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Sarah Jaffe to perform at The Parish


      If you haven’t heard of the talented Sarah Jaffe shame on you.  She is singer songwriter from Denton, Texas with one of the most soothing voices on the planet.  The first song I ever heard by Sarah was “Clementine” and I was instantly captured by her smokey and sultry voice. Her music is a mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds with an orchestral overlay.   She also has one of the coolest haircuts that only a true badass could pull off.

     The latest buzz surrounding Sarah Jaffe is all due to the latest video of her new single “Glorified High” featuring a 11-year old girl that can dance like no other.   According to MtvU, Sarah said she “went through a slew of videos of little kids doing the Dougie and the Jerk, and somehow came across Emily — it was this amazing video of her and her choreographer Mikey Trasoras, who choreographed all of Emily’s moves for the video.”  It is outrageous how talented the pair of them are!  Click on the clip below to see what all the hype is about.  The combination of Sarah’s voice and the little girls dance moves make it a video you don’t want to miss.

    This Friday is your chance to see Sarah perform an intimate show at The Parish.    I can’t promise little Emily will be there,  but I will try my best to imitate her moves at the show. Doors open at 8p.m. and tickets are on sale for $13.00.

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