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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Weirdos 05/05

If you live in Texas and don’t love margaritas, well, then there might be something potentially wrong with you. They can be frozen, on the rocks, straight up, and even in martini form. So, if you’re a margarita enthusiast like me, what better day to drink margaritas in all of their glorious forms and get away with it then on Cinco de Mayo!

But, in all seriousness, Cinco de Mayo is much more than a day of margarita drinking and debauchery. It is a commemoration of a historical battle and a celebration of Mexican culture. For those of you unaware of the history behind the holiday, here’s a brief lesson.  After the Mexican-American War of 1846-48, the Mexican Civil War that followed in 1858, and the Reform Wars of 1860, Mexico was left in a state of bankruptcy and the country was unable to pay off their foreign debts. Wanting to establish a Latin empire in Mexico, France decided to take advantage of the country’s financial instability and sent a well-armed French fleet to Veracruz in late 1861. France’s army was considered the best of the time and yet, at Puebla, Mexico, 4,000 poorly equipped Mexican troops were able to defeat 8,000 well-trained, French troops. While Mexico did not win the war, the victory at Puebla was truly unbelievable.

This Saturday is Cinco de Mayo and Weirdos is hosting their own celebration, which is very fittingly called, Cinco de Weirdos. There will be mariachi bands playing from 7 to midnight and a $50 cash prize for the best sombrero and the winner of the jalapeño eating contest. There will be piñatas filled with gift cards, koozies, candy, money and lots of other fun surprises! A lot of Texas culture is directly influenced by Mexican heritage. So, by having a margarita and perhaps some Tex Mex seems to be a fitting  and delicious way to celebrate the history between Mexico and Texas. Grab a group of friends and head to Weirdos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a true Austin tradition – by keeping it weird.