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Out of Bounds Comedy Festival is back!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Doris who?
Doris locked, that’s why I’m knocking!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?

That’s right. The Austin Out of Bounds Comedy Festival is back and ready to have you leaving in tears with abs of steel…from laughing so hard, of course.

The Out of Bounds Comedy festival is seven days of live jokes, comedy, improv, and sketches performed by comedians from all over the globe! The festival will consist of over 500 performers, so put your giggle pants on and celebrate the festival in it’s 11th year.

The festival was founded in 2002 by Well Hung Jury’s Jeremy Lamb as a way to bring performers from all over Texas to enjoy the comedy scene that our very own city of Austin has to offer. It began being only a couple days long, and has now expanded to a week with performers from across the globe!

Performers include Tears but Joy,  The Cubbies, You’re Not My Real Dad, and SO MANY MORE! Comedians will be showcased at multiple venues throughout Austin including The Velveeta Room, The Institution TheatreThe New Movement, and more!

If you have a sense of humor (or don’t, because it’ll be hilarious), there’s no reason to miss out on this reason to laugh. So, buy your tickets and get ready to laugh until your sides ache!

Oh, and…how do you get a peanut to laugh?
You crack it up!

…for the record, yes, that was a Laffy Taffy joke, but I know you at least chuckled. For quality jokes, head to the festival August 28th – September 3rd!