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Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar Closing Night- 1/03

Temporarily closing, that is.

Alamo Drafthouse will celebrate a renovation closure with activities that appeal to film buffs of all genres and transcend age groups. All six screens will load up on interactive and participatory events that will send the South Lamar location off with a cinematic bang.

The day kicks off at 6:35 p.m. with the (Big) Kid’s Club “Three Stooges” Party!!!, which will feature five of Larry, Moe and Curly’s ventures in 35mm.

7 p.m.– Director Don Coscarelli will present his first film in a decade, “John Dies at the End,” on behalf of Fantastic Fest, the largest genre film festival in the U.S.

7:15 p.m.– The Austin Film Society will screen “2 or 3 Things I know About Her,” Jean-Luc Godard’s dramatized documentary about people in Paris in the 1960s.

7:30 p.m.– Continuing with the weekly tradition, Alamo will hand out props to supplement the quoting of all of your favorite lines from “The Big Lebowski.”

7:50 p.m.– Girlie Night is hosting a cinematic prom, which encourages attendees to dress up in your finest pink threads while they show “Pretty in Pink.” Then, at 10:15 p.m. the Girlie Late Night will screen “Bridesmaids” and encourages all to put on their best (worst) bridesmaid dresses.

9:15 p.m.– Tobe Hooper, director/writer/producer of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, will be in attendance as a double-feature of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is shown in 35mm and then the direct sequel Texas Chainsaw 3D will follow.

At 9:55 p.m., Tough Guy Cinema will present “Hard Target” and Drafthouse Films will show “Pieta” at 10:50 p.m. and “Wrong” at 12:35 a.m.

10:30 p.m.– Alamo will host a sing-along for the “Best of 2012,” featuring all of radio’s favorites to overplay. Everyone can enjoy “Gangnam Style” one last time before leaving it behind with the rest of 2012.

After the Thursday closing celebration, the usual programs at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar will move to the other Alamo locations during the temporary closure: The Big Lebowski Quote-along will be at the Slaughter Lane location, The Dionysium and Austin Film Society at the Village and the Alamo Kids Club will meet at the Ritz.

After the festivities conclude, Alamo cinema will officially go under the knife and intends to come out in the fall of 2013 with a facelift that will include three new screens, a new film distribution label and a philosophy that will take specialty programming to the next size up.

The renovation will triple the size of the Alamo’s lobby space and connect the theater to its neighbor, The Highball, whom is also getting a makeover. The South Lamar Plaza Shopping Center will become a mecca of entertainment with an aesthetic to match the hype.

Photo via Alamo Drafthouse

- via Courtney Goforth

Hot to Trot Cabaret Burlesque @ The Highball this Saturday

Giddyup gals and pals!

The final installment of Lowbrow @ The Highball is on the horizon.  The monthly series has taken entertainment to the next realm with a divine combination of music, comedy, dance and cabaret.  On Saturday, November 10th, Roxie Moxie and Sassy Delure will blaze trails with their Hot to Trot burlesque routine.  If visions of scantily clad, neighing beauties with horse whips aren’t enough, there are more acts to appease your circus fantasy.  Miss Angi B. Lovely will transport you to Istanbul, belly dancers will hypnotize you with undulating sashays,  and when you least expect it, naughty girl scouts will emerge, hopefully with bucket-loads of samoa cookies.  Bethany Summersizzle will soar in a high-flying aerial spectacle.  There will be sultry blues singing and a titillating pinup performance.

This will be one helluva extravaganza, and the ultimate in sensory overload.  The convergence of the best performers in the country is a steal at $12 a ticket.  This will be the grand finale of the series and the last week before The Highball’s temporary closure.  Grab your chaps and saddle up.


90’s Dance Party at the Highball 9/29

Here we are in the “new millennium”- Y2K has come and gone, we no longer rely on dial up internet, and we lose all functionality without a fancy cell phone nearby.  Aside from advancement in technology, 90’s pop culture was simply the best.  Blossom made ugly hats cool, Cher sporadicly created an entire new language, and folks mmm bopped and did the macarena all over town.

