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Christmapocalypse! Celebrate the End Of It All With Auto Body!

Worried about what you made on your finals? Haven’t bought your mom a present? Did you already blow your Christmas bonus? Didn’t even get a Christmas bonus? Who cares?! We’re all dead anyway, so might as well party! Friday night, the end is near, so hold your lover close (or a stranger, whatever) and rage. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Austin band Auto Body is going out in style and you (yes, my friend, you) are invited to celebrate with them! It’s called CHRISTMAPOCALYPSE. I know, right? Epic.

Let’s not dwell on the fact that the Mayans couldn’t even predict when their own civilization would end; logic is silly on Friday nights! The only thing that makes sense is putting on your party dress and declare proudly, “Armageddon my swag on!” #SeeWhatIDidThere? Rock out with Auto Body and friends in the coolest city on this soon-to-be-scorched Earth!

C3 Presents and The Merry Pranksters are turning Beauty Ballroom into your final place of rest. But you won’t be resting until the zombies come. Until that point, you’ll be sweating and shaking! Kicking off the evening will be the banging beats of Learning Secrets.  And, right before the meteor or tornado or giant lizard or whatever comes, there will be a special guest DJ! And then, things will probably get a little Raiders of the Lost Ark-ish, what with all the faces melting and the Mayan ghosts bringing out the glow sticks. Translation: you don’t wanna miss this party! Go to our event page for more info and prepare for the onslaught of boogie. There’s no better way to kiss your butt goodbye than by shaking it!


Get Your Thrash On With Saint Vitus and Weedeater

You may want to go ahead and start stretching out now for the body thrashing and pit jumping that Thursday night will bring you.  We can’t say for sure that they are the soul fathers of doom metal, but one thing is certain, you won’t walk out disappointed and will likely be drenched in sweat from head to fatigued toes.

Thirty years later, and Saint Vitus has managed to mark their territory on metal s their tour comes to Austin with the original 1978 line up in tact.  This band, heavily influenced by Black Sabbath and once touring partners with Black Flag, knows a thing or two about melting your face with some serious metal.  Heavily shrouded in darkness, Saint Vitus will have you whipping around and moving every bone in your body.  After making their way through various labels and more ridiculously a 17 year hiatus of recording, this band is back together all in the name of metal.

Saint Vitus










Weedeater, a Wilmington, SC born sludge metal band has worked the crowd with their gritty energy since 1997 will be thrashing around with Saint Vitus for an absurd night in Austin at Beauty Ballroom on Thursday, 10/18.  Get there early to start off the night with Sourvein, who have rotated out members with Weedeater and the like to continue on with their doom/metal influenced sound. You may be sweating and disheveled at the end of this show, but all is fair in love and heavy metal.


For tickets: Saint Vitus at Beauty Ballroom


Hoodie Allen Brings East Coast Flow to Our Hood

Wandering the streets of New York City can yield varying acquisitions: maybe a hot dog from a vendor or a mix-tape from an up-and-coming emcee. While the East Coast Renaissance is some twenty years in the past, the NY rap scene is arguably flourishing more than other Gotham industries (not sure about comparisons to the hot dog industry, though). Wall Street has come under fire in recent years, though the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has assumed a equatable amount of flack. Urban decay and the questionable ingredients of hot dogs aside, New York’s unique culture is as paramount as ever, and it is from these ranks that emcees are still pouring out of at an unrelenting pace.


It was from this deluge that Hoodie Allen swam out of in 2009, and further parted the waters of the hip hop scene. Born and raised amidst New York Judaism, with degrees in finance and marketing from the Wharton School, Steven Markowitz left a promising career with Google to concentrate on his fledgling rhyme spitting. Now several mixtapes and EP’s deep, Hoodie Allen has made a name for himself alongside on-point acts such as Childish Gambino, with his eyes set on stardom as much as any rapper. Comparisons to Asher Roth and Mac Miller draw more from his melanin than his flow: witty and varied. Though his braggadocio has evolved in recent tapes, so has his talent.


With growing popularity comes touring, and it doesn’t come as a surprise Markowitz is embarking on his third tour this year. The Excellent Adventure tour is foreseeably coming to Austin, with his mate G-Eazy, with Beauty Ballroom serving as his showcase and party central this coming Tuesday. New York might have some to teach the 512 about hip hop, but we still got Frank.

Check out the video for Hoodie’s ‘No Interruption’ next and win tickets on Do512!

Minor Mishap Marching Band and Yob @ Beauty Ballroom

Different Shit, Different Day.

Photo courtesy of MMMB Facebook

Minor Mishap Marching Band is a 25 piece marching band on crack. With extravagant costumes, brass instruments, and overall extravagance, a Minor Mishap Marching Band performance is like walking into the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus, minus the soul-stealing. Its as if all the hooligans that got kicked out of marching band for their boisterousness and punk rock covers came together and formed a circus-punk-brass band.

