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Ready to take on the Fair Trade Challenge?

Every Austinite knows their dwellings are incomplete without a touch of authentic decor.  One of the best places in Austin to find original hand crafted products from all over the world is at Ten Thousand Villages.  Their mission is to provide artisans in developing countries the chance to sell their products in our market. This allows them to earn a steady income from their beautiful and distinctive work.    This week they are asking us to help take part in their mission by taking the FAIR TRADE CHALLENGE.

The challenge is to eat, drink, and wear Fair Trade products from now until May 12th to raise awareness about the importance of fair-trading relationships.  The second part of the challenge is to take pictures of yourself everyday demonstrating how you use their products by uploading and tagging your photos on Twitter and Facebook.  Your friends and family might get inspired to support the cause and join you in the challenge.  Make a quick pit stop by the store to get your hands on the 2012 Fair Trade stickers.  I’m sure Ten thousand Villages will give you as many stickers as you want to put on your bumper, t-shirt, or face to literally become a walking advertisement for the cause.  If you are single, score some brownie points with this great conversation piece that will instantly demonstrate your more philanthropic side.

After taking Fair Trade Challenge the fun isn’t over, stop by Ten Thousand Villages this Saturday to pick up an award as a token for your support and also celebrate World Fair Trade Day.   There you can get wonderful art printed on your body by the talented henna artists, enjoy music, drink hot coffee, and enjoy the delicate taste of sweet chocolate.  Everyone is invited to join the fun at their store located on South Congress.  It is an all day event from 10am-7pm, so don’t miss out!