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Ditch Fridays on Lake Austin

Dang! I don’t know about you but a vacation sounds awesome. Awesomely expensive. Maybe we should focus our efforts on a stay-cation. Stay-cations are great because you get to tap into what your city is well known for and you get to relax while saving money. One of the most favored attractions in Austin is the lake. Yeah, it may be at a lower level than we’re used too, but it’s still amazingly swimmable and each sunset is uniquely beautiful. It’s no secret that it will be hot this summer, so the lake is a perfect spot to cool down and enjoy a refreshing margarita on your boat. Wait, you own a boat right? You’re really good friends with someone who owns a boat? You mean, you don’t have unlimited resources?! Don’t you worry, we’ve got a guy. Not only do they have a party barge but they have a party bus! They have party friends and party drinks and party hair and party pants. And you know it’s not a party till its Friday! But lets not wait till after 5 to listen to Montell Jordan. Ditch Fridays Austin wants to take care of you starting July 13th they’ll be having a WEEKLY party barge bash on Lake Travis!

Ditch Fridays Austin has sponsored parties at the Palms in Las Vegas and is now coming to Austin. From noon to 5pm EVERY Friday the hottest DJs will play while you enjoy fun in the sun on a boat! You can literally say “I’m on a boat!” Who cares if that joke is played out, people will still laugh at you. There will also be fun games, prize giveaways, Bikini contests, team challenges, and sponsored drinks & snacks. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. So get a group together and have a fun and safe time for only $25!

If you enjoy first class, the finer things in life, or if you have an extra $20 you can upgrade to VIP. We all know what that means, you’ll be a very important person. Very important people get to ride dirty in the Cherry Bomb Party Bus and drink complimentary mimosas. The bus will pick you up on West 6th Street-location TBA once you purchase your ticket, and it will drop you off around 5pm. That means drinking and NO driving! Tickets can be purchased through the website only and you must be 21+ to purchase, so hurry before the bus/barge fills to capacity. It’s time to start requesting Fridays off at work so you can have yourself a nice stay cation on the party barge.

Sunday Funday Boat Party Marathon July 8th

The only good thing about July 4th being in the middle of the week is that you may get the day off from work AND you have two weekends to celebrate our country’s independence.  With temperatures soaring into the 100′s, the “Sunday Funday” boat party marathon will be the only place to be cool- pun intended.  This is no average boat party: the best DJs in Austin, 8 party barges, 3 bands, provided transportation, and one helluva after-party. Also, don’t even THINK about worrying about transportation. They are providing charter buses to cart you around so your mobile needs are taken care of.

The party starts at check-in at 11am on the corner of 5th St and Colorado with More Cowbell, Vinyl Dharma, and Devin Baize.  Remember it’s a marathon, right?  That means you have to pace yourself and actually make it to the boat at 4pm.  Once on the boat (like Leo), there will be sponsored “refreshments”, entertainment (bikini contests) and some of Austin’s hottest DJs.

We’re still pacing ourselves, here…for the after-party, of course! Get your night cap on with VIP access into Haven on 5th and Colorado for Larkside, Toddy B, and DJ Dan.  If you think you can hang, grab your party flip-flops and get your online tickets now.  You can’t buy them at the door (it is a boat, after all)

Austin Zipline Adventure of a Lifetime on Lake Travis

As you read in the title-this is a lifetime experience. Zip-lining is the closest thing to human flight! I mean, who’s going to pass up flying? Quick-poll the people around you; I guarantee the majority wishes they could fly. What superpower do you wish you had? FLIGHT! So read on to learn more about how you can check this adventure off your bucket list while simultaneously becoming your very own superhero.

Woah, Bro! I'm totally Bro-ing down on this Zippity Do Da Day!

When you visit Lake Travis Austin Zipline on Facebook you are immediately prompted to like them. However, if you like them before the end of Memorial Day, Austin Zipline will subsequently donate $2 to Wounded Warrior Project in your honor. All you have to do is click and you will be apart of helping reach their ultimate goal of $6000 for this noble cause.

Now on to the adventure! There are 5 different zip lines to choose from ranging from 250ft to 2000ft long all for the price of $89.00 per adventurer. Not only do you get to experience the gift of flight, but you also get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that Lake Travis has to offer. We’re talking flora, and not to mention fauna of the Texas Hillcountry variety. You are also encouraged to bring a picnic basket/cooler full of goodies. Your entire family can enjoy the 10 acre waterfront paradise, chalked full with beach games and water sports. If you happen to be a vampire, worry not Lestat, Austin Zipline also offers full moon zips. No, it doesn’t mean you suit up pants-less , butt (see what I did there?) you can gear up with glow in the dark decoratives to light your way into the midnight sky-cue the techno.

Sounds fun! Make your reservations ASAP and don’t forget to like/donate for free with Lake Travis Austin Zipline.

Win the Zipline Tour of a Lifetime with Lake Travis Zipline Adventures

Springtime is arguably the best time of the year to live in Central Texas. The temperature is warming up, but not yet into the dreaded 100s.  The wildflowers are in bloom and everything is lush.  And with the recent rain, our lakes are slowly being replenished.  This means that it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and there’s no better way to do so than to take a thrilling zipline tour of the canyons of Lake Travis.  Better yet, if you’re feeling lucky, our friends at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures are giving away a $2700 group package that is sure to be epic.

Zipline Adventures has 5 zip lines ranging from 250 feet to the longest zipline in Texas, spanning over 2,000 feet!  While waiting between each zip, you get to enjoy amazing views of Lake Travis and the Texas Hill Country.  All tours feature challenging hikes and nature walks guided by trained tour guides.  For the grand finale, imagine launching off a cliff 20 stories high and zipping over a 2,000 foot expansion of Lake Travis.  After the adventure, guests have access to a half mile long pristine beach where your group can swim and relax away the afternoon.

Because Do512 adores our loyal readers so much, we want to let you in on a way for you and your friends to enjoy the zipline experience of a lifetime for FREE!  Lake Travis Zipline Adventures is giving away a $2700 package for a group of ten to zip through the Hill Country.  But that’s not all.  The package also includes accommodations at the world class resort and spa Travaasa.  All you have to do to win is “Like” the Lake Travis Zipline Adventures Facebook page, and you’ll automatically be entered!  Good luck.