The Mickey Mouse Club must have been feeding those kids crack or injecting them with super powers, as nearly all of them became megastars.  Britney Spears hit us all with her midriff-baring dance moves and simple pop lyrics.  As if that was not enough, she joined forces with hottie N’Sync member, Justin Timberlake, and we could not get enough of their matching denim outfits on Teen Beat.  I could go on and on about my sentimental infatuation with the lost decade.

The Highball is taking us on a trip down memory lane on Saturday with their 90’s Dance Party.  This will be a haven for your closet love affair with Alanis Morisette and a place to display that Destiny’s Child booty shaking move you mastered so long ago.  We should all take a break from our cell phones, collaborate, and listen- maybe the only place where Vanilla Ice really will be back.  Things start heating up at 10:30, so gather up your favorite spice girls and your best backstreet boys and let’s have a dance party of epic proportions.


4th Annual Toy Joy Artshow Party

4th Annual Toy Joy Artshow Party

Oh, the joy of toys.  A trip to Toy Joy will transport you to the endless days of childhood, where board games, candy, and plastic toys made your life complete.  If the embodiment of fun for you still consists of finger mustache tattoos and bacon bandaids, this just might be your new guilty pleasure.

The fun folks over at Toy Joy are hosting their 4th Annual Toy Joy Artshow.  The staff has unleashed their creativity onto canvas for all the world to see.  This year, 30 local artists are joining in on the festivities, displaying their art for the month of August at Tom’s Tabooley.  To celebrate the masterpieces, there will be a monstrous party going down on Sept. 1 at The Highball.  Since creativity and fun seems to be the theme over at Toy Joy, expect nothing less than a stellar fun night with music out the wazoo.  For your listening pleasure, Sleep Good, The Sour Notes, Bobby Jealousy, Transmography, and p-teK’s Playhouse (with special guest BAD WOLF) will keep the party going ’til 2 in the morning.

Stop by and get an eyeful of art and then head over to Highball to get an earful of tunes in celebration of the joy of toys and art and music and unicorns and zombies.  Too much?  Nah.







Sweetmeat @ The Highball 06/16

Everyone knows Austin is The Music Capital of the World. People hit the nail right on the head with this prestigious title. Not only is Austin known for having more concerts than any music lover could dream of, but the Austin-born talent is through the roof!

Opposite Day, Invisible Czars, Mostly Dead, and Mistress Stephanie are all local Austin bands who collaborated their efforts to make a power band — Sweetmeat. Locals love locals, and Sweetmeat is the epitome of local. The Meaters, as they call themselves, consist of Gina Holton, Sam Arnold, Leila Henley, Andy Nolte, Pat Kennedy, and Greg Yancey.

The music produced by Sweetmeat is a sort of transfusion of soul, R&B, Latin, Reggae, and Pop Ensemble. I know, whaaaaaat? Their website says it best: “Lauren Hill meets Jenny Lewis, Sade meets Selena, Billie Holiday meets Fishbone, B-52s meets Funkadelic — Nelly Furtado, Nelly McKay and Nelly all in one.”

I don’t know how they do it, but Sweetmeat has the talent to combine that jumble of genres into really good music. Their sound is unlike any other band and they rock it. “Sweetmeat blends heart-wrenching melodies, raw booty-shaking energy, 3-part harmonies, detailed instrumental arrangements, agile musicianship, and tasteful experimentation to create an essential musical flavor with little direct precedent.”

You’re intrigued now, aren’t you? Check ‘em out for yourself. Once you think you’ve got music genres figured out, BAM! Sweetmeat challenges that. They’re unique, they’re fun, they’re talented.

Sweetmeat will be playing this Saturday, June 16th, at the Highball with Whitney on the Moon. Locals, good music, AND it’s free? What are you waiting for?! Mark this event in your calendar…now!


The Action Pack presents 80′s Dance Party!

God I love the 80s. For some reason, all other decades don’t stand a chance when compared to that tubular time period. Maybe it’s all the neon colored spandex or that fried crimped hair that won our attention. One thing is for sure, like totally for sure, the music! There are so many different genres that captured our hearts. You’ve got goth, dark wave, rock pop, new wave, hair metal, and hip hop. To name a few, and I mean a few, you’ve got The Cure, Billy Idol, Dead or Alive, Warrant, and Run DMC-it’s all 80s and we can all fight for our right to party to it.

