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Kung Fu Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics are less than 2 weeks away.  While you may never be an Olympian, you can still take part in some of the ceremonious activities.  Kung Fu Saloon is transforming their awesome watering hole into their own Olympic village: one where you will have a chance to prevail and become your own champion.

What makes an Olympian, really?  Dedication, perseverance, courage, and skill are the first things that come to mind.  Let’s face it, you’ve perfected the 100 point corner skee ball, you have your ping pong serve down pat, and as Ryu in Street Fighter, you can do any of the three special attacks blind folded.  You’ve actually trained your whole life for the Kung Fu Olympics!

Each Saturday during the Olympics, Kung Fu will host two games from 3-6pm, where you will win prizes and gift certificates.  Nobody is a loser here.  There are plenty of pickle shots to make everyone feel like a winner.  On July 28th, the Street Fighter championship will go down, along with Giant Four Square (not the social media app).  The following Saturday things start heating up with a Ping Pong battle and Blind Jenga.  Things will really get interesting when it turns into blind drunk Jenga.  The final showdown on August 11th will consist of foosball and skeeball.  Come out at 2pm to register yourself as the next Kung Fu Gold Medalist!

The Kung Fu summer games is benefitting the Special Olympics of Texas (awww) so you can feel like a champ for supporting a great cause and kicking someone’s butt at games you’ve been preparing for your whole life.

Let the games begin.