Named “Austin’s Best Marching Merrymakers” in the Austin Chronicle’s 2011 Best of Austin Awards, Minor Mishap has been described as “anarchist, psychotic bumblebees, blowing music out of variously sized holes, standing atop bars, stages, and one another.”  Perhaps if a rowdy group like Minor Mishap played at my halftimes, I might’ve attended a game or two.

Minor Mishap will be performing this Saturday 9/15 at Beauty Ballroom accompanied by aerialist troupe, Sky Candy and Bollywood dancers, Bollywood Shake.  Sky Candy is a circus arts and aerialist troupe that performs trapeze, lyra, and silks choreography.

Photo: http://bit.ly/lubgUi

If crazy marching bands and cultural performances don’t float your boat, perhaps doom metal is more your forte. Yob, known for combining elements of doom, progressive, slug, and space rock are playing Beauty Ballroom the following day on Sunday September 16th. “ Yob has amassed a reputation within doom metal as one of the mightiest, unique, and most respected doom metal acts of our time.” – Blabbermouth.com

With their innovative live show, and songs spanning upwards of 10 minutes or more, Yob will be a metal show worth seeing.  Yob will be joined by progressive, doom bands Norska and Cormorant.  Altercation Comedy’s JT HABERSAAT will also be doing a stand-up performance.

Tickets can be found at Beauty Ballroom or you can try your luck at FREE tickets by liking Minor Mishap Marching Band or Yob on Do512.

Emo’s & Beauty Ballroom: Welcome to the Do512 Family!




If you’ve ever been to the Do512 “compound” over here on South Lamar, then you definitely know how cozy it is.  We associate cozy not only with being stuffed like sausages into a little office, but also with a sense of family and community.  We are so very excited to officially welcome Emo’s and Beauty Ballroom to our little crazy clan.  Not that you didn’t already get the goods on what was going down at the two local music hot spots, but now we will work like it was our job, obsession life’s purpose to inform you of upcoming events.

Speaking of cozy, the two venues are awesome friends and it’s a good thing since they are right smack next to each other. Both venues are huge and have added a crush of amazing noise to east Riverside – just a hop and a skip away from downtown. Have a friend hanging at BB and you’re just, ya know, chillin at Emo’s? Don’t you even worry about it. A skip across the parking lot and before you know it you’re huggin it out commenting on your mutual good taste in Friday night location landing. Fancy.

If glittered walls, giant shows, aerial dancers, or just an awesome area to have a cold one is your thing, get to Beauty Ballroom. Also, if you’re one of many Brewskee Ball lovers, you perhaps have heard that the league has chosen Beauty Ballroom to be their new game spot in Austin per the closing of the Scoot Inn. Let the Skeeson begin!

Emo’s is packing them in and we’re so excited that we’re getting to partner with them right before their 20th birthday. Can you even believe it. Look forward to featured stories and highlights from one of our favorite Austin venues as they creep up on this milestone and plan on getting over there to help them celebrate. They’ve been keeping you in badass shows for a longass time.

We know what you’re thinking- “Where’s the ticket giveaways, already?”.  Don’t you fret, little grasshoppers, there will be a plethora of those, too.  We are stoked- could you tell?

Check out all the super-rad upcoming events at Emo’s & Beauty Ballroom.  Right meow!


Beauty Ballroom Gets Campy

Growing up has come to bear negative connotations, despite its obvious advantages. Adults can vote, convict their peers of misdoings, and even go into naughty novelty shops. When I turned 18, I bought a pack of cigarettes and shot it with a newly purchased shotgun. The American Dream! With all this being said, there is an allure to those days gone by, void of responsibility— or at the very least disregard for any seeming albatrosses.

"I really don't care about this one." - a typical 6 year old

We all look back to our youth as a point of pride, before the wayward weight of the world crushed our dreams and I had to move back in with my parents. Nostalgia without reverie is self-pity, though, and staying grounded is a necessity for any adult (especially when you break your parents’ curfew, even though I’m not a kid anymore Mom). Just how can I relive my past but not end up getting more swirlies?

Luckily for those without a curfew, Beauty Ballroom will be bringing the best parts of youth back in the form of Adult Summer Camp, a Labor Day party more campy than RuPaul. Featuring electronic music from the likes of Austin favorites Applied Pressure, Learning Secrets, Missions, and Orthy (with more DJ’s on the patio), the scene will be more bumping than my arms from these basement-dwelling mites. With smores and more from Johnnye’s and a delightfully stocked bar, you can be all grown-up and not wait 30 minutes before sliding into the pools (though such dashing measures aren’t advised). Running from 9 PM- to 2 AM on September 2nd, entry is free with an RSVP on Do512, so the only thing holding you back from a campy night out should be helping me with my chores.

What Made Milwaukee Famous w/ The Happen-Ins

What do Willie Nelson, The Toadies, and Ghostland Observatory have in common?  They are all bands that you should definitely know if you live in Texas.  Add to that list What Made Milwaukee famous.  The Austin indie-rock group has graced the stages of Lollapalooza, SXSW, Austin City Limits Festival, and were the first unsigned band to perform for the infamous Austin City Limits taping.  They have been incognito recently, diligently working on their new album, “You Can’t Fall Off The Floor.”

