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“Devil’s Night Out” with The Reverend Horton Heat @ Emo’s

Do512 disciples,

Let us rise and join in song along with The Reverend Horton Heat.  He knows not what he does, but he does it so well.  Let us keep him in our thoughts and hearts, as he has tainted country music with punk, surfer, swing and rockabilly.  This “pychobilly” trio consists of cult leaders Jim “Reverend Horton” Heath, Jimbo Wallace and Scott Churilla.  The three piece has been rebelling since 1985 and has accumulated numerous worshipers.  The Reverend preaches mostly about Texas, beer, and bad habits- all things that I strongly believe in.  In a time when country music (Toby Keith, anyone?) was popularized by over-produced and often auto-tuned songs, Horton Heat’s stripped down version of real country, with inappropriately awesome grit, takes the cake.

IMG_6093According to the group’s facebook page the “Perpetual Carriers Of The Rockabilly Flame, Genre-Shattering Shit-Starters, Filthy Drunks, and The Most Electrifying Live Act In America (150 shows every year can’t be wrong),” will tear up the stage on Saturday, October 20.  It’s only fitting that the punk rock band, PinATA PROTEST, will kick things off at 9 pm.  The congregation stands to host a night of debauchery and outlandish dancing.  We all know what happens to dancers.  They get sweaty?  And have fun?  Get your little rebel bootys to Emo’s.  While you can click “I like it” to win free tickets, there is another option for you devilish fun-havers.  Those who dress as the devil, will receive free admission.  While this is sure to stir up some kind of riot, which is probably what Reverend Horton Heat aims to do, it will be an awesomely wicked good time.


Unknown Hinson @ Antone’s Friday 6/1

That beautiful specimen above is the one and only Unknown Hinson, a psychobilly mainstay for almost twenty years. Blending traditional honkey tonk with his twisted freak-show approach, Hinson has toured with other psycho legends including Hank Williams III and Reverend Horton Heat. When he’s not blowing minds and trimming his intimidating sideburns, he’s this guy:

That’s right, Unknown Hinson is the voice of Early Cuyler on the hit Adult Swim show Squidbillies on Cartoon Network. Any fan of the show has a clear indication of the over-the-top stage antics and dark-side country Unknown Hinson will deliver.

Each show, Hinson dons his trademark black ribbon necktie and proceeds to tear the roof off. Legend has it he can lift fifty pound weights with his tongue, a skill he honed as a circus sideshow freak. Since his release from prison in 1993, where he served time for many charges including murder and vampirism, Hinson has been giving us the gift of song in his own special, shocking way. Prepare yourself for evil ventriloquism, hula hooping, and Billy Bob Thornton-approved, scary Western twang.

Unknown Hinson will be performing in Austin at Antone’s this Friday June 1st at 8pm alongside Tony Locke and The Skeleton Keys. Check out the event page on Do512 and don’t miss it!

Reverend Horton Heat with Not in the Face & Whiskey Shivers @ Antone’s

What’s Reverend Horton’s idea of the perfect beer holder? The answer is his growing gut.  This scenario will give you an accurate idea of the kind of comedic tales the Reverend Horton Heat speaks about in his new album “Laughin’ & Cryin”.  The virtuoso of all things country and Texas has amused fans for decades with his distinctive psychobilly musical stylings.  People call his music Gospel because he has no problem telling it like it is. He isn’t nicknamed the Reverend for nothing.

       Leave your mama at home this Saturday because you have a chance to laugh and cry along with the Reverend at Antone’s about ex-girlfriends, clueless husbands, beer, and his neck of the woods .  This artist has become a Texas icon and it would be a shame not to cackle at the top of your lungs at his candid perspective of life.


Antone’s also has a rock solid lineup that night with Not in the Face and Whiskey Shivers performing just before the Reverend.  Not in the Face are just two couple of East Texas guys who’s music can suit any kind of mood you’re in from romantic slow dance songs to others that make you want to crack open an ice cold beer.  Just after that Whiskey Shivers will take the stage and you will surely begin to two-step the night away.  Who can stay seated with the sounds of a banjo and fiddle playing at the same time?  So slip on your boots and head over to Antone’s this Saturday night for what is sure to be an all around good ol’ time.

Show begins @ 8pm.  Admission is $20. For Tickets click here