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Bear in Heaven with Blouse and Doldrums @The Parish 04/24/12

Bear in Heaven is a Brooklyn-based electronic pop band led by the strong, yet soothing vocals of Jon Philpot. This trio, also consisting of Adam Wills and Joe Stickney, is a rock band at its core, but their songs are paired with psychedelic beats, which makes for a full-bodied sound that will hold any audience member captivated. Their 2010 album “Beast Rest Forth Mouth” received the “Best New Music” award from Pitchfork Media. That’s pretty amazing! Their newest album that was released in March 2012, “I Love You, It’s Cool,” has been been met with rave reviews and the songs create an atmosphere that is truly otherworldly.

The band’s music can hold you motionless, enraptured by the mellow pop or it can have you dancing up a storm, depending on which track you play. It is this versatility that makes Bear in Heaven a great band. They are playing with Blouse and Doldrums on April 24 at the Parish, which is one of my favorite concert venues in Austin. So, whether you are an avid fan of Bear in Heaven or newly introduced, the Parish is the perfect place to see them! Click here for a chance to win a pair of free tickets! Click here to buy tickets in advance.