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Fusebox Festival 2012: 4/25 – 5/6 @ The Long Center

Each year April marks the commencement of the contemporary art and performance celebration, Austin’s Fusebox Festival. This year’s 8th annual festival will take place from April 25th to May 6th, and will feature over 400 local and international artists and over 50 evens spanning across 12 days and 15 Austin venues.  A gathering of cultures from all over the world accumulate at this festival to show off innovative and contemporary art in the forms of many different and interesting mediums.

This year, artists from Los Angeles, Atlanta, Portland, New Orleans and Seattle will grace the Austin music scene to perform artfully unique shows deep-rooted with various cultures and genre-blending music styles. The live music of Fusebox is intriguingly ambiguous, presenting a wide range of music genres, from punk rock to electro pop.

This genre-blending is a quite important element of Fusebox, as Artistic Director Ron Berry said, ” This notion of hybridity is central to our understanding of creativity. The festival is also a great opportunity to engage with new, emerging artists as well as renowned masters.” Check out some of the live performances at the Fusebox Festival Hub, a pop-up music venue complete with a beer garden and bar with art installations and covers of just $5. Other acts will hit up venues around Austin to perform.

The Fusebox Festival Hub

Make sure to be ready for Fusebox’s kickoff, as it will feature over 100 pre-teen girls dancing a specially choreographed routine and singing along to the well-loved Riot Grrl band, The Coathangers.

Besides the copious amount of live music that Fusebox has to offer, the festival also features tons of interesting art exhibitions around town. Check out The Red Swing Project, an art project that anonymously hangs red swings in places to inspire playfulness, or maybe Bubbleware – Social Furniture for Austin, a modular, inflatable public seating system intended to develop new forms of social interaction. These projects will be so inspiring, you’ll be formulating new inventions in your head and thinking up new ideas as a result of the crazy cool influences.

For a list of festival events taking place, check out our freshly created Pinterest board, or check via Do512. Do512 also has a pair of festival passes (valued at $300!) available to win, so make sure to enter!