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Mickey Avalon w/ Andre Legacy this Wednesday @ Beauty Ballroom

Los Angeles based rapper Mickey Avalon had a pretty rough upbringing by most standards.  Word is he sold pot with his mother, has been addicted to heroin, prostituted himself for drug money, watched his father die, and discovered his sister’s dead body.  Somewhere among all that chaos he managed to get married, have a daughter, and convert to Orthodox Judaism.  You can catch the bad boy wordsmith/beat maker this Wednesday at Beauty Ballroom.

Upon moving to L.A., Avalon got involved in creating street art, eventually joining the infamous graffiti crew CBS (Can’t Be Stopped / City Bomb Squad).  That naturally led him to the burgeoning local hip hop scene.  Avalon’s magnetism towards songwriting was instigated by friend and MTV VJ Simon Rex, and all of the turmoil in his early life provided plenty of material to rhyme about.  Avalon and Rex joined forces with Armen Melik and began recording and releasing their own material as the Dyslexic Speedreaders, an irreverent group that gave a satirical and often lascivious look into the L.A. club and drug culture.

Avalon’s stage presence mixes hyper and often ambiguous sexuality akin to the trashy glam rockers of the 70’s.  The group eventually gained the attention of DJ and aspiring manager Kev-E-Kev, who was soon helping Avalon hawk his self-titled CD on the streets of L.A.  Thanks to a boost from an appearance on the HBO series Entourage, the song “Jane Fonda” quickly gained traction and the rest is history.  You can catch Mickey Avalon, along with opener Andre Legacy, live at Beauty Ballroom tomorrow night.  Click “I Like It” on Do512 for a chance to win a FREE pair of tickets!