 You Spin Me Round- by Dead of Alive                                       Do not google us to see what we look like now…it’s scary.

Every Friday night at 11pm, the Highball hosts the Action Pack  80s Dance Party. It’s FREE! Dress up in your finest zebra prints, wear your sunglasses at night, and crimp your hair. What?! You threw out your crimper in 1990? You fool! Luckily you can use your straightener to get the same effect.

Ok, now that your hair looks radical and you look pretty in pink it’s time to get into the groove, boy you’ve got to prove your love to me. What? Also, don’t forget to practice break dancing, slam-dancing, and the electric slide. Don’t have a dance partner? Bring Teddy Ruxpin. He’s been waiting for this moment.

Take me dancin' girl



It’s an 80s dance party ya’ll-what else do you need?! More inspiration? Here you go…

Queen tribute night @ The Highball 5/19 – FREE

Is this the real life or is this just fantasy? For real. We. Will. Rock your face off with this incredible night of Queen-tastic music, videos, a tribute band, and a mustache competition!

The Highball really knows how to throw a tribute party. They’ve invited Austin’s official Queen tribute band Magnifico for your listening and dancing pleasure! They’ll be plenty loud so you can sing along at the top of your lungs… I know I will!

The party starts at 10:30pm, but get there early and enjoy the Action Pack’s mix of glam-rocker music videos to warm up to!

This isn’t your normal college kid karaoke night. It’s going to be one epic night. Queen is the ultimate power-house rock band. You think you know Queen, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet (unless you saw them live). The Highball has one vision, and that is to rock your socks, or leg warmers, off, so make sure to wear your dancing shoes and to limber up.

If you haven’t been to The Highball yet, it’s at 1120 S. Lamar Blvd. So take a back seat, hitch-hike or take a long ride on a motorbike to get there. Or even your bicycle. Either way, they know how to rock-and-roll, and you will be square if you ain’t there!


ATX Television Festival June 1-3 2012

We are all aware that Austin has a plethora of amazing film and music festivals. In June, this fabulous city will host an exclusive television festival, which is unlike any festival Austin has ever seen. TV is having a renaissance of sorts. Huge Hollywood types are making the transition from the big screen to the small screen. Think Martin Scorsese with Boardwalk Empire and Aaron Sorkin with The Newsroom. So, what better way to celebrate this burst of creativity and bold programming by hosting a festival that celebrates the past, present, and exciting future of television! The first annual ATX Television Festival is doing just that.

The ATX Television Festival will have panels, screenings, cast and crew Q/A’s, parties, live music, and much more! This is truly an innovative event for entertainment and will benefit both fans and those working in the industry. Badge holders will be able to interact with actors, writers, directors, creators, showrunners, music supervisors, casting directors and studio executives, allowing attendees to see the process of bringing a story to life on the small screen.

The ATX Television Festival will take place June 1-3 2012. True Blood, New Girl, The League, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and many more have already confirmed! There will also be premieres of new series and screenings of cult classics. Screenings will take place at Alamo Drafthouse S. Lamar and panels will be held at the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel and The Highball. It’s about time TV had a proper festival and you won’t want to miss out! Click here to buy a badge in advance.

Austin Roaster’s Club @ The Highball

What’s better than a night of cocktails, bowling and karaoke? All that, plus merciless jesting at the expense of Austin’s finest bunch of people! The Highball, Austin’s classiest bowling, karaoke and event space will welcome the Austin Roaster’s Club next Tuesday, January 24th, to poke fun at this month’s honoree, Ari Tremkin, co-host of “The Adams Theory,” featured on ESPN Austin’s 104.9 The Horn on weekdays from 1-4pm.

Gathering to pay tribute to Austinites through mockery, embarrassing stories both true and fabricated and blatant insults meant only to evoke laughter with the roastee, not at, every Roast benefits charity, and a portion of each ticket sold will go to the charity of the honoree’s choosing. The Austin Roaster’s Club consists of only the funniest people in Austin, trained and practiced in the art of roasting. It is sure to be a night filled with hilarity and irreverence- be sure to check it out!

Do512 Holiday 2011: Gifts That Don’t Suck Guide

"Thanks a lot...shetbag."

