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Etiquette Vintage Designs – Not Your Average Game Day Attire

Ahhh Football nation aka the great state of Texas. As a girl that was not born in Texas yet ran here as fast as she good, I am an alumna of two Big 12 schools and now live in a city with a third that prides itself on rocking an insane amount of burnt orange. The football craze hit me hard and it’s a rare Saturday when you won’t see me in front of a TV cheering (or yelling) and loving every second of it.


What’s not cute is most of the clothes I acquired in college to wear to these particular games.

While there’s nothing better than a good football game on a brisk, fall day surrounded by other people who share your love for a team, there is a lack of unique game day clothing. T-shirts are fine for 8 am algebra, but there’s something to be said about having more sophisticated options that still rep the school pride with poise.

That’s where Etiquette Vintage Designs enters in. Richard Eric Renteria is the owner and creator of Etiquette Vintage Design and is a proud alumnus of the University of Texas. Taking beautiful vintage pieces, official university patches, custom embroidery touches and a custom-made shopping model, Etiquette Vintage is bringing back the idea of a classic, custom collegiate jacket that’s more than just school spirit apparel but a custom keepsake as well.

“I felt like society was getting lazy and unruly,” Renteria said. It seemed that kids on campus were slacking in dress and manners.”

We’re looking at you Nintendo pajamas at 2pm Geology.

Sure, you could get that game day t-shirt for the OU game for $30 and proceed to wear it 5 days in a row along with every other kid in the Chemistry building . (Like I said, I was in college once…I know what’s up.) OR you could get a sweater that is custom made for you and your school and wear it for the rest of your days. Sure, it’s more of an investment than the T, but it will be the one college clothing item that avoids that crackled screen printed problem and stands out in a dismal sea of North Face. Imagine dropping your kids off at college in a sweater you wore at that very same college at their age. That would REALLY drive them crazy. “Back in my day sonny…”

Not only is Etiquette Vintage doing campuses everywhere a huge favor by offering students and alumni classier collegiate clothing options, but they aim to help society as a whole. Some proceeds from the vintage sales go to help college students pay for their textbooks.

By turning old treasures into new keepsakes, Etiquette Vintage Designs caught our eye and while we love their pieces, we love their ideals behind bringing back old-school mannerisms more. We’re not the only eyes they’ve caught either. They’ve been seen at Austin Fashion Week, SXSW and Study Breaks magazine and famous folks are beginning to sport them with a vengeance too.

Fun Fun Fun Fest performer, Childish Gambino and hilarious Community co-star, Donald Glover rocks Etiquette vintage along with Rap Pack’s Dappa Dan, Thievery Corporation’s DJ El John Selector and Ashley Greene of the Twilight Series.

Each piece is made custom so if you’re looking for a rare school treasure or just want to see what Etiquette Vintage Designs can whip up for you, visit them at EVintageD.com or on Twitter. If you hit em up, tell em Do512 are the ones helping you be smart and sexy.

Now that really is cute.