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Beauty Ballroom Gets Campy

Growing up has come to bear negative connotations, despite its obvious advantages. Adults can vote, convict their peers of misdoings, and even go into naughty novelty shops. When I turned 18, I bought a pack of cigarettes and shot it with a newly purchased shotgun. The American Dream! With all this being said, there is an allure to those days gone by, void of responsibility— or at the very least disregard for any seeming albatrosses.

"I really don't care about this one." - a typical 6 year old

We all look back to our youth as a point of pride, before the wayward weight of the world crushed our dreams and I had to move back in with my parents. Nostalgia without reverie is self-pity, though, and staying grounded is a necessity for any adult (especially when you break your parents’ curfew, even though I’m not a kid anymore Mom). Just how can I relive my past but not end up getting more swirlies?

Luckily for those without a curfew, Beauty Ballroom will be bringing the best parts of youth back in the form of Adult Summer Camp, a Labor Day party more campy than RuPaul. Featuring electronic music from the likes of Austin favorites Applied Pressure, Learning Secrets, Missions, and Orthy (with more DJ’s on the patio), the scene will be more bumping than my arms from these basement-dwelling mites. With smores and more from Johnnye’s and a delightfully stocked bar, you can be all grown-up and not wait 30 minutes before sliding into the pools (though such dashing measures aren’t advised). Running from 9 PM- to 2 AM on September 2nd, entry is free with an RSVP on Do512, so the only thing holding you back from a campy night out should be helping me with my chores.

The ultimate dance experience this weekend with MSTRKRFT @Emo’s East

With Mother’s Day inching it’s way closer, we’re sure many of you good sons and daughters are putting aside your hard-earned cash for a special present your mother will love. Wait, don’t spend it all though! …Not that we don’t want you to get mom something totally awesome, we just think you should take the opportunity to first hear about what kind of amazing madness you can treat yourself to if only you save $30 of it for this weekend.

Saturday, May 12, MSTRKRFT, along with Araabmuzik, Bird Peterson and Applied Pressure will be turning Emo’s East into one huge bumpin’ boom boom room.

If you’re a electronic music enthusiast, chances are you’re more than familiar with MSTRKRFT. For those who aren’t, here’s a lil’ must-know info: The group is comprised of two guys with serious talent – Toronto musician, Jesse F. Keeler and studio wizard, Al-P. Their sound is a crafted mix of house, hip-hop, grime, punk, and all kinds of electronic experimentation rolled into one. Lastly, their name (pronounced “Master Craft”, not as a super long acronym) is synonymous with master remix-ologists. In fact, their remixing skills scored them a Grammy nomination for Annie and Wolfmother’s track “Woman”. Take a listen.

“We’re interested in making people feel like they want to dance, at least a little bit, so it’s all about whatever it takes to get people there.” says AL-P.  ‘Nuf said. If you’re in the dancing mood, allow yourself to become part of the huge cult following of obsessed MSTRKRFT dance fans.

If you really want to dance but think $30 is a little steep, just make it a point to save $6 a day until the weekend – we know you can do it :) Especially when acts like Araabmuzik and Bird Peterson will also be taking stage. Check out videos of all these groups in one place on our event page. While you’re there, be sure to click “I like it” for your chance to enjoy Saturday night at Emo’s East for free!

If you got your dancing skills from your mama, maybe you can share this awesome gift of music and night of dancing with her… If not, go on and treat yourself.

Thanks for stoppin’ by :)
~ @Do512_Dominique