<—See that smile…it’s not real. This lady…is pissed, because once again, she got a sack full of shit presents for Christmas instead of something she could actually enjoy. Avoid fake-ass moments like this by listening to the cool cats up at Do512 who have comprised a list of awesome gift ideas and gift hookups for you and yours. Good god, we’re sweet.


Don’t you get a little frustrated every year when you get that stupid ornament or another set of pajamas? I mean, I know they’re cheap, but that doesn’t mean anyone wants a store’s entire selection of sleepwear. Not to mention super fuzzy socks…they’re like pseudo-slippers. Besides getting drunk and moonwalking in your kitchen, what are they good for? Gimme a break…I got an idea…


We’re helping you keep up your part of the deal by not only informing you about some pretty amazing deals from some of the finest establishments in Austin, but we are also giving you a chance to win anything from gift cards to boots. So pay attention!

You know what your family would really enjoy? They want to spend some time with you (well…maybe. If not, you could get rid of them with this present as well!) Highball is offering two party packages that will promise your family a night of fun, aaand they’re a crazy-awesome deal to boot. Highball is giving you karaoke, food and bowling for up to 6 people at half the regular price. We might give you one too, if you “like” this from our site!

Everyone needs to get a little drunk over Christmas. Ev.ery.one. Hit up one of our favorite spots, the Black Sheep Lodge, for a gift card. Not just any gift card, a 20 percent off gift card. It’s true! If you get a gift card between $25-$100, then you get 20 percent off. What a deal! Want an even sweeter deal? We’re giving away a $25 gift card just for “liking” this from our site!

If you like that idea, well guess what? Abel’s on the Lake is offering that same sweet deal so  get on it! You could send your parents out to a romantic dinner on the lake…or get it for yourself. You can treat yourself for all of the awesome gift-giving that you did this year (thanks to US!) You might even win a $50 gift card from us...who knows?

Mmmmm….cooookiieess. If you’ve never had Tiff’s Treats cookies, then you’ve never experienced a cookie-gasm in your mouth. That’s right, when you eat their cookies you’re eating cookies that are also lovers having sex in your mouth. They’re already a great price and they have added a few holiday packages just for you! We want you to love them as much as we do, which is why we’re giving away a $50 gift card…hope you brought protection.

For the dudes in your life, Third Base has got you covered. It’s the perfect place for reasonably priced drinks, grub and sports. They like giving too, so much so that for every $25 gift card you buy, they’re going to give you five bucks. And for you “liking” this idea, we might give you a $25 gift card.

Got a significant other nagging you about new year’s plans? Well, we thought of that too. The parking lot at Kung Fu Saloon will transform into a tented and climate-controlled venue and will feature The Dan Band, and if you use the special Do512 promo code when you get your tickets, Kung Fu will give you 15 percent off. As if that wasn’t enough, we are also giving away a $50 gift card to the arcade-inspired saloon, so enter to win and have a night or two on us!

Inca Boots, as you can clearly see from that there picture, are pretty sweet. They also have sweet bags, and they’re also sweet people. Because they’re giving Do512 users $25 off. Do512 is sweet too, because we’re giving away a pair of their boots! Merry Christmas, you sexy, hip ladies!

Not to discriminate here, there’s a choice just for the dapper gents in your life too. Criquet’s Shirts are organic, yet manly. Practical, yet suave. If you don’t believe us, just watch their amazing video mini series here and get those guys in your life ready for whatever sport, challenge or stress life decides to throw at them this year. Well dressed men are a hot commodity you know. You could also win a free shirt for clicking I Like it. Don we now our freeeee apparel fa la la la la la la la la.

Last but certainly not least on our gift list is Natalie Portman’s tush. What? Read it again. Yes, Natalie (pronounced Nat – A – lee) Portman’s tush. Now the logistics of getting her actual tush not to mention how inappropriate that statement alone is should give you enough of an idea that we don’t mean HER actual bottom but a revised version of your own! With classes at the Bar Method, you can tone, tighten, lift and strengthen your lil muscles! Buy them as a Christmas/New Year’s treat for yourself or buy two for you and a friend! Boom boom boom yo tush is in the room!

If we find more deals about town, we’ll be sure to let you know about them. Step away from the musk of death vanilla scented gift sets! Just…step…away.