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Greg Laswell with Elizabeth Ziman @ The Parish 05/26

Imagine this: It’s a Saturday. You spend a full balmy day under the illuminating sun in Zilker Park, enjoying the beautiful spring weather that Austin, Texas has to offer. You come home feeling alive. That great feeling isn’t going to be satisfied by staying in and vegetating in front of the television. However, due to a day in the sun, you’re not quite feeling up to clubbing. Well, lucky for you, this Saturday night Greg Laswell will be performing with Elizabeth ZimanĀ at The Parish!


The soulful, delicate music performed by Greg Laswell is quite possibly the best way you can spend your night after a draining day in the sun. This eye candy was brought to us from San Diego, California. Laswell began as a frontman for an alternative Rock Band, Shillglen. In 2001, after their one and only album release, the band broke up, and Laswell went solo.

Laswell has released five solo albums, several EPs and singles, and has been featured in numerous television shows such as, One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood, and 90210. His song “Sing, Theresa Says” won Song of the Year in the 2007 San Diego Music Awards.

Greg Laswell is a singer, a songwriter, AND a producer. Ladies, you don’t want to miss out on this triple-threat cutie. Also, an insider tip for a Do512 blog reader: I checked out his twitter, and it seems as though he quite frequently replies to tweets. So, go follow him at @GregLaswell, shoot him a tweet, and maybe you’ll get a reply from a celebrity!

Touring alongside Laswell is Elizabeth Ziman of Elizabeth and the Catapult. Ziman is from good ol’ Brooklyn, New York. Ziman is made famous for being an insanely talented songwriter. Her style, much like Laswell, appeals to coffeehouse folk. She can definitely be classified in an indie pop sort of genre.

Until the age of 16, Ziman was a trained pianist. Her music contains a hint of downtown jazz, which is possibly the result of her piano playing. Whether it is, or isn’t, Ziman is a talented individual with a unique style of music.

Laswell and Ziman together form a power performance. This Saturday, May 26th at The Parish. Mark it in your calendar. Write it in your journal. Tattoo it on your forehead. Do whatever you need to do, but you’re not going to want to miss out on this magnificent, mellow concert after your play day in the sun.

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