex Kenji an International Man of Mystery

Alex Kenji is doooooope! And, I mean dope in the way that Aziz Ansari would say it. Kenji is an international man of mystery, and by man I mean DJ and by mystery I mean phat beats-cue the air horn. Just kidding he’s not that tacky, but he is internationally known playing in such countries as Italy, Brasil, Mexico, the UK, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal and Switzerland. His next stop is none other than the A to the T to the X. Haven will be hosting the 31 year old DJ also known as Alessandro Bacci, on Friday June 29th. Get your tickets here.

Alex Kenji

Did I also mention he is a producer? Well, it’s true ladies and gents, the man also has over 10 years producing and is the co-owner of record labels-303Lovers and Hotfingers. Combined, he has sold more then 40,000 units of music in web stores since August 2007. He can also boast as an IDMA award winner for his song “Pressure” which won “Best Progressive Track” in 2011. He has over 50 releases under his belt; he’s legit.

It’s quite obvious that Alec Kenju offers unique sets that draw people to the dance floor. His international flavor mixed with deep grooves display his talent superbly. As if Alex Kenji wasn’t enough, we have our very own DJ Toddy B (who is no stranger to the Austin club scene) to open for him. Finally, we have Haven as the venue for this lovely dance party.

Haven...more like Heaven

Haven is a brand new venue with a unique concept catering to people who love to dance in an ultra chic lounge environment. They offer a full bar, bottle service and specialty cocktails all served by professional mixologists. Feel like having a drink yet? Then don’t miss this amazing event. After all, who knows when Alex Kenji will be back? He lives in Italy! No one wants to leave Italy!