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Armadillo Christmas Bazaar at Palmer Events Center

It’s that time of year, when kids write letters to Santa, families gather to celebrate and snow falls all around. Well, it probably won’t snow in Austin, but we have no problem getting in the holiday spirit with our own, very Austin-y traditions. One of our longest running traditions is the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, which celebrates its 38th season this year! The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar is an 8-day holiday shopping event, complete with live music and other Christmas fun.

The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar will be open from 11 am – 11 pm from December 17 – 24 at the Palmer Events Center. Admission is $7 for a single day pass and kids 12 and under are free.


In addition to shopping, there’s live music! The music lineup this year includes emerging artists and local legends, performing live on stage at 12, 3:30 and 8 pm everyday. Be sure to head to the full bar before checking out a few of Austin’s best local musicians like Ray Wylie Hubbard, Alpha Rev and one of our favorites, Band of Heathens.

Just to give you a heads up at the awesomeness you will experience, here is a video from the Band of Heathens’ ACL Live performance:


Check Do512 for complete event listings *

abazaar (1)

There is no other way to enjoy a perfect Austin holiday than by visiting the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. Locals and tourists dub the Bazaar as the go-to shopping destination during the holidays for gifts. Stocking stuffers to statement pieces, you’ll find it all at the Bazaar. You can shop, listen to great live music, peruse goods from more than 160 artists and enjoy food and drinks. Think of it as an art fair and a music festival. It’s totally Austin and totally the best place to not only find the unique gift you’re looking for, but to also have a great time doing it!

Check out the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar website for more info.


SoLa 10 Year Anniversary Party benefiting Safe Place

The tides of fashion are constantly changing. New trends converge with those that we were once embarrassed by, boutiques come and go, and transients bring their homeland style to our hip Austin scene. Wanna see the coolest video about fashion through the decades? Watch this bad boy:


Holding down the threshold of Austin fashion is SoLa, keeping our hood looking good. The women’s boutique combines the latest styles from New York and the West Coast, giving us Austinites the freshest frocks around.  In an industry that may alter on a daily basis, a 10 year anniversary is quite an accomplishment.  In celebration of this great feat, SoLa is having a big ‘ole, Titos Handmade Vodka-infused Decade in Fashion Anniversary Party with my dream raffle: a year’s worth of clothing.  I could die.  Evelyn Jackson Salon will be styling the ladies up for a fashion show, capturing SoLa style over the past decade.  Olivia will be in the house, providing tasty treats.  This will be the biggest Thursday South Lamar has ever been a part of.  Yeah, we said it.

This belongs in my closet.

So, for $15 you get FREE food, FREE drinks, FREE fashion show, a chance to win a year’s worth of amazing FREE clothes.  We saved the best part for last: all proceeds are going straight to Safe Place.  This epic celebration is happening on Thursday, December 6, at 8:00 pm.  Start your holiday season off right.



If you’ve had to hail a cab, especially during SXSW or one of our many other giant festivals, then you might have…given up. And instead of catching a ride, you caught West Nile because you waited outside FOREVER.

Ok, so hopefully that didn’t happen. But, still. Sometimes it feels like you need some sort of guide; a breakdown of how to actually tackle the feat of getting to your next destination. Something like this:

Stephanie Pratt via HillstoCity

Jeez, F that, right? Thank the heavens it’s 2012 so that everyone can avoid these conundrums. Because, guess what? Cabs? There’s an app for that.

Meet HAIL A CAB – the newest FREE app from Yellow Cab. This app is going to make your life so much easier. With HAIL A CAB you will be able to:

  1. Locate cabs in real time - Do some espionage shit and find ones that are closest to you so you’re not headed in the wrong direction for god knows how long.
  2. Hail the nearest cab - Or you can just bypass the spy stuff, click a few clicks and one will head your way.
  3. Schedule future pickups – This feature is going to totally rule during SXSW.
  4. Track your cab en route – No more will you finagle your brain with thoughts like, “Do I have time to grab some grub from that trailer?” Or, “Should I drink another beer?” Just spy on your cab and plan accordingly!
Thank you, Yellow Cab. On so many levels. Millions of West Nile-free future generations will totally owe you.
Stubb’s welcomes home The Bright Light Social Hour on 9/29 with Hard Proof

Stubb’s welcomes home The Bright Light Social Hour on 9/29 with Hard Proof

If you want to see the evolution of a rock band, you don’t have to look much further than Austin’s own Bright Light Social Hour.  Their days of playing any bar that would feed them a couple of lone stars are over, but not long forgotten.  Jack O’Brien (bass), Curtis Roush (guitar), A.J. Vincent (keyboard) and Jo Mirasole (drums) are the quintessential conglomeration of musical perfection.  This formation may have been by chance but they had a common vision of spreading love and funky grooves to the masses and with a lot of hard work, that is just what they are doing.  I’m sure any of them will tell you their plight has not been the easiest.  With clever guerilla marketing tactics and an electric live performance, they have stepped into the next realm of entertainment, with the perfect marriage of southern rock, soul and disco.

On a recent run up the east coast, the guys came to the pinnacle of their young career when they opened for the legendary Aerosmith.  They can also mark “selling out the Bowery Ballroom in NYC” off of their bucket list.  Also on tour, a quick coffee break cost them everything they had when burglars jacked their gear and luggage.  The band has been about community and gathering from day one and karma wasn’t about to let this break their spirit.  Fans rallied together to recover the assets in an astonishing 4.5 days.

After the emotional whirlwind of this tour, BLSH heads home to regroup, rehearse, and prepare for a forthcoming album.  Marking their return will be a soul-shaking, booty-grooving, passion-evoking epic show at Stubb’s with fellow funksters Hard Proof.  This band will be seeing nothing but bright lights in their future, so come on out on Sept. 29 to give them a proper homecoming.  Purchase tickets before they’re gone or try your luck at one of two pairs of tickets that Do512 is giving away.

A little Q&A with Jack O’Brien from The Bright Light Social Hour:

Q: From an emotional standpoint, what is the key difference in playing for a hometown crowd?

It really feels like home. Which is an incredible feeling being gone as much as we are. I’m honestly more excited and nervous about this show than any we’ve done in recent memory.

Q: As true Austinites, what would you tell a tourist to do if they only had 24 hrs here?

P. Terry’s, Barton Springs, sloppy 2-steppin’ at the White Horse. Those are usually the 1st things we do when we come home from tour.

Q: What is one thing you wish you had known when you first started and the single most important piece of advice you have received?

I wish I knew just how much patience and persistence and relentless touring it’d take to get our name out. It’s been years of forcing ourselves in front of people and we’ve come a long way but we’ve still got such a long way to go. Single most important piece of advice? Take care of your body. Mama told me that one.

Q: What do you do with free time on the road?

Most of our time is spent on our laptops emailing and updating pages and keeping the business moving. Jo does some killer DJ sets from the back seat. When there’s free time I edit the footage we take on tour for the U.S. Rubdown series.

Q: Top 5 albums to get you in the mood?

I’m assuming you mean the mood- for love.

War – All Day Music

Chromatics – Kill For Love

Gotan Project – Lunático

Washed Out – Life of Leisure

Mortal Kombat 1995 Motion Picture Soundtrack

Q: What can we expect from the new album?

It’s hard to say because every song is coming out quite differently. The new stuff certainly has a much wider breadth of emotion, much of it quite a bit darker, harder, more ethereal, but much is still to be written.


Lightning Bolt is playing Emo’s East!

And among the sounds, flashes and wind inside the storm comes a strobe of white! What could it be making such strong music? Are those only two men amongst that crowd of people playing drums and bass? Yes, yes it is. One of them has a mask on, and the other a sly smile. The music coming from inside the gathered, dancing swarm is loud and unpredictable with chanting vocals.

The band inside the squall is none other than the almighty Lightning Bolt! And they’re playing new storms of sound!

OK, I might have gotten carried away just now — I am aware that this is not a Pulitzer-winning novel — but hell, it’s Lightning Bolt we’re talking about here! And they’re playing on Wednesday at Emo’s East! And they’ll probably be playing new music from their album Oblivion Hunter, which comes out Sept. 25! Here’s the opening song from the album, “King Candy.”

These guys have been together since 1993, recording albums since 1997 and now they’re coming out with an EP of music they’ve been working on for years, but never included on other albums.

Lightning Bolt loves playing live shows. When they started in 1993 they would just go to venues and wing it, not thinking to record their stuff until five years later. Their thing is, and what I kind of touched on above is, they like playing amongst the crowd, not on a stage. Understandably though, they’ve gotten hugely popular and gained a large fan-base. I mean, they are playing at one of the best and biggest venues in Austin – Emo’s! We’ve gotta see what they’re gonna do for this show! Will they stick to their tradition of playing in the crowd, give a steller performance on stage, or a combination of both?

Opening bands are Kokomo and Zorch, who are both really killer.

Ticket-getting can happen here!


Fantasy Football Draft at Black Sheep Lodge

Fantasy Football Draft at Black Sheep Lodge

It’s almost that time of year, folks:  time for the air to turn crisp, leaves to change their colors, and visions of your fantasy football team wreaking havoc and taking home all of the glory.  Fantasy football seems to grow exponentially with each passing season.  The “sport” gives people yet another reason to get together to drink some brewskis and talk some trash about opposing teams.  Let’s not forget about the ladies.  This is an event where they can not only learn about the manliest sport around, but they can also have world domination on their own turf, literally.

The next few weeks are critical to the whole season.  Pre-season games will highlight players to watch and special attention will be paid to returning injured players- all factoring into fantasy football drafts everywhere.  These drafts are serious business.  You could lose an arm choosing somebody’s top quarterback pick.  Jokes, jokes.  In all seriousness, fantasy football does get serious but as serious as something can get while having some beers and good times.

Black Sheep Lodge was just voted Best Sports Bar in Austin and for good reason.  With 20 big screen HD TVs, an expansive game room, inviting patio, delicious burgers and an extensive beer selection, it is the premier place to catch a game.  The BSL, as some may call it, is hosting fantasy football drafts with packages to fit groups of all sizes with full A/V capabilities and food and drink specials.  Save the house party draft for your boring friends and go to Black Sheep for a no muss, judgement-free Fantasy Football draft to get your season started right.  Just shoot an email to events@blacksheeplodge.com and let the games begin.



Langhorne Slim with Jessica Lea Mayfield at The Parish 8/14

©Todd Roeth – toddroeth.com

Langhorne Slim, who is actually Sean Scolnick of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, is a passionate singer-songwriter who has sold his soul to the restless road in pursuit of the dream.  His move to Portland transformed the band’s punk-folk tunes into the happy pop-folk medleys the West Coast is known for.  Langhorne Slim has hit almost every milestone a musician could aim for, with appearances at Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and the Late Show with David Letterman.  With a new album, The Way We Move, there is no slowing down this musical train.  Since the band spent much of 2011 in the Lone Star State developing new material, it is only fitting that they return to Austin to perform the spirited new songs at the Parish this Tuesday.

Joining them will be Jessica Lea Mayfield, a singer-songwriter who teeters between country and rock music with her soft, sugary vocals.  Her musical ability is not only practiced talent but inherited genetics.  She began playing in her family’s bluegrass band at the age of 8.  Just think, you were probably still trying to ride a bike.  A copy of her first EP, White Lies, fell into the hands of The Black Keys frontman, Dan Auerbach who full-heartedly embraced the young crooner.  Mayfield blossomed with Auerbach’s support in the studio and has supported a plethora of major bands, like Ryan Adams, Band of Horses, and The Avett Brothers.

Click “I Like It” for your chance to win tickets for this double dose of awesomeness.



Go Out. Go Eat. GO TEXAN! at the 2012 GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up


There’s nothing better than chowing down on some food. Especially if that food your stuffing in your face is locally grown, produced and handled. Especially, especially if some of the money you spend on it is going toward local food banks to help hungry Texans.

The GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up is July 23-29 all across Texas, with some great things going on around here in Austin. More than 100 local restaurants and bars are participating, and you can check that list here. Each restaurant involved will donate at least $100 to local food banks, which means over 100,000 meals will be given to those in need.

The Round-Up connects local farmers and ranchers with local restaurants. Why is that awesome? Because that means the foods don’t have to travel as far — helping them retain freshness and nutrients — and because that means lower transportation costs — meaning lower food costs.

And food isn’t the only thing being spotlighted during this week — but beer, too. That’s right, I’ve definitely got your attention now. All week at Opal Divine’s three locations — Freehouse, Penn Field and Marina — they’ll have 50 beers on tap, each day featuring local breweries at each store.


And if you think you have what it takes, they’ll also be having Texas beer blind taste qualifying tests Monday through Thursday, then the final contestants will compete for local brewery swag, Opal’s gift cards and the title of “Biggest Texas Beer Snob” on Friday. Get ready to hold your noses high.

This whole week Texas will be served up on table-tops, and it’s gonna be one big delicious celebration. Texas is the leader nation-wide for households that are food-insecure, and that’s just a no-go. Take advantage of the events happening July 23-29 to get to know your local food supply so we can change this, yeah?

Also, follow #TXDineOut on Twitter along with @GOTEXAN all week long for updates and buzz on what’s going on.

Get on board with the GO TEXAN Round-Up slogan: “Go Out. Go Eat. Go Drink. GO TEXAN!”

Ben Kweller Makes His Way Up North

On Saturday afternoon with a cool breeze and some delicate sunshine, Ben Kweller took the afternoon stage to perform for the music loving, and good time having patrons of New York City as part of the ‘Music on the Oval’ series at the Stuyvesant Town community in the East Village.  Apparent by the many request for songs both old and new along with the various Texas gear scattered throughout, Kweller brought his music to a crowd cluttered with native Texans getting a little taste of home along with fans from all over.


From Austin to New York, and everywhere in between; Kweller’s unmistakably fun loving self performed an amazing line up of songs Saturday ranging from “Jealous Girl” to “Penny on a Train track,” and even appeased a shout out from the crowd with “I’ve Gotta Move” the likes of which have not been performed on stage in years.  His casual but confident presence on stage has been updated over the years but kept the same charm, becoming better than ever.  While performing “Full Circle” it’s easy to see how Kweller is still around after over 10 years of touring, creating, and performing.  Ben Kweller combines lyrics of love and life effortlessly expressing the emotions and truths we all feel but at times cannot come to realize.

His blues, rock and roll, guitar picking, light tickling of the ivories, and classic country style settled in the air like morning dew.  In this New York City park, Ben Kweller struck a chord in the hearts of the families, youth, and music enthusiasts around and did what he does best; belted out tunes with talent, emotion, and a bit of serendipity on this sunny summer day.


Ashley Gregg


An Office Outing to Blazer Tag

We took a break from our computers a couple of weeks ago to bid ado to one of our favorite interns, Jordan. He’s off to join the big kid world, so we thought we’d give him a very grown-up sort of sendoff by taking an office trip to Blazer Tag.

Jordan and Amanda, Guitar Heroes

Let me tell you, it was the jam. Not only did we all get to have a little friendly competition, but we had the chance to hang out and play as opposed to just sitting at our desks. I mean, we had code names and shot at each other in a blacklight, 3-story haze, talk about Boom Town! Turns out, our account & marketing gal, Rachel, is a skee-ball and basketball badass, and Amanda, our content lady can play Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ like nobody’s business. The things you learn at Blazer Tag…

Jordan's winnings

Blazer Tag is not just for kids. We had so much fun and will definitely be back. What’s really cool is that Blazer Tag has all kinds of Group & Corporate Rates, as well as specially themed packages like the Stress Reliever and Office Fun Lunch. For your next office or group event you should look into Blazer Tag’s Team Building Mission for a full-on Cumbayá  sesh, only instead of crappy singing over a campfire it’s laser tag and video games. They also have a Corporate Charity Challenge where 50 percent of your event fees will go the charity of your choice. If you just want to play with your friends, all you need is 10 people for the price to go down to $7.25 a game. That’s some pretty good fun for less than ten bucks. Your friends can all go and try to not get totally owned by the tweens. Good luck, they’re pretty vicious.

Check out their website and start making plans to get your laser on!
It’s fun, it’s not expensive and drinking beer gets old sometimes…