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Crawfish in Austin


Spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner. You know what that means, right? It’s crawfish in Austin time! Austin has some great events this year for you to get your “crawfish boil” on!

Want to peel, pull, eat and suck some crawfish for charity? Yes! Well, you’re in luck. Check out which events are giving back while enjoying tons of jambalaya, gumbo, and pound after pound of crawfish!

Don’t have time to spend all day satisfying your cajun cravings?  Try some new flavors for lunch at local happy hours!

Want to try cooking at home? Here are some recipes for any occasion.

Still trying to figure out how to eat one of these “mudpuppies?” (don’t be shy, I’ve never eaten one either!) Never fear, there are directions or detailed examples here.

Want crawfish delivered right to your dinner table? Done.

Have a special recipe or event? Email to Rachel at rachel@do512.