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First Round Fridays: Kick off Your Summer with a Cheap Round-o-Drinks!

Ohhhh it’s easy to sit in an office in the middle of the day watching the amazing spring weather that is somehow still with us and feel so very very trapped. That is until Friday afternoon rears it’s glorious head and says “shh shh you’re almost free!”

You have a responsibility, my friend. You have a responsibility to take that freedom and do something phenomenal with it. Do not be afraid, Tabbedout is here to aid.

Every Friday, Tabbed out will announce a new “First Round Friday”offer on their Facebook page. The offer promises to essentially fund your first round each Friday if you go to that week’s special location. Obviously, to see that nugget of information, you’re going to want to make sure you like them on Facebook. They will also post hints earlier in the week as to where that week’s chosen drinking spot will be.

Once Friday comes, get those friends of yours wrangled and meet up at the designated deal spot of choice to eat and drink. Merriment is bound to follow. If you haven’t been using Tabbedout’s offers feature yet, simply look for the gold OFFERS button in the app and tap it. Once you follow the instructions and qualify for the offer, you will see it listed as “Ready to Redeem!” Tap Redeem, get the discount applied to your tab, wham bam Tabbedout just bought your first round.


THIS WEEK SNEAK PEEK: Tabbedout is letting us share with you here where this week’s “secret” location is! Tomorrow night, the offer will be $7 off your overall tab for the first 20 people to redeem the First Round Friday Offer, released in the app at 4pm. Trifecta has great $3 pizzas and happy hour drinks from 5-8pm, so this makes for a pretty awesome start to your holiday weekend. Say yes to cheap yums and we’ll see you there!

More info! 

Tabbedout is the free mobile app for iPhone and Android that lets you PAY your TAB with your PHONE. Skip the wait to pay your tab at participating bars and restaurants by opening a tab with Tabbedout. View your tab details in real time and leave when you are ready to go. Tabbedout puts you in control of when you pay your tab so you never miss out on a good time or leave your credit card at the bar. 

Don’t have Tabbedout yet? Download it now: