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Primus: Bringing the Boogie Back to Austin….In 3D!

Photo Credit: Metalsucks.net

Primus is back, baby! Since their triumphant return last year, releasing the incomparable comeback album Green Naugahyde, the trio has been on a tear of the world, touring nonstop for the masses. They recently rocked Free Press Summer Fest in Houston, and you might have caught them prior to that at Stubb’s. So the funk-metal-jam-psych hybrid is no stranger to the Lone Star State or the ATX. But this time around, they’ve got something special.

What’s that? You’ve never heard of Primus? Well, come with me, we’ll sail the seas of cheese! Here’s “My Name Is Mud” from Woodstock 94. You really should have already seen this by now. It’s classic archival footage tucked away in the Library of Congress….well, at least it should be. But it’s definitely 90′s alt-funk weirdness at its finest.

So yeah, they’ve been around a while. About 25 years, give or take. But this upcoming tour, which makes a stop November 7th at Bass Concert Hall, is Primus In 3D. Not-so-simply put, it’s “the band performing two sets in a unique 3D staging. Being that this is the first-ever traveling 3D enhanced live musical performance, this groundbreaking tour provides a one-of-a-kind psychedelic experience, further enhanced by the fact that every show will also feature Quad Surround Sound.” Simply put? It’s a Primus fan’s dream come true!

The trio’s keeping the visualizations and 3D imagery under a tight lid, but until then, you can get a taste of the tripped-out awesomeness Primus has to offer: here’s the group playing their classic “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Don’t miss Primus in 3D at Bass Concert Hall November 7th. Tickets are on sale August 3rd. That’s tomorrow! Go here for more info and remember: when the crowd starts chanting “Primus Sucks!”, that’s a good thing, and feel free to join in!

Jane’s Addiction w/ The Duke Spirit @ Bass Concert Hall 5/12

Jane’s Addiction has had a tumultuous lifespan, but they’re up and at ‘em again with new material as part of the Theatre of the Escapists Tour. Formed in 1985, Jane’s Addiction was an important group because they originated within the alternative rock movement of the nineties and garnered themselves mainstream attention and commercial success, pushing the unconventional genre into the public eye and serving as representatives for the “Alternative Nation.”

With their songs that break genre conventions and redefine alternative rock, it’s respected that Jane’s Addiction does not abide by music rules of any kind. Their live shows aren’t that token rock show, gritty and unrehearsed, but something rather theatrical and mesmerizing. Jane’s Addiction has laid down the groundwork for many bands that emerged during the alt rock revolution, like Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Nine Inch Nails and more. Jane’s Addiction took classic structures and musical paradigms and threw them out the window, and their rebellious attitude toward the mainstream inspired many other artists.

Following bassist Eric Avery’s departure from the group, Jane’s Addiction began working with Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagen on new material, Dave Navarro later confirming that McKagen had officially joined the band. Front man Perry Farrell has had thoughts of making a follow-up to The Great Escape Artists while still touring in support of it. He wants to stick to the album’s theme of escapism and continue making new music. Even after all these years, Jane’s Addiction isn’t slowing down.

Austin will welcome Jane’s Addiction and opener The Duke Spirit to the Bass Concert Hall Saturday, May 12. If you don’t have tickets yet, don’t fret. Some amazing seats have been released last minute! So, click here to buy tickets. This show is going to be amazing and you won’t want to miss out!