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Boy Band vs. Pop Princess DANCE PARTY @Highball

After a week of discovering new and upcoming bands during south by it is time to turn back time and hit the dance floor.   This Saturday night at the Highball will surely be a throwback to the 90′s when all night long you will be busting a move to the best pop songs of the decade.  However, this isn’t just your typical dance party. Get in on the fun and become part of a huge dance face-off competition.

Justin, Lance, J.C, Chris, and Joey or Nick, Howie, Brian, A.J., and Kevin.  Who was your crew? This is your chance to let the world know.  Whichever boy band you plan on rooting for don’t forget to throw out some toxic moves with Britney and practice grooving your hips to genie in a bottle.  There is no charge for entry into this competition so head on over to the Highball at 10:30pm on Saturday and dance till the world ends!