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SXSW 2013′s Best and Worst Band Names


South-by never sleeps. The crew here at Do512 usually starts getting our SX strategy in place in November, ensuring that we’re somewhat prepared for the onslaught of party details and band announcements that start popping up in January. That means by this point, a week before the festival pops off, we have looked over just about every SXSW party, official showcase, and artist roster we can manage.

After scouring the list of thousands (and thousands) of SXSW 2013 performing artists, we stumbled upon quite a few band names that caught our attention. Some are good (Anamanaguchi rolls right off the tongue), some are bad (JFK Didn’t Even See It Coming? Really?), and some are just plain forgettable (put some stank on it, Shoes.) We gathered some of the best, worst, weirdest, and ballsiest band names we could find, and put them here for your scrutiny.

The Good:

  1. Wordburglar (Toronto, Canada)
  2. Captain Squeegee (Tempe, Arizona)
  3. Cosmic Suckerpunch (Los Angeles, California)
  4. Fuck Art, Let’s Dance! (Hamburg, Germany)
  5. David Hasselhoff on Acid (Kansas City, Kansas)
  6. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (Carlton, United Kingdom)
  7. Peggy Hsu (Taipei, Taiwan)
  8. Anamanaguchi (Brooklyn, New York)
  9. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (Oxford, United Kingdom)
  10. Unstoppable Death Machines (Brooklyn, New York)
  11. Maximum Hedrum (Los Angeles, California)
  12. Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries (Brooklyn, New York)
  13. Mutilation Rites (Brooklyn, New York)
  14. Nü Sensae (Vancouver, Canada)
  15. Not In The Face (Austin, Texas)
King Gizzard or Lizard Wizard himself

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard himself

The Bad:

  1. JFK Didn’t Even See It Coming (Columbus, Ohio)
  2. ASSACRE (Austin, Texas)
  3. Cumstain (Oakland, California)
  4. Shit And Shine  (United Kingdom)
  5. Goatwhore (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  6. OFWGKTA (Los Angeles, California)
  7. UUVVWWZ (Lincoln, Nebraska)
  8. BADBADNOTGOOD (Toronto, Canada)
  9. Octa#grape (San Diego, California)
  10. Come See My Dead Person (Texas City, Texas)
Photo via Cumstain

Photo via Cumstain

The Boring:

At least the bad band names leave an impression. And if you wanted to find Cumstain on the internet, you likely wouldn’t have to look far. The following band names, however, suffer from a severe lack of adjectives. And Googleability. Why couldn’t your band name be Death Shoes? Or Blouse Fire? (Feel free to use those, by the way. We don’t mind.)

  1. Brown Shoe (Folsom, California)
  2. Family (Brooklyn, New York)
  3. Houses (Chicago, Illinois)
  4. Blouse (Portland, Oregon)
  5. Kisses (Los Angeles, California)
  6. ME (Melbourne, Australia)
  7. Minerals (Warsaw, Poland)
  8. NO (Los Angeles, California)
  9. Pool (Hamburg, Germany)
  10. Races (Los Angeles, California)
  11. Shoes (Kenosha, Wisconsin)
  12. Sunglasses (Savannah, Georgia)
  13. Water Tower (Portland, Oregon)
  14. Pan (Columbia, South Carolina)
  15. BOY (Hamburg, Germany)

The Swiss-German pop duo known as BOY

This especially sticks in our craw here at Do512. For example, there’s apparently some band named “Lady” performing at SXSW. Our system does its best job to interpret what artist that might be, in order to generate a band profile and gig calendar for them. The more generic your band name, the more confused our system gets.

For example, a search for “Lady” brought back some hilariously varied results. They are apparently a New York-based mixture of k-pop, gangster rap, Lady Gaga and Kenny Rogers. But hey, at least we got to got an opportunity to jam some sweet Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie today.

For further reading, check out this old Tumblr page started by DoStuff founder Scott Owens circa 2010. It’s just a blog about band names, inspired by Comanche Abortion.

Midgetmen 10th Anniversary Party @Mohawk 05/18

Listen up Austinites, our city’s very own Midgetmen are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Ten years of playing punk music? Yup! In honor of a decade spent together, The Midgetmen are throwing themselves a party on May 18th at Mohawk.

Jon Loyens, Alex Victoria, Marc Perlman and Justin Petro decided to form a band to get free beer and to scratch that musical itch they all had buried within. While their endeavor began as a way to keep their sanity, Midgetmen are now an established band with five albums to their name. So, cheers to Midgetmen, for not only sticking together for ten years and releasing five rad albums, but for pursuing a dream despite how unrealistic it may have seemed.

BOY, The Sour Notes, La Snacks, La Migra, The Pons, Shivery Shakes, The Gary, Mole People, Treaty Oak, Teen Noir are all playing at this shindig and you won’t want to miss out! Not only that, but The Misguided Lemming will reunite for the night of May 18th only. There will be complimentary beverages provided by Treaty Oak Distilling and wonderful photobooths to capture beautiful moments to remember the night by. Click here for more information!