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Flogging Molly @ ACL Live on 5/18

Founded in Los Angeles in 1997, Flogging Molly has always defied categorization.  The infectious originality of their songs is a badge of honor and key to the band’s creativity.  They infuse punk rock with Celtic instruments—violin, mandolin, and the accordion—and they merge blues progressions with grinding guitars and traditional Irish music.  Dublin-born vocalist/guitarist front man Dave King has said that while they are clearly influenced and inspired by traditional music, they manage to put their own twist on things.

The band is touring in support of their latest release Speed of Darkness, which is their fifth full-length album.  The album covers familiar ground in decidedly new ways.  As with earlier Flogging Molly fare, the songs on SoD tend toward either the overtly political or painfully personal.  What sets the album apart from even its most recent predecessor, Float, is its moderated tonality and quasi-pop feel.  The catchy choruses and polished hooks of songs like “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down” and “Saints and Sinners” show that Flogging Molly has embraced its sonic evolution and is unafraid to distances themselves from earlier, rawer offerings.

The band will be stopping by ACL Live at the Moody Theater on Friday, May 18th, bringing with them a hearty dose of their trademark Guinness soaked folk-punk.  Flogging Molly graced the same stage last year when they taped an episode of Austin City Limits.  If you weren’t able to catch that show, you won’t want to miss this second chance!