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Snow Patrol Afterparty at Haven

Photo By: BradleyQuinn.com

If you were ever a fan of the TV show Greys Anatomy you are undoubtedly familiar with the band Snow Patrol.  Their most widely known song ”Chasing Cars” seemed to hit a chord with any and every kind of person.   It is no wonder that the group has reached international acclaim because their music can make anyone sing.  According to the band, their latest album A Hundred Million Suns  is their “most complete record by far… touched by our entire history, and hopefully sounds like our future too.”

This Thursday is your chance to get a taste of their talent at their afterparty at Haven.  Two members of the band have a DJ set prepared.   Don’t worry, this set will surely be appropriate for dancing to liven the mood!  Although I am excited to dance to Snow Patrol, Im equally excited to experience the music of the talented Kelley James who will show off his hip hop beats and nice free style flows with an acoustic guitar.  His reggae rythyms and witty lyrics do nothing but showcase his one of a kind style.

Lastly, it would be in your best interest to click here to RSVP on Do512.  WHY? The first 50 people to get in the door with an RSVP get in absolutely free.  This is an 18 and up event and Doors will open at 9pm.   Head over to Haven this Thursday for a spectacular night of music.