With their “kickstarter” campaign, WMMF hopes to shoot a video for their first single off the record, completely funded by their fans.  They have until June 9 at 4:59 AM EDT to meet their goal with minimum pledges starting at $1 in return for high-fives.  For $10 donations, fans will receive a download of the new album to be premiered at Beauty Ballroom on Friday, June 15.

TransistorSix will be conducting a live taping of the show, shot in Super8, giving  the performance an intimate element, and selling 50 limited edition, hand screen-printed posters.  Don’t discount local opening act, The Happen-Ins, who teeter between Blues and R&B and guarantee to get you in the mood.

Tickets are a steal at $10.  You might as well drop a $20- donate to their Kickstarter video campaign and go to the live taping.  Live concert + free album download + chance to be in a music video = Winning.

Austin Bands Have Chance to Play at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago

Much like Austin, Chicago could be considered a weird city. From pizzas to hot dogs, they do things a bit differently, though their eccentricity is not limited to epicurean endeavors: The Pitchfork Music Festival, located in The Windy City’s Union Park, holds claim to being one of the nation’s most diverse and well-curated fests. It returns with its sixth iteration this year on July 13-15, including acts from A$AP Rocky to Vampire Weekend, and (thanks to Fernet-Branca) your band could make an appearance.


The legendary spirits distiller is offering a chance to one undiscovered band to to gain national exposure, win cash, and open for a Pitchfork Music Festival act at the Fernet-Branca After Show in Chicago this July. The selection process is multi-faceted, beginning with a vote via Facebook on bands from Austin, Atlanta, Florida, and Chicago. Local Austin bands are encouraged to enter the running here and upload their best original performance video. Bands have until May 27th at 11:59 to enter, as voting opens to the lovely denizens of Facebook on May 28th. At that time, users can vote on their favorite bands 5 times daily, with voting ending June 4th.


On June 10th, the three top bands from each city will each win $500 and be showcased at the Fernet-Branca Band Fest at Austin’s classic Beauty Ballroom, with an overall winner being announced on June 13th. One might wonder what a champion of such a prevalent contest might win, and one would be wise to inquire! The selected band will be flown out to Chicago with their instruments, put up in a hotel and provided with food and drink… all expenses covered. Combined with the recognition of playing alongside nationally recognized acts, this presents an extremely unique opportunity for Austin bands. It seems as though myrrh isn’t Fernet-Branca’s only valuable ingredient!

imageVoters, keep your ears to the proverbial ground for voting beginning May 28th, and bands get those performances up! It stands to reason that Austin could vastly augment Chicago’s weirdness.

Run DMT @Beauty Ballroom on 5/17

Run DMT has only been around a short while and they have already become a very high profile duo grazing the stage of Nocturnal Festival, Snowglobe Music Festival, and Camp Bisco.  This Thursday at Beauty Ballroom they are playing an intimate show that can be characterized by a mix of dubstep and heavy bass beats that will make you feel like you have been transported into another dimension.

If House, Electro, and Groovy music are down your alley then you won’t be bored before Run DMT takes the stage.  Electrifying performances are set to be played by Larkside, Kromly, and Bearmanderson.  These are big names in the Electronic Music Scene so I am prepared for all of them to deliver high energy sets that will have us sweating our lives away.  Note to self: Wear shorts.

Start stretching because Doors are at 9 pm and the entertainment will last till 2 am.  These performers will have the whole room dancing until Beauty Ballroom pulls the plug.  Click “I like it” on Do512 for the chance to win a pair of tickets to the show. Tickets are $10.

RedBull Thre3Style Qualifier Party

We all know when Redbull gets involved something big is going to happen. Upon first glance this party may seem like any other with several Austin DJ’s set to perform, but place your bets now because this party will have a winner.  While you are partying and dancing to the music, these DJ’s are competing to represent Austin in the RedBull Thre3Style National Finals in Orlando, Florida.

This party doesn’t come without paramaters.  Each DJ is given 15 minutes to show what their made of.  The catch is they have to spin 3 different genres of music during those 15 minutes, hence the name “Thre3Style.”  DJs set to battle include Abe the Assasin, DJ Orion, Kid Slyce, DJ Mike Swing, DJ Protege, DJQD, Bird Peterson, and DJ Chorizo Funk.  Be sure to go crazy and yell the loudest for your favorite!

This Battle will take place next Saturday May 19th at Beauty Ballroom.  This is an 18 and over event so dont miss out!  There is going to be a special opening set by Big Once who was last year’s Thre3style national champ.  Then special guest DJ Klever is set to close.  Doors are at 8:30pm and there is a $5 cover unless you RSVP on Do512. What could be better than dancing to Austin’s favorite DJs and cheering them on to the finals.  Who knows maybe one of them will make it to the International Thre3style championship and then you would have tons of bragging rights.  You could easily say you were there supporting them since DAY 1 before they gained International acclaim. Head over to the Beauty Ballroom Saturday to find out “Who’s the Best on the Decks?”