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Red Bull gives local bands chance at Wings

Once upon a time, before the age of digital media and Rebecca Black, obscurity was a constant crux for musicians. Differentiation was an unwieldy and often painstaking task (Devo had fun hats!), whereas in today’s environment it is easy to get lost in the clamor for uniqueness. Musicians have made the necessary exodus from Myspace Music over to Bandcamp, with a Youtube residency thrown in for good measure. It is in this hubbub that one might casually overlook a harp-playing, Canadian disco goddess such as Maylee Todd, an artist straight from Toronto and the subject of a recent Red Bull Sound and Vision documentary . With a following on Red Bull’s SoundStage, Maylee was able to capitalize on her popularity with this focus on her music, family, and eccentric style.


Soundstage is a utility for rising artists to garner attention on a global scale, land unique gigs, and win various competitions. Bands can even be hooked up with sweet gear from partners like Fender, or be featured in a documentary like Maylee. Without a doubt, Red Bull is making an impact: Austin rockers Ume worked with Red Bull to get fellow Austinites Schmillion onto Houston’s Free Press Summerfest lineup, for instance, and such promotions are certainly not limited. In fact, the service recently bolstered its offerings by pairing with We Made This Movie and a new competition: with enough votes, your band can be featured in a new movie produced by David Letterman’s production company Worldwide Pants.


Bands can be voted up on the SoundStage Movie Challenge’s site, with a possibility of four scenes mixed with four unique bands. The current offering includes a diverse range of genres and creative styles, which in fact features many prominent Austin groups. East Cameron Folkcore, who won the Austin Chronicle’s coveted Critics’ Poll in 2011, are in the running, alongside indie rockers Wiretree (who themselves have already been featured on PBS’ Roadtrip Nation). Is the silver screen their next conquest? Similarly, Austin darlings One Hundred Flowers have their eyes on the prize after their debut release in 2010. Without a doubt, their stands a good chance some strong Austin talent can be featured in this upcoming film release.

Voting ends July 20th, so be sure to vote for your favorites by then! For a further look into the intriguing world of previous SoundStage winner Maylee Todd, check out a free remix of her “Hieroglyphics.”