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David Ramirez & The Cartel and Cowboy & Indian w/ Holy Fiction @Antones on 3/2

I’m so glad Antone’s is hosting a show that we can look forward to this weekend after such a gloomy week (weather wise).  Things will brighten up this weekend when David Ramirez and the Cartel take the stage giving us a dose of their “Folk- brewed pop” music. David Ramirez characterizes himself as a nomad who wanders with nothing but his voice and an acoustic guitar.  He calls Austin his second home, and we are proud to claim him as one of ours with his honest and unfiltered lyrical music.  David Ramirez may seem like a tough guy by claiming he is “a wandering man, got no money in the bank, got no wife at home watching children.”  However,  his softer side is revealed through “Shoeboxes” when he admits he always sings about his first love and “if not written in the words, [she’ll] be hidden in these strings.”

Cowboy and Indian will be the perfect complement to David Ramirez.  They have become one of the most talked about Austin bands especially because of their dynamic sound.   The band is comprised of 6 musicians with a wide variety of talents that make their upbeat folk and soul music very unique and incomparable to any other.  Holy Fiction’s Evan Lecker will also take the stage at Antone’s, and his heartfelt voice and powerful lyrics will be a very memorable portion of the show.  Holy Fictions experimental rock will surely knock our socks off.  Click here for tickets!