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Everybody loves local music! Especially if you’re local, which you’re probably not. But that’s neither here nor there. What matters is supporting that local music scene here in ATX. Calling all locals, locos, and lo-cals (that’s a word I just made up-it means to be from the lower California region, which more than likely means that you live in Austin). Anyhow, come out to Stubbs for yet another awesome live music performance. What makes this special, you say? Well, besides the fact that it’s hosted by all local artists, Stubb’s has picked three very different styles that will undoubtably come together to represent Austin as it should be.

First we have our headliner who is no stranger to local stages and SXSW, PHRANCHYZE. This local rapper is one to be reckoned with. From his original beats to his hilarious hooks everything about him screams like-ablity. His lyrics reference and make a satire of current culture, including porn stars, the Jonas Brothers and Arkham City. However, with the satire comes a battle style that instantaneously gets a crowd bumpin’. He also will soon be sharing the stage with the one in only Lil’ Kim. At age 27, this Nigerian-American artist is definitely worth seeing.

And lastly we throw in some extra spices into the mix with Hour Band & Zapata. Hour Band not only has a very entertaining website, but also establishes its sound with progressive yet classical instrumentation. Woah! One must witness to understand fully the presence Hour Band holds over people. Zapata brings down the house with his blues and roots stylings, and not to mention he sports a mean mohawk.

Now that the craving is undeniable, you can purchase tickets here. Help to be apart of #ATXTAKEOVER and go check out these phenomenal LOCO artists at Stubbs. Doors open at 9:00 this Thursday 5/24 and tickets are a steal of a deal at only $8.00!