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The Intergalactic Nemesis II at The Long Center for the Performing Arts

From the first book, set in 1933, the, family-friendly, live-action graphic novel The Intergalactic Nemesis took audiences from Earth to a robot planet in the Effdillinplitzenpire Galaxy, then to the planet Imperial Zygon to face the Zygonians – sludge monsters who wanted to destroy the earth. But now, with hero Ben Wilcott, a librarian from Flagstaff, Arizona, missing, and Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Molly Sloan in trouble – the story continues with book two.

After their first tour, which made appearances on Conan and NPR’s All Things Considered, the premiere of Intergalactic Nemesis: Book Two – Robot Planet Rising is premiering at 8 p.m. Friday, June 8 at the The Long Center for the Performing Arts.

After the live-action graphic novel troupe traveled all over the country and even over seas to perform the first book, they are back home in Austin, Texas to tell Austinites first what happens next.

The story was first created in an East Texas house, then, about 15 years ago, moved to the Little City Coffee Shop. From its first vision,The Intergalactic Nemesis brings live music and voice actors to the stage, set in front of a screen that shows more than 1,250 hand-drawn art works, while live-sound effects are made by Buzz Moran out of house-hold items.

Characters are voiced by Shannon McCormick, Danu Uribe, and Jason Phelps, while the live-score is performed by Graham Reynolds.

Theater geeks, comic book nerds, or just plain fans of creative stuff, would be way into this new genre of performance.

These guys are the real deal, and the best part about it – they’re from Austin mother effing Texas.

Tickets can be purchased at www.thelongcenter.org from $19 to $49. Get on it!