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Fred Perry Launches USA Site – Get a 20% Discount!

Let’s face it – we constantly look toward other cultures and countries for new, popular fashion trends and style inspirations. Maybe it’s the time difference, but the British seem to always know what’s fashionable before it hits us here in America. British fashion is the paradigm for all things streamlined, modern and classy. Who knows when the British hat craze will spread to the states, but when that day comes, it’ll be awesome. One such company that’s been ahead of the fashion curve for years is Fred Perry, a British heritage brand that offers an iconic fashion hybrid of sportswear blended tastefully with streetwear.

It all started in the forties when three-time Wimbledon champ Fred Perry teamed up with Austrian footballer Tibby Wegner to create the world’s first anti-perspirant sweatband, which has since been adopted by tennis players globally and become a household product that everyone recognizes. Next came the duo’s idea for a slim fit cotton pique sports shirt with Laurel Wreath (the original symbol for Wimbledon) embroidery, sleek enough to wear on the street and light enough to wear for a tennis match or sporting event. From these creations a respectable business was born, and it still booms today with stores all over the world. The refined and sleek styles offered today stay true to the sport/street blend that Perry and Wegner originated years ago.

Fred Perry & The Laurel Wreath Logo

What’s even more interesting are the subcultures associated with the Fred Perry brand. Driven by diverse young groups of the underground music scene like Mods, soul boys, rude boys and two tone as well as skinheads and suedeheads, these groups claimed styles from Fred Perry’s brand and cultivated it into a popular and well-recognizable staple of British underground fashion. Popular British pop and rock bands often sported Fred Perry in the mid 90′s, which launched the brand into fame and garnered it some well-deserved street cred. The Fred Perry brand has embraced the support from subcultures, and has a website devoted to “Perry’s unique relationship to music and street style,” featuring newcomer artists, music news and the hippest new music around. The Laurel Wreath is a symbol of so much more today, and is recognizable worldwide. The innovative styles of Fred Perry partnered with interesting cultures and associates make the brand iconic and something that will continue to break ground.

Fred Perry is pretty popular across the sea, with retail stores in abundance. The only Fred Perry stores here in America are in New York, so naturally it’s a tad bit difficult for Austinites to get ahold of Fred Perry fashions. But, fret no more, fashionistas! Fred Perry has recently launched a new USA site specifically for US customers. The site offers benefits like free delivery and returns, no duty charges and the choice to shop online in home currency. To celebrate this new site, Fred Perry is offering a 20% discount to all US-based Fred Perry shoppers; just enter the promo code US20FP at checkout to receive the discount. Offer expires May 6th at midnight, so get on it!