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My Glorious $8.48 Night Out!

I decided last weekend that after paying my taxes I wasn’t going to wait on my refund to have fun.   I knew I could create my own personal refund by putting my Tabbedout app to use when my friends and I decided to go to Rio Rita last Saturday night.  I walked up to the counter and ordered the Turis Red Sangria with apples, oranges, and champagne.  There is currently a special offer in the Tabbedout app for $5 off a $6 tab because this was a Tabbedout+PayPal location. Sweet! I used Tabbedout, and redeemed the $5 offer. I walked away paying only $2 dollars for a $7 glass.  Since I don’t drink beer, I order wine and other fine liquors that can sometimes be pretty pricey if I don’t purchase them during happy hour.  Therefore it wasn’t unusual that I was squished on a couch at Rio Rita between friends who all had pale ales in their hands.  They joked about how my expensive taste buds will haunt me one day as we finished up our drinks.

While my friends were retrieving their credit cards and closing out, I noticed another promotion in Tabbedout- if I paid with PayPal, I’d get $15 to use on my next tab at any PayPal location. This was a LIMITED time offer I just could not pass up.  I panicked for a minute because in order to qualify for the offer I had to remember my PayPal username and password.  Thankfully smart phones exist, so I pulled that information up with no problem.  My friends returned from paying in their old-school ways, and as we walked out Rio Rita I was closing my tab on Tabbedout.  That’s when I shoved my $2 digital receipt in their faces.

Needless to say they all downloaded Tabbedout right there and were eager to join in my money-saving adventure.  I was committed to only going to places that supported the Tabbedout app, and with my friends on board it soon turned into a mini-scavenger hunt for the best offers.  I said dinner was next on my agenda for the night, so we looked for another PayPal location in the app so I could use my new $15 offer.

Bingo! Polvo’s Mexican Food was our solution.  We ordered margaritas all around with chips, salsa, and fajita tacos.  That was the best meal we had ever eaten together because we were acting somewhere in between winning the lottery and as if someone’s grandparents were gladly paying for our whole tab.  I’m sure on-lookers kept wondering what all the fuss was about, but I had to applaud for only having to pay $6.48 for my $21.48 dollar tab.  Luckily I snagged that $15 offer while it was still available. That was something to be proud of.  The cool thing is you can even tip your server from your phone.  I made sure to tip extra well that night to make up for such a cheap dinner!

I never thought I would see the day where people could conveniently pay with their mobile phone, and even get rewarded for doing so.  That night I should have forked over  $28.48 and in total I spent a minimal $8.48!  This app has proven to be nothing but a money and time saver and definitely a way to feel like royalty without paying for it.

Has anyone else had a cheap but amazing night on the town using Tabbedout or any other cool apps? – share your tips here!


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