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Who Wants a Dollar? Second Year Anniversary Pub Quiz at Empire Automotive 04/21/12

Who Wants a Dollar? is having their fist annual second anniversary quiz. Meaning, that it is their second year of putting together pub quizzes for the intellectual drunkard in all of us, but only their first time to celebrate it. Hopefully, it will remain a yearly event here in Austin! When is this epic pub quiz taking place? On April 21, 2012 at Empire Auto. So hit the books, because there will be $1000 in cash prizes. Not only that, but there will be FREE drinks and food. Now if those aren’t incentives to study, then I don’t know what are!

Tickets are $12.50 for team tickets or $15 for a solo pass, but get them soon because on April 15th the price goes up to $15 for all. This is going to be Who Wants a Dollar’s biggest party, so don’t miss your chance to test your brain and your drinking ability. Sounds like an awesome Saturday night to me, and perhaps your hangover the next morning won’t have you feeling too bad, because you won an amazing prize! So, get a group together and start brainstorming about a team name, because you won’t want to miss this! Click here to buy tickets in advance. Click here for a chance to win one of two pairs of tickets plus a koozie. Yes, a koozie!