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As You Wish – Alamo Drafthouse’s Princess Bride Feast and Wine Debut

You want to know what to do on Valentine’s Day? As you wish.

You want something new, delicious, smooth, yet witty to drink this Valentine’s day while enjoying a delectable meal? As you wish.

You want to see the Alamo Drafthouse’s Action Pack host in velvet pants? AS YOU WISH!

While the Princess Bride themed quote-along is a longtime favorite for Alamo lovers on V-day, this year there’s some extremely exciting news. After pondering what they could do with their wine list to make it exciting and unique, the Alamo did what they do best and thought of something so charming, yet simplistic, it’s simply astonishing it didn’t already exist before.

Enter in, the Bottle of Wits. After a few phone calls to the Princess Bride rights holders, the design maestros at Helms Workshop for a collectible bottle idea and of course, their in-house drink master, the Drafthouse was looking at two wines they call Inconceivable Cab and As You Wish White.

We were lucky enough to get to try a little smattering of the two last week and were not at all disappointed. The wine will be available for everyone to try starting this February 14 and will be unveiled at the Princess Bride Valentine’s feast. Shortly afterwards, it will then be available for purchase online. Delicious. While the wine is divine, it certainly is going to be sharing a stage with some notable edibles as well.

On the menu for the rest of the feast, you’re looking at a carefully planned mutton & arugula sandwich on a nice multi-seed bread with herb dressing, an eel salad and a coffee, mustard and peppercorn rubbed beef tenderloin with truffled risotto and port glace.

If you don’t know what half those words mean, we found out they mean “dude, yum.”

The earlier those Valentine’s plans get made, the better that day with exorbitant amounts of pink everywhere will be. We assure you, we trust Alamo to take care of us when all we want is to eat drink and be merry. Tickets on sale tomorrow!