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Photo Internships

Austin’s best entertainment and events website, Do512.com, is accepting applications for Photography Internships for the summer semester/quarter.

There are only a couple slots remaining. You need to be a student, either enrolled for your summer session or finishing your spring term and you are planning on enrolling or you are registered for the fall term at your educational institution. You must be available during the summer. This is a formal internship where you may be able to acquire credit. This depends upon your educational institution and the department’s guidelines and rules. The internship will run approximately concurrent to your summer term. For the summer semester/quarter we do ask that you are able to have your initial orientation and first monitored shooting assignment done before June 15, 2012. Priority will be given to those that are graduating in the summer of fall of 2012.

Priority is also given to those that are currently enrolled in a photojournalism, communications, photo-communications, photography, and photography-related programs at your college/university-level institution. Others may apply, however we are interested in students of photography who are nearing graduation and are looking for a real-world experience in an internship. This internship is not an easy way to get credit, it is a formalized training program designed to provide you substantial experience in event photography. We want you to be successful and create some great portfolio pieces. There are weekly shooting assignments, followed by weekly meetings to review the work and the experiences as an event photographer. 
Depending upon your academic departments requirements, there may be additional evaluations and meetings in addition to weekly shooting assignments and reviews. You must have at least one DSLR, a speedlight/flash that works in TTL mode with your camera. A selection (couple) of lenses is desirable. A reliable Internet connection is mandatory. The program is lead by our photo editor who is both an accomplished photographer with years of commercial and event photography experience in Austin and an experienced college/university level instructor who has a passion for teaching and student success. 

To apply: Send an email to PhotoEditor@do512.com with a subject line of “Summer 2012 Photo Internship”. Attach a resume in .doc or .pdf format. Provide a summary of your education in your message. Include a link to some of your recent work. It does not have to be event work. We just want to see what you’re currently capable of doing. All responses meeting these requirements will receive a reply.

The internships are unpaid, last approximately the duration of your summer term and there is no promise of employment. The above 4 photos are all intern work done by current and former Do512 